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This is a wonderful message-and many of the comments are also very helpful. Often change is under the surface and unseen until it comes out fully-like the way land is moving for years before the earthquake releases the pressure and the movement settles into place. I would add to all of the good stuff in aisha’s message and the comments on it-be aware of your dreams, write them down, meditate on them-pay attention to what you are experiencing on other levels whether dreams or “daydreams”-all of our life is not only expressed in the physical.

aisha north

This time, the ending of a year and the beginning of a new one will be fraught with many emotions. After all, not many of you have had the chance, or even the wish, to even consider the fact that after the fabled year of 2012 there comes another one marked as 2013. For some, the very fact that everything, including your calendar, will seem to continue as if nothing has happened at all will be a source for great disappointment. But for others, the anticipation for what this new year has in store will be great indeed. For now, you will indeed enter unchartered territory. For never before have mankind been standing before an era like this, where you enter a new year equipped with an arsenal of energies like you do today.

So you stand on the threshold of greatness dear ones, and even if some of you…

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