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As always Aisha’s post is so helpful in making clear the muddy emotional experiences of late! Much like when you live in an area of poverty and despair and pull yourself up to say go to college-you are on the right and good path to making your life and the world better. But, all around you people will naysay and try to drag you back down to stay with them where they are comfortable-in the well known suffering.

“Again, this is not meant as criticism, just a reminder that you may find it hard to overlook all of these old and outdated ways of representing the facts, and as such, the fact that you do not belong in this version of the world anymore may be hard to perceive. So believe us when we say that you have more reson to celebrate than to despair at the moment, and even if you feel more compelled to do the latter, please try to give yourself the chance to shift your focus somewhat so that you can enable yourself to neutralize all of these confusing signals trying to cement you back down into the old. For they are only that, disturbances sent out in order to confuse you enough to let go of the new you already hold firmly in your grasp. So take heed, lest you should let yourself be swayed by all of these confusing emotions, and try once again to shift your focus inwards and tune into the new song that is singing within. Then, you will feel yourself lifted to the level where you rightly belong, where the air is indeed fresher and the outlook more than positive.”

aisha north

You have certainly come a long way these last few weeks, but as usual, the road weariness increases with the distance, and as such, many of you are almost succumbing to it all. We say this fully knowing that our words will seem to be more than repetitious to some, but bear with us. For we know just how great your achievements are, and even if you have a hard time sensing it all yourselves, we see it all so clearly, and we will try to convey our side of the picture to you in the hope of easing your weariness somewhat. For many, this will only seem to add to the burden, because they are at the moment having a hard time keeping it together, and as such, good news from us is mayhaps the last thing they want to hear.

For irritation is mounting in many, and with…

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