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Free Allergy Recipe – Allergy Free Wacky Cake

Free Allergy Recipe – Allergy Free Wacky Cake.

I’ve been making wacky cakes since the 70’s and making them gluten free with my own substitutions since the early 90’s. I misplaced my grandmother’s recipe recently, which turns out to have been a lucky mishap-as I found this lovely website;-) She has some substitutions and changes listed that I had not even considered(making it chocolate free and lemon or orange flavored!)
If you have never made a wacky cake, it is not to be missed, so easy to do even for non-cooks, and sooooo good! Like rich fudge brownies only cake-I had this for my birthday cake every year as a child because after the first time my Mom made it I wouldn’t settle for any other cake;-)

I haven’t experimented yet but it looks like it would be possible to recreate the butter icing we used on it with coconut butter, or oil so it would stay dairy free. I used the rice based margarine to make butter icing that worked fine, but seems like coconut might be even better(If you ever eaten chocolate candy made with coconut oil, you know what I mean;-)

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Blue Dragon Journal

Golden Beech

Bringing Heaven to Earth

 by Eliza Ayres

I was very happy when I woke up on Friday, December 21st, 2012, now seven years ago. Apparently, I brought back with me (from wherever / whenever I had been) an impression that I finally understood my “mission”. What I had read in one of the posts from “Cosmic Awareness” the previous evening was a confirmation of what I had felt for a long time. I was not going to be beamed up into some heavenly world; rather, I was going to remain here on Earth. And I was to continue to work with the good people here, my friends and neighbors and those whom I have not yet met “in the flesh”. I was pleased and content.

As usual, I went to work, rather than setting aside the day for meditation. During the day, my fellow co-workers and I were called out…

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This is a very interesting article and brings out some important things, that most people may not be aware of. I have a degree in Psychology with a minor study in Anthropology, and this area is central to my focus so I do have a couple of corrections, or disagreements with the authors.
First is the incidence of psychopathology is not proven in “all cultures and all times”. It is in fact pretty much unknown in cultures that have had no contact with the cultures based on psychopathology. While it may indeed have a biological basis or precursor, it does not necessarily develop unless the conditions are right for it do so. In cultures where there is no outlet for such behaviour it is much more unlikely.
A very important book to read to understand this is Derrick Jensen’s A Language Older Than Words.He explains ow this culture is based in this mindset, and how it produces it at all levels. Daniel Quinn’s book Ishmael gives a very good understanding of how this was instituted and spread across the planet, destroying cultures that were not based on this mindset and did not produce it.
So I guess I just have the one disagreement, but feel that the article opens the door to the problem but does not address the roots of the problem which are cultural not primarily biological. As hard is it is to face that these people exist, I guess it will be harder to face that the dominant culture on our planet was designed by them and created to serve their mindset and worldview and propagate it. (and that it does so and has done so very effectively for millenia)

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aisha north

Dear friends! I had such an intense experience this morning, I felt I needed to share it with you and hear if there are others out there who have been through something similar in the last few hours. Just like so many of you have commented on already, yesterday turned out to be a really, really challenging day emotionally. When it was time to go to bed, I was so irritated, frustrated and fed up with everything, and I asked my guides to get some form of affirmation that what we are going through at the moment must be more than just another day of intense physical and emotional distress, but nothing came. I had a very restless night, not even trying to meditate with the crystals helped, it only made it worse. To me, it certainly felt like I was in the middle of the “three days of darkness”…

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