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I do not know who or what was behind this latest insane assault, but I appreciate those, like Duff, who publish these articles exploring the inconsistencies and outright lies that make it plain that the official story is not the truth. I agree with SaS in the comments that we are in charge of cleaning this up, of co-creating a future where such things cannot and will not occur. I don’t care what ideology or political goal anyone has, mass murder is NEVER an appropriate means to that end. It has long ago become very obvious that there are elements on Earth who consider themselves “elites” who consider the rest of us expendable pawns and slaves. It does not signify what country, “race” or creed these monsters claim to be or follow, they do not represent any of us. Those who USE the US and Israel to carry out their horrible crimes against the Earth, and innocent children and adults whether it is in Iraq, or Palestine, Africa or East Timor, Peru or Canada-they do not care about American PEOPLE or Israeli PEOPLE any more than they care about Palestinian, Iraqi, or Aymara PEOPLE. We the people of the Earth have to reject them, remove them and reconnect the circle of Life of which we are ALL integral parts. There is no difference between the mothers, fathers, and children in Newtown CN and the mothers, fathers, and children in Gaza, in Fallujah, in Guatemala or in Jerusalem. NONE. When people from so called “warring factions” or groups are brought together with their children, the children allowed to play together and the adults converse with one another it has always happened that there is no animosity or fear by the end of the day. They always discover far more in common than in opposition. Of COURSE they do! Wars are made by those who profit from them, no parent wants a war where his or her children are, we love our children-and when we get past the propaganda and falsehoods we love one another. Like the Facebook pages where Iran and Israel love one another, the same is true for all of us in every country.
I believe we the people of the Earth will rise above this, we will connect with love between our hearts and shine so brightly with our love that all the darkness they seek to create thru these horrors will evaporate as darkness always does in the light.

Author: ohnwentsya

Be the change you wish to see, let's co-create the win-win future we know is possible together!

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