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http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cobell_v._Salazar#Settlement is some background on what this is about. It appears that, as is usual with colonial governments, the mismanagement and outright theft of land and resources will be repaid by a tiny fraction of what it is worth, and in no real way compensating for the suffering produced by these absurd policies. I was heartened to read about the first judge assigned to the case and his findings-if even a Reagan appointed judge can see how entrenched racism and the colonial mindset are, it seems there is hope for real change eventually! I hope that people will actually see some relief from the dire conditions these original policies created-if only to see elders having houses properly roofed, insulated and heated, and some serious funding for mental health interventions especially for the youth and those with addiction issues on the most impoverished reservations. I suppose it is better than no settlement, but I believe a settlement compelling the colonial governments to honor and uphold ALL treaty obligations would be a lot better;-) (tho of course completely impossible when there is no one who can effectively compel them to do so-I sometimes think the NWO folks put out their so called “plan” for a one world government precisely to make people hate the idea and fear it, reverse psychology works extremely well in psyops)

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