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Brilliant essay from SaS on Jean’s blog-much thanks to Jean for always bringing things like this to our attention, and to SaS for taking the time to explain this, with so much data and reference/links in the text.
I copied the excerpt below because it is the gist of my own feelings as well-tho it is not the central part of the article which is very worth reading and sharing overall. We need to work TOGETHER instead of falling for every distraction and tactic of division ever invented.

Just like surfing, when the wave sets up right you still have to do the work to get in the right place and have the balance to ride it-the Universe has sent us an awesome set of waves, but we have to get together and get up on them before they break on that beach without us!

Change the way you think.

The appointment of Chuck Hagel is as positive a sign as any that the vibrational frequencies of human thought are rising and rapidly so! Stop trying to organize your thoughts and your lives around the fetid and irrelevant appeal of legalistic dross bent on exhausting the energy of good people on “fixing” this repugnant “System of Things.” This “System of Things” doesn’t need fixing; it needs replacement and the current President’s international aspirations for a greater American diplomatic context is one very powerful and positive step in that direction.

We have to set aside the current national drama and intrigue over “criminal investigations,” gun control and unconstitutional legislation; the failure of our corrupt and twisted justice system, the militarization of our law enforcement, and the disintegration of public education. Follow my ideas for just a moment and you’ll see that those agendas are intentional “misdirection” intended to get our minds off of constructing the foundations for a New American Century—not the “new American century” espoused by the Neo-Conservative movement and their richly funded allies in the International Banking Industry. No. A New American Century that will ultimately return us to the path of enlightenment our forefathers put us on some two hundred years ago.

It makes no difference that several of our forefathers were Masons or that their financiers might have been Illuminati. It is irrelevant that the Catholic Church obstructed the evolution of human consciousness for millennia or that greedy “robber barons” deprived the common folk of both their heritage and their future. Forget the past! What matters most is that we are awakening to the scheme of Anu’s paradigm of imprisonment and we don’t like it. As Chuck Hagel has said of our orientation toward conquest and violence: “… [we] want out!”

2012: What's the 'real' truth?

Who is Chuck Hagel?

Senator Chuck Hagel is a former Nebraska Senator and a Republican “moderate” who is also a decorated Vietnam combat veteran, and was wounded during the Viet Nam War.  Considering this history, he is very likely to support a more rapid withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan.  President Barack Obama knows Hagel and has a personal relationship with him that was forged when they were in the Senate together.  At 66, Hagel is identified by most as an independent thinker and his frankness in debate is legendary.

Initially, Hagel backed the Iraq war but after witnessing a string of abuses on the part of the Bush Administration, he became one of its most fierce and credible critics.   He opposed the “surge” supported by Senator McCain and other Neo-conservative politicians.  His opposition to sending more than 30,000 additional troops to Iraq during the Bush administration is credited with stabilizing…

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