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Rotinonshonni ónhwe - Tkanatáhere

Idle No More: Show Me The Money

January 20, 2013 — Elyse Bruce

Just the other day, my online friend @deejayNDN tweeted: People who say “I didn’t sign the treaties so I don’t recognize them” need to remember they didn’t sign the Constitution either.

The point of his comment was that just because people alive today weren’t present for the signing of the treaties, that doesn’t negate the obligations or commitments of those signed treaties.

The United Nations defines a treaty as a binding instrument where that the contracting parties intend, or intended, to create legal rights and duties, between two or more political authorities (as states or sovereigns) and normally signed by representatives duly authorized and ratified by the lawmaking authority of the signatory states or sovereigns.

What does all that mean as it pertains to the Canadian situation?

Back in the day, when the treaties between First Nations people and the…

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On the News With Thom Hartmann: Corporate America Is Doing Very, Very Well Under President Obama, and More

You can see the original and read the transcript at Truthout, (click the link below)

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Ban Weaponized Drones from the World

Please sign and share this. We don’t need drones, we need to stop killing and start working together.

Buckminster Fuller demonstrated at the UN decades ago that when we work together to solve our problems everyone does better and when we fight against one another everyone does worse-even the “winners”. The time for bullying and murder is long past in human affairs. We are on the brink of a new era, either we will learn to work together and create a prosperous safe world for ALL or we will fail as a species and join the ranks of curious fossils. Please take this step toward making our world safe for all.

Ban Weaponized Drones from the World

Meticulous researchers have documented that U.S. drones are killing many innocent civilians in Pakistan, Yemen and elsewhere. Drones are making the world less stable and creating new enemies. Their remoteness provides those responsible with a sense of immunity.

Weaponized drones are no more acceptable than land mines, cluster bombs, or chemical weapons. The world must renounce and forbid their manufacture, possession, or use. Violators must be held accountable.

We, the undersigned organizations and individuals, urge

  • the United Nations Secretary General to investigate the concerns of Navi Pillay, the U.N.’s top human rights official, that drone attacks violate international law — and to ultimately pursue sanctions against nations using, possessing, or manufacturing weaponized drones;
  • the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court to investigate grounds for the criminal prosecution of those responsible for drone attacks;
  • the U.S. Secretary of State, and the ambassadors to the United States from the nations of the world, to support a treaty forbidding the possession or use of weaponized drones;
  • President Barack Obama, to abandon the use of weaponized drones, and to abandon his “kill list” program regardless of the technology employed;
  • the Majority and Minority Leaders of the U.S. House and Senate, to ban the use or sale of weaponized drones.

Add your name now. http://act.rootsaction.org/p/dia/action/public/?action_KEY=6180

This petition has a goal of 100000 signatures

62126 total signers.


Bureau of Investigative Journalism: October 2012 update: US covert actions in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia
Bureau of Investigative Journalism: U.S. Secret Wars in Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia
Washington Post: U.S. Drone Targets in Yemen Raise Questions
New York Times: Secret ‘Kill List’ Proves a Test of Obamas Principles and Will

Organizations Supporting This Petition (partial and growing list):
Arlington Green Party
Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests

Bill of Rights Defense Committee

Campaign for the Accountability of American Bases
Code Pink
Fellowship of Reconciliation
Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space
Interfaith Communities United for Justice and Peace
Jeannette Rankin Peace Center
LA Laborfest
Montrose Peace Vigil
National Campaign for Nonviolent Resistance
Nevada Desert Experience
The Northampton Committee to Stop War
Peace of Mind Project
Sitkans for Peace and Justice
United for Peace and Justice
Veracity Now
Veterans For Peace
Veterans For Peace Chapter 10
Veterans For Peace Chapter 27
Veterans For Peace Chapter 91
Veterans For Peace, Phil Berrigan Memorial Chapter, Baltimore, MD
Voices for Creative Nonviolence
War Resisters League
West Suburban Faith-based Peace Coalition
Women Against Military Madness (WAMM)
Women Standing
Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, U.S. Section
World Can’t Wait
Yorkshire Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament


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King: I Have a Dream. Obama: I Have a Drone.

I am posting the intro here, and the full story is at Truthout(link below intro). I can’t say I am happy to post this-but I am only following my President’s advice to me and his other supporters when he won in 2008. He said that we had to hold his feet to the fire and make sure he does what he said, what we want.

