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I normally don’t like to be judgemental but I have to admit having always considered the Westboro Baptist Church to be a cartoon most likely drawn by the South Park Guy;-/ When I first heard of them I REALLY thought the story was from The Onion! I could never understand WHY they picket the things they do, or how they think upsetting people who are in mourning is going to help anything or impress God anyway.
Anonymous have a knack for expressing the thoughts and feelings of the 99% who are usually unheard and ignored by the powerful, the media etc so I guess this should not come as a surprise to many anyway….
(picking on gay people AND soldiers? Seems like it was *designed* to get everyone on both sides of the American political divide ticked off at them in the first place-but picking on murdered little kids? that is guaranteed to provide backlash from somewhere….)

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