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Another one to read and share widely-

“…this new movement’s great strength is that its roots go back farther than history. More than any other people on this continent, they know what exploitation and colonization are all about, and so it’s natural that at a moment of great need they’re leading the resistance to the most profound corporatization we’ve ever seen.”

I know the tide is turning against the greed-heads and destroyers but while reading this, I could feel it in my bones.

Colonization has always sought to remove the people from the land of their ancestors, to destroy that connection to the land, to culture, history and one another. Obviously, they want the resources in that land-but less obviously they have always known the power of the people who are part of the land is greater than any they can manufacture thru technology or their weird stilted rituals.

Author: ohnwentsya

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  1. Well said ohnwentsya. Thanks for reblogging this. Important information. It seems to me that the press reports I saw on CBC are getting the wrong message. The message is speaking out for keeping the Land and Water free from exploitation by Big OIL. Its message is obscured in Treaty Rights. Ordinary people can`t connect the dots. They need to make sure the message is clearly protection of Land and Water that the omnibus has taken away.

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