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Colonial No More – Turtle Island Chapter

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Colonial No More – Turtle Island Chapter

A friend of mine, Ian Ki’laas Caplette. created this on facebook. The link to it is at the bottom of this post. I find his description so inspiring and beautiful that I wanted to share it with you here. Please check out the event on facebook if you use facebook, and share it with everyone you know.

We truly are the ones we have been waiting for-the time is now for the old order to end, and we are the ones who will begin the change to a wiser and more heart centered world. Join with us wherever you are-and stand up in whatever way you are inspired to. Create art, have a march or a dance, post signs, print this out and make into bookmarks and leave in books and magazines-there are as many ways to begin as there are people to do them!

No one is coming to save us, no one is kicking out the bad guys and retooling our governments, no one is giving away buckets of free money-it’s up to US!

Luckily we have so many leaders who are already starting things, all we have to do is join in, tell others, keep things moving and singing and the changes WILL come.

This is not the time to sit it out and wait any more, get up, stand up-stand up for your rights!(To paraphrase Peter Tosh;-)

Colonial No More – Turtle Island Chapter
Many have been awakened and become active through Idle No More. We have come a long way in a short time and it is necessary to confront the causes of the genocide against Indigenous peoples globally.

Colonial borders and structures have been erected over our rights, our lands, and our spirits and we have taken the full force of colonization for generations. Our lands have been poisoned, our peoples have suffered torture, murder, kidnapping, forced relocations, and systemic assaults on our cultures and societies.

We have had enough.

Indigenous peoples have not been idle but we have been mired in a colonial relationship with the Crown, the Commonwealth State of Canada, the “republic” of the United States of America, and other legacies of genocide masquerading as “democricies”. This has not been of our choosing as deceptions from the colonial governments since contact have used lies, biological weaponry, forced indoctrinations of our children through residential and boarding schools, installed puppet governments through the Indian Act and other genocidal policies aimed at “civilizing” Indigenous peoples, and the denial of wrongdoing with no willingness to address this fundamental injustice.

The colonial relationship is not only an attack on Indigenous peoples of Turtle Island (North America). It is an assault on Settlers to these lands, Indigenous peoples globally, and to the biosphere as the force of colonialism is not only directed against Indigenous peoples, but the global population and the environment as well. Large-scale extractive industries are destroying ecosystems and oceans around the world and many of the lands they are destroying are the ones Indigenous peoples rely on for their sustenance and cultural survival. We are acting as the early warning system. In fact, we have been doing so for a very long time.

From the Basques to the Maori, from the Hawai’ians to the Mayans. From Chiapas to Palestine, from Kanesatake to Ireland. We have suffered from colonial domination and genocide of our cultures and murders of our peoples at the hands of our oppressors. Our experiences have shown us that even our own leadership is capable of becoming agents for the state, facilitating the destruction of our lands and weakening our societies for profits and power. Some are working right now to undermine our collective abilities to be Indigenous in our own lands, citing “progress”, or “self-governance” with colonial definitions.

We have also seen the constant gendered violence against Indigenous women, primary targets of state genocide and patriarchal ideologies forced into our societies, maintained by colonial structures while perpetuated by unhealthy men and enabled through racist and sexist policies of disempowerment.

We say no more to this.

We say no more to being subjected to colonial domination.

We say no more to colonial leadership, no matter their origins or their “race”.

We call out to the global community to form alliances between our groups for the purpose of active liberation from colonial domination and an end to the assault on the biosphere.

We call out for reciprocal support from all peoples everywhere to end imperialism.

We call for a disruption to the flow of capital, extractive industries, shipping by land, sea, and air, and for the defense of our lands, our peoples, and our futures by any means necessary.


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