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None of the articles mention this, but those of us involved with Occupy know firsthand what really *stopped* these nefarious plotters from carrying out their creepy deeds-Occupy Marines! I think we should all give props and prayers and gratitude to the real heroes who stood up for us at great personal danger to themselves(including nearly being killed by a fractured skull from a tear gas canister fired directly at his head in one case!). There were heroes from all the branches-Occupy Marines, Navy, Army, Air Force,even Coasties got involved. Without them, we would very likely have been experiencing a lot worse than what we did(which in many cases like the Marine with the cracked skull, were more than bad enough!)
Veterans for Peace and Occupy Marines were there on the ground physically placing themselves in between teenagers and grandmothers and other basically physically helpless protesters and body armor wearing, often paid-off, riot police. These men and women are heroes and should be recognized for their courage and honour and for the very significant effect they had on the safety and the effectiveness of our Occupy groups and encampments.

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