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It is so heartening to see so many articles on this on PressTV! Thank you again to Jean for sharing them here! I hope that people will read the linked stories about racism and start to create some change in that area as well-I have repeatedly been shocked by how the so called “multicultural paradise” of Canada hides so much blatant horrible racism. I grew up thinking Canadians were smarter, cooler, more peaceful and decent-they had such a better music tv channel when I was a kid!;-) but then I heard from Native friends in Canada and had my illusions firmly shattered. I guess in many ways we do still have a long way to go-but human emotions and worldviews can shift so quickly if conditions are right! I have also met a lot of really good hearted Canadian people of all races, who are not at all stuck in that, who live in love and spread it to all they encounter. I guess that is part of the whole lightworkers bring ourselves up and then share it with those around us, the light spreads one by one, a conversation here, a kind action seen there…..

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