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I think the first thing to figure out is how to manifest our positive visions for Earth and ourselves while so much of our human collective is still in the business as usual field and the STS beings are trying to keep that business as nasty as it usually has been for some time. at the moment I am only able to flow with the moment and try to catch up to myself, but it is odd seeing and experiencing so much that is alive and beautiful still so surrounded by so much negative “dragging down” type stuff. My personal meaning after wrestling with it is that the negative is forcing us to learn to deal with it, sort of like learning to swim by being thrown in the deep end of the pool;-) We have better abilities to deal with it but we have to learn how to use them on the fly it seems!

Multidimensional Ocean

Aurora News 10 Jan 2013

Hi folks! I received a short message from Aurora today about the situation with the planet.

Aurora explained that in fact Earth is in the process of Ascension, there was a huge step forward in that direction on the 21 Dec as expected. As far as the Galactics are concerned, Earth has ascended on that day for all intents and purposes.

What stops us from moving forward now is in our own make up. In other words, we could call it mental barriers and fear of tasting the freedom available to us.

There are also many people who although having ascended, they wish to continue the 3D usual “business as usual” state of affairs.

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