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Unite With Us To End Government Corruption



Across the United States of America, citizens are disappointed in their government.

While the nation grapples with historical debt, a recession, energy dependence, inflation , terrorism, and wars we cannot afford, our politicians are asleep at the wheel.

The system is broken. Our government has been corrupted by money. We need Congress to solve the nation’s problems, instead our politicians are out raising money for re-election. The country is run by lobbyists – fighting on behalf of big oil, pharmaceuticals, military contractors, labor unions, trial lawyers, insurance companies, food corporations, and on and on. We may never get rid of lobbyists and big financial donors. But we all agree: citizens should come first.

Our government is corrupt. We need to fix it. We have a plan. We need your help.



For more details about the Act, click here.

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It hurts my heart to hear of her passing-even tho I did not really know her. I was signed up for he emails to let me know of things to do like write letters, sign petitions etc so I saw her name and read her words(or someone’s words maybe her assistant?) many many days. I hope that as the leaders who were doing so much pass on, whether thru age or accident like this, many will rise to replace the work of each one so we can fulfill the visions so many like her have worked so hard to realize.

Earth First! Newswire

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Leading environmentalist and human rights champion Rebecca “Becky” Tarbotton, executive director of the organization Rainforest Action Network (RAN), has died at the age of 39.

According to RAN, Tarbotton died Wednesday on a beach in Mexico while vacationing with her husband and friends. The coroner ruled cause of death as asphyxiation from water she breathed in while swimming.

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Many thanks to Kauilapele for sharing this uplifting article. I would add that for me I also know it is happening because of what I see in the world, especially #IdleNoMore and the rapidly multiplying solidarity statements and actions around the world. COINTELPRO did not destroy Occupy, and it can not destroy the energy and spirit of the people of Earth who are rising toward their own true inner power as individuals and as collectives-and as the collective of an awakened humanity. The Earth is rising and so are we because we are parts of Her-we always have been. Nothing we have experienced has ever been in the isolation colonized culture taught us to believe we live in. We are cells in the body of Gaia and everything we think, say, feel or do is done as a completely connected part of that larger system-and other even larger systems of which Gaia is a part.
Their internet “kill switches” cannot separate us, nothing can. We are connected to one another, the Earth and ALL living beings at all times and if you look around you and listen you may notice what I have been noticing-more and more are becoming aware of that, and the peace that it brings.

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This is a wonderful message-and many of the comments are also very helpful. Often change is under the surface and unseen until it comes out fully-like the way land is moving for years before the earthquake releases the pressure and the movement settles into place. I would add to all of the good stuff in aisha’s message and the comments on it-be aware of your dreams, write them down, meditate on them-pay attention to what you are experiencing on other levels whether dreams or “daydreams”-all of our life is not only expressed in the physical.

aisha north

This time, the ending of a year and the beginning of a new one will be fraught with many emotions. After all, not many of you have had the chance, or even the wish, to even consider the fact that after the fabled year of 2012 there comes another one marked as 2013. For some, the very fact that everything, including your calendar, will seem to continue as if nothing has happened at all will be a source for great disappointment. But for others, the anticipation for what this new year has in store will be great indeed. For now, you will indeed enter unchartered territory. For never before have mankind been standing before an era like this, where you enter a new year equipped with an arsenal of energies like you do today.

So you stand on the threshold of greatness dear ones, and even if some of you…

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Sweet One

If you have not yet checked out Serenity Spell, please do. This is a blog that will remind Floridians of why it is we put up with 9 months of sweat and mosquitoes;-) and make everyone elsewhere want to come here, if only for a visit. I guarantee you will learn something new, and see something beautiful that lightens your day!

Serenity Spell

The invariable mark of wisdom is to see the miraculous in the common. —Ralph Waldo Emerson

An always lovely and vibrant Tricolored Heron (Louisiana Heron) peeks out from amid the vegetation of our protected wetlands. Here’s to a new year of saving and protecting more space for these sweet and beautiful creatures!

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