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Much as the protesters for environment, human rights and “A Better World IS Possible” (ie veterns of the Battle for Seattle and company) worked together with the “3rd world nations” to make the Cancun accords of WTO a victory for the South, so too do I see the IdleNoMore, Earth First, Rainforest Alliance and many others across the world protests, solidarity and direct actions coming together very nicely with the higher level financial and diplomatic actions by BRICS and others to effectively derail the Earth Raping Cabal train.

This is great strategy even if it is coming together organically with long planned actions by BRICS nations and “leaderless’ horizontalist movements in many nations;-)

2012: What's the 'real' truth?

Activists in Canada protest against the governmentActivists in Canada protest against the government’s violations of the rights of the aboriginals. (file photo)

Thu Jan 17, 2013 1:32AM GMT

The Canadian government’s failure to meet the demands of the First Nations has triggered more protests across the country, with some protesters disrupting Canada-US trade at a key bridge crossing.

On Wednesday, hundreds of demonstrators, many carrying flags and signs calling on the federal government to listen to aboriginal concerns, blocked one of the two access roads to the Ambassador Bridge, which is the major trade crossing from southern Ontario to the United States.

Several other protest rallies were also held or planned in cities nationwide, blocking rail and roadways, including the TransCanada Highway, as well as targeting oil sands mining in Western Canada.

Indigenous communities in Canada, also known as the First Nations, say they are frustrated with Ottawa’s failure to address the social and economic grievances…

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