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Much thanks to Jean for sharing this! Being an aspie means having a lot of difficulty connecting with other people-and never being able to perceive WHY this is happening in order to change it. The holidays are all about people connecting and being together-another thing that doesn’t much happen if you live alone, in a bed-not able to travel to be with family etc and who the heck wants to hang out in a room with a person in a bed when everyone else is being festive? The whole holiday isolation thing is usual for me, but this year having my whole country going all out to demonize and dissect asperger’s as tho we are now to join Muslims and communists as the “stand in satans” and scapegoats for American society-whew!;-/ Cap that with facebook and wordpress having some sort of glitch that prevents me from posting, “sharing” on facebook or doing anything except reblogs and comments on worpress, and most of my emails to groups being ignored-it sure did seem like there was a message in this, but until I read this astrologer I didn’t understand what it could be. I love astrologers like this who can dissect the astrology and show how it affects our day to day reality-that is useful! we can DO something with this kind of information much more readily than most.
I hope you are all having a much happier holiday season than this discusses,and if not-I hope you can all use this to figure out what your message is and get some growth out of the discomfort. 😉

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