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I have always appreciated Inelia’s perspective. I think the time scale she gives is what she “sees’ right now, but she has often encouraged us to tinker, to “vote” with our own intentions and to shift the timelines to ones we like better. The significant thing to me is the waiting is over, time to roll up our sleeves and get to WORK making this world the way we know it can be, the way we would love for it to be-clean, healthy, safe, beautiful, filled with love and abundance and peace for all living beings. None of that is beyond our current abilities, it never really has been-we just gave away our power and our confidence in ourselves. We are ready to be Idle No More-to make things happen instead of waiting for someone else to do it.

Author: ohnwentsya

Be the change you wish to see, let's co-create the win-win future we know is possible together!

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