I am sure he knew going in that the President has much less actual power or choice than most Americans believe he does and so he knew that only with loud public outcry could he even hope to begin the changes he, and we, believed in.

I do not know what to think of some of the choices he has made, or been forced to make. I would love to see an expose of how he was forced to allow the drone strikes-but until I see that all I can do is ask my President, the man I worked to elect-what are you thinking?

How can you tuck your children in at night, look at their faces and NOT see the faces of the children those drones have blown apart? If that is what you see-how can you allow it to continue? If you are being forced, Mr President, pressured against your own deepest morals then ask us to back you up and we will! But please find a way to make it stop.

By Norman Solomon, Norman Solomon’s Website

A simple twist of fate has set President Obamas second Inaugural Address for January 21, the same day as the Martin Luther King Jr. national holiday.

Obama made no mention of King during the Inauguration four years ago — but since then, in word and deed, the president has done much to distinguish himself from the man who said I have a dream.

After his speech at the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom in August 1963, King went on to take great risks as a passionate advocate for peace.

After his Inaugural speech in January 2009, Obama has pursued policies that epitomize Kings grim warning in 1967: When scientific power outruns moral power, we end up with guided missiles and misguided men.

But Obama has not ignored Kings anti-war legacy. On the contrary, the president has gone out of his way to distort and belittle it.

In his eleventh month as president — while escalating the U.S. war effort in Afghanistan, a process that tripled the American troop levels there — Obama traveled to Oslo to accept the Nobel Peace Prize. In his speech, he cast aspersions on the peace advocacy of another Nobel Peace laureate: Martin Luther King Jr.

The president struck a respectful tone as he whetted the rhetorical knife before twisting. I know there’s nothing weak — nothing passive — nothing naive — in the creed and lives of Gandhi and King, he said, just before swiftly implying that those two advocates of nonviolent direct action were, in fact, passive and naive. I face the world as it is, and cannot stand idle in the face of threats to the American people, Obama added.

Moments later, he was straining to justify American warfare: past, present, future. To say that force may sometimes be necessary is not a call to cynicism

Please click the link below to read the full story at Truthout


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Vandana Shiva: Everything I Need to Know I Learned in the Forest by Vandana Shiva – YES! Magazine

Vandana Shiva: Everything I Need to Know I Learned in the Forest

Today, at a time of multiple crises, we need to move away from thinking of nature as dead matter to valuing her biodiversity, clean water, and seeds. For this, nature herself is the best teacher.

by Vandana Shiva

Vandana Shiva photo by Suzanne Lee

My ecological journey started in the forests of the Himalaya. My father was a forest conservator, and my mother became a farmer after fleeing the tragic partition of India and Pakistan. It is from the Himalayan forests and ecosystems that I learned most of what I know about ecology. The songs and poems our mother composed for us were about trees, forests, and Indias forest civilizations.

My involvement in the contemporary ecology movement began with Chipko, a nonviolent response to the large-scale deforestation that was taking place in the Himalayan region.

In the 1970s, peasant women from my region in the Garhwal Himalaya had come out in defense of the forests.

Logging had led to landslides and floods, and scarcity of water, fodder, and fuel. Since women provide these basic needs, the scarcity meant longer walks for collecting water and firewood, and a heavier burden.

Women knew that the real value of forests was not the timber from a dead tree, but the springs and streams, food for their cattle, and fuel for their hearths. The women declared that they would hug the trees, and the loggers would have to kill them before killing the trees.

A folk song of that period said:
These beautiful oaks and rhododendrons,
They give us cool water
Dont cut these trees
We have to keep them alive.

In 1973, I had gone to visit my favorite forests and swim in my favorite stream before leaving for Canada to do my Ph.D. But the forests were gone, and the stream was reduced to a trickle.

When officials arrived at the forest, the women held up lighted lanterns although it was broad daylight: We have come to teach you forestry.

I decided to become a volunteer for the Chipko movement, and I spent every vacation doing pad yatras (walking pilgrimages), documenting the deforestation and the work of the forest activists, and spreading the message of Chipko.

