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Openhearted Rebellion

MorningArchangel Michael Through Ron Head: It is the Stuff of Which You Are Made. It is the Stuff of Which Everything is Made.

As channeled by Ron Head – December 21, 2012


Good morning to all, on this first day of your new age, the Age of Aquarius, as you have named it.

Many have awakened to feelings of bliss and cellular excitement as the building light continues to pour down upon you.  This is still rising to its zenith and will continue to do so for the remainder of the year.  Bask in it, bathe in it, and rejoice in it.  The effects of it will be far reaching and wonderful.

You will find that, as you become more and more used to the new levels of light and love, you will be more able to perceive in the ways you have, most of you, only imagined before…

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I never know quite what Poof means, but sharing for all who want to know;-) Personally have always had a lot of doubts about the money stuff, but will be happy if it does turn out to be true-anything that alleviates the suffering of living beings is probably a good thing, even if it is still the old system of thinking (ie money, top down systems etc)

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Much gratitude to The Tale of My Heart for sharing this! I learned of the situation in Palestine from an Israeli Peace Activist who was speaking at my school, and most of the writers I have read that inspired my current perspective were Israeli citizens and/or American or British Jewish people. Yet when I share my understanding of this issue, with facts and analysis from these Jewish writers, I am accused of being an anti-Semite. By white, protestant Christian Republican males usually, once by a white atheist Democrat male-but never by any of my Jewish friends(who are mostly all female like myself). I wondered is there some part of the double X chromosome that predisposes people to becoming peace activists? Or is it just that I live in the South of the US which is so widely known for the purposeful ignorance of the programmed knee jerk reaction that requires absolutely NO thinking? Either way I am grateful for this article that demonstrates what I have been trying to say for almost 20 years but getting shouted down every time…It really does not matter who you abuse and oppress-abusing and oppressing people is fundamentally wrong, and it still is even if people have abused and oppressed you or your parents or grandparents in the past. I always ask my knee jerking ex-friends if the Native Americans did the exact same thing in Florida that the Israeli government has done in Palestine(with the help of the UN since colonization has gone out of fashion and Britain can’t “give” the land “back” to us as it apparently felt able to do in Palestine) if we ejected them and their families, and those who were left had houses bulldozed etc would this be ok? The replies are always how it is “different”. Well, yea-HERE it is cut and dried and only a few hundred years-in Florida only 100 years or so since direct and obvious Native societies controlled the land, whereas in Palestine the place had been a multicultural center with residents of Muslim, Jewish, Zoroastrian and multiple Christian faiths and many nationalities and ancestries for *thousands* of years prior to the British taking it from the Otttoman Turks and shortly thereafter “Creating” the Israeli state.
Despite the spluttering replies and the obvious moral green light we should get from the comparison(tongue firmly in cheek here;-) I can’t see the whole jackbooted,bulldozing houses and shooting little kids thing from any Natives I know(or from any Jewish people I know for that matter!) So it’s long been my guess that whoever or whatever is doing those things, whether in Palestine or Peru, or Iraq, does not represent ANY religion, or any people, except the power-mad-money-obsessed-psychopath tribe. Who, I predict, will soon be getting a big pink slip from the People of Earth-we are all sick of their wars, violence and filth. Religion is no divider, it is all about Love-and everyone who isn’t brainwashed knows this, and lives it.