One of the dramatic Chipko actions took place in the Himalayan village of Adwani in 1977, when a village woman named Bachni Devi led resistance against her own husband, who had obtained a contract to cut trees. When officials arrived at the forest, the women held up lighted lanterns although it was broad daylight. The forester asked them to explain. The women replied, We have come to teach you forestry. He retorted, You foolish women, how can you prevent tree felling by those who know the value of the forest? Do you know what forests bear? They produce profit and resin and timber.

The women sang back in chorus:
What do the forests bear?
Soil, water, and pure air.
Soil, water, and pure air
Sustain the Earth and all she bears.

Beyond Monocultures

From Chipko, I learned about biodiversity and biodiversity-based living economies; the protection of both has become my lifes mission. As I described in my book Monocultures of the Mind, the failure to understand biodiversity and its many functions is at the root of the impoverishment of nature and culture.

When nature is a teacher, we ­co-create with herwe recognize her agency and her rights.

The lessons I learned about diversity in the Himalayan forests I transferred to the protection of biodiversity on our farms. I started saving seeds from farmers fields and then realized we needed a farm for demonstration and training. Thus Navdanya Farm was started in 1994 in the Doon Valley, located in the lower elevation Himalayan region of Uttarakhand Province. Today we conserve and grow 630 varieties of rice, 150 varieties of wheat, and hundreds of other species. We practice and promote a biodiversity-intensive form of farming that produces more food and nutrition per acre. The conservation of biodiversity is therefore also the answer to the food and nutrition crisis.

Navdanya, the movement for biodiversity conservation and organic farming that I started in 1987, is spreading. So far, weve worked with farmers to set up more than 100 community seed banks across India. We have saved more than 3,000 rice varieties. We also help farmers make a transition from fossil-fuel and chemical-based monocultures to biodiverse ecological systems nourished by the sun and the soil.

Biodiversity has been my teacher of abundance and freedom, of cooperation and mutual giving.

Rights of Nature On the Global Stage

When nature is a teacher, we ­co-create with herwe recognize her agency and her rights. That is why it is significant that Ecuador has recognized the rights of nature in its constitution. In April 2011, the United Nations General Assembly­inspired by the constitution of Ecuador and the Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth initiated by Boliviaorganized a conference on harmony with nature as part of Earth Day celebrations. Much of the discussion centered on ways to transform systems based on domination of people over nature, men over women, and rich over poor into new systems based on partnership.

We need to overcome the wider and deeper apartheidan eco-apartheid based on the illusion of separateness of humans from nature in our minds and lives.

The U.N. secretary generals report, Harmony with Nature, issued in conjunction with the conference, elaborates on the importance of reconnecting with nature: Ultimately, environmentally destructive behavior is the result of a failure to recognize that human beings are an inseparable part of nature and that we cannot damage it without severely damaging ourselves.

Separatism is indeed at the root of disharmony with nature and violence against nature and people. As the prominent South African environmentalist Cormac Cullinan points out, apartheid means separateness. The world joined the anti-apartheid movement to end the violent separation of people on the basis of color. Apartheid in South Africa was put behind us. Today, we need to overcome the wider and deeper apartheidan eco-apartheid based on the illusion of separateness of humans from nature in our minds and lives.

The Dead-Earth Worldview

Himalayan Forest photo courtesy of ShutterstockThe war against the Earth began with this idea of separateness. Its contemporary seeds were sown when the living Earth was transformed into dead matter to facilitate the industrial revolution. Monocultures replaced diversity. Raw materials and dead matter replaced a vibrant Earth. Terra Nullius (the empty land, ready for occupation regardless of the presence of indigenous peoples) replaced Terra Madre (Mother Earth).

This philosophy goes back to Francis Bacon, called the father of modern science, who said that science and the inventions that result do not merely exert a gentle guidance over natures course; they have the power to conquer and subdue her, to shake her to her foundations.

Robert Boyle, the famous 17th-century chemist and a governor of the Corporation for the Propagation of the Gospel Among the New England Indians, was clear that he wanted to rid native people of their ideas about nature. He attacked their perception of nature as a kind of goddess and argued that the veneration, wherewith men are imbued for what they call nature, has been a discouraging impediment to the empire of man over the inferior creatures of God.

The death-of-nature idea allows a war to be unleashed against the Earth. After all, if the Earth is merely dead matter, then nothing is being killed.

As philosopher and historian Carolyn Merchant points out, this shift of perspectivefrom nature as a living, nurturing mother to inert, dead, and manipulable matterwas well suited to the activities that would lead to capitalism. The domination images created by Bacon and other leaders of the scientific revolution replaced those of the nurturing Earth, removing a cultural constraint on the exploitation of nature. One does not readily slay a mother, dig into her entrails for gold, or mutilate her body, Merchant wrote.

What Nature Teaches

Today, at a time of multiple crises intensified by globalization, we need to move away from the paradigm of nature as dead matter. We need to move to an ecological paradigm, and for this, the best teacher is nature herself.

This is the reason I started the Earth University/Bija Vidyapeeth at Navdanyas farm.

Indias best ideas have come where man was in communion with trees and rivers and lakes, away from the crowds.

The Earth University teaches Earth Democracy, which is the freedom for all species to evolve within the web of life, and the freedom and responsibility of humans, as members of the Earth family, to recognize, protect, and respect the rights of other species. Earth Democracy is a shift from anthropocentrism to ecocentrism. And since we all depend on the Earth, Earth Democracy translates into human rights to food and water, to freedom from hunger and thirst.

Because the Earth University is located at Navdanya, a biodiversity farm, participants learn to work with living seeds, living soil, and the web of life. Participants include farmers, school children, and people from across the world. Two of our most popular courses are The A-Z of Organic Farming and Agroecology, and Gandhi and Globalization.

The Poetry of the Forest

The Earth University is inspired by Rabindranath Tagore, Indias national poet and a Nobel Prize laureate.

Tagore started a learning center in Shantiniketan in West Bengal, India, as a forest school, both to take inspiration from nature and to create an Indian cultural renaissance. The school became a university in 1921, growing into one of Indias most famous centers of learning.

The forest teaches us enoughness: as a principle of equity, how to enjoy the gifts of nature without exploitation and accumulation.

Today, just as in Tagores time, we need to turn to nature and the forest for lessons in freedom.

In The Religion of the Forest, Tagore wrote about the influence that the forest dwellers of ancient India had on classical Indian literature. The forests are sources of water and the storehouses of a biodiversity that can teach us the lessons of democracyof leaving space for others while drawing sustenance from the common web of life. Tagore saw unity with nature as the highest stage of human evolution.

In his essay Tapovan (Forest of Purity), Tagore writes: Indian civilization has been distinctive in locating its source of regeneration, material and intellectual, in the forest, not the city. Indias best ideas have come where man was in communion with trees and rivers and lakes, away from the crowds. The peace of the forest has helped the intellectual evolution of man. The culture of the forest has fueled the culture of Indian society. The culture that has arisen from the forest has been influenced by the diverse processes of renewal of life, which are always at play in the forest, varying from species to species, from season to season, in sight and sound and smell. The unifying principle of life in diversity, of democratic pluralism, thus became the principle of Indian civilization.

Vandana Shiva, image by Voces
Video: Teachers for a Living World

While Ivy League schools marvel at Indias economic growth, Vandana Shivas University of the Seed looks to the earthand Gandhifor guidance.

It is this unity in diversity that is the basis of both ecological sustainability and democracy. Diversity without unity becomes the source of conflict and contest. Unity without diversity becomes the ground for external control. This is true of both nature and culture. The forest is a unity in its diversity, and we are united with nature through our relationship with the forest.

In Tagores writings, the forest was not just the source of knowledge and freedom; it was the source of beauty and joy, of art and aesthetics, of harmony and perfection. It symbolized the universe.

In The Religion of the Forest, the poet says that our frame of mind guides our attempts to establish relations with the universe either by conquest or by union, either through the cultivation of power or through that of sympathy.

The forest teaches us union and compassion.

The forest also teaches us enoughness: as a principle of equity, how to enjoy the gifts of nature without exploitation and accumulation. Tagore quotes from the ancient texts written in the forest: Know all that moves in this moving world as enveloped by God; and find enjoyment through renunciation, not through greed of possession. No species in a forest appropriates the share of another species. Every species sustains itself in cooperation with others.

The end of consumerism and accumulation is the beginning of the joy of living.

The conflict between greed and compassion, conquest and cooperation, violence and harmony that Tagore wrote about continues today. And it is the forest that can show us the way beyond this conflict.

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Shift and Shine® Technique

Shift and Shine

During its many years of scientific research into human stress and emotions the Institute of HeartMath has established that the qualities of joy, caring, appreciation and openheartedness, which children so naturally possess, have the power to transform our lives. Like you, we see in our children the hope of the future, and we have studied extensively ideas for nurturing these positive qualities of the heart in young children.

HeartMaths Shift and Shine® Technique is a powerful tool developed especially for ages 3-6 that has proven effective in giving children an early start on how to manage their emotions and engage in socially accepted behavior, while also strengthening positive feelings such as love, caring and appreciation. Like adults, children, even our youngest, experience stress, and this tool can help lessen it by teaching them skills they can carry throughout their lives.

Feel the warmth of the sun

Parents, grandparents and teachers pre-school and elementary will find this technique easy to teach and fun for children and themselves. It takes only a few minutes so you and your children can practice it daily.

Parents: Ask your child: Do you ever have a warm feeling in your heart when you feel love or care for someone? Its kind of like the warmth from the sun.

Shift and Shine® Technique

Parents, help your children with the following steps:

  1. Heart Attention Place your attention on the area around your heart or center of the chest. It helps to put your hand over your heart area. Model by putting hand over your heart.
  2. Shift and Shine Technique

    Heart Breathing Now pretend to breathe in and out of your heart. Take three slow breaths. Model the breathing.

  3. Heart Feeling Think of someone or something that makes you feel happy, like your mom or dad, or maybe a special place that you visit, like the park. Feel that happy feeling in your heart and then shine that happy feeling to someone or something special your brother or sister or the whole world. Let the children experience the feeling for a few seconds. The length of time will increase with each exercise.

Thats all there is to it, but practicing these steps daily or a few times has the power to reinforce the best qualities in children, to improve their outlook, self-image, sense of security and more.

With Care,

Sara Childre

Sara Childre, President

P.S. Learn more about the benefits of HeartMaths Shift and Shine® Technique in a special color slide presentation: click here. Educators interested in learning about HeartMaths Early HeartSmarts® program for ages 3-6 and HeartSmarts® for grades 3-5, both of which teach Shift and Shine in a group or classroom setting, can do so at Early HeartSmarts and HeartSmarts.

For the original article, and more links and info go to the heartmath website below-


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One World in One Week – “We want to break all borders!” |

A friend shared this with me and I thought some of you might want to join in-what a beautiful idea!

One World in One Week We want to break all borders!

January 14, 2013
One world in one week



Dear friends and peace-makers of the world,

I used to think that tiny actions were an unproductive waste of time.

Ive changed.

Every tiny, negligible action for change is beautiful and valuable.

Heres a tiny action Id ask you to consider taking to encourage the 99% of 30 million ordinary Afghans whose voices are not heard by anyone.

Please help Abdulhai and the Afghan Peace Volunteers find peace-loving friends from each and every one of the 195/196 countries of the world, friends who are impatient for a better world!

One world in one week


The Afghan Peace Volunteers are tired of rich and powerful politicians making unjust deals over their future, as President Karzai and President Obama did in Washington D.C. this past week.

They emulate Gandhi in his Salt March through this symbolic but person-to-person dream, hoping that when 195/196 friends have extended their hands in solidarity, they can say, With our hands of friendship, we will shake the foundations of the world.

We want to break all borders!

Abdulhai and the Afghan Peace Volunteers

Please encourage your international friends to send an email to 1week4abetterworld

Love and thanks,


Latest update ( up till 11.50 p.m. Kabul, Afghanistan time on the 19th of Jan, 2013 )

Number and list of Countries with people whove joined us : 21!

Sweden, USA, Singapore, Afghanistan, Australia, UK, Poland, Ireland, Canada, Pakistan, India, Brazil, Egypt, Chile, Germany, Japan, Philippines, Haiti, Iraq, Syria, Switzerland, Austria

Thank you!!

Faiz with the first list of countries which we have pinned on the wall

Raz holds up the second list

Abdulhai hopes to find friends from all 195 countries

Dear friends,

Each of the Afghan Peace Volunteers in these videos is dreaming of finding friends from all 195 countries of the world.

They all want to play their tiny part in building a world without borders.

This is our resistance in the age of repression, believing that every hand of friendship is an act for freedom!

Enjoy the video messages below, and Help us find friends who will join hands for better and fairer ways of organizing our global economy and community. Join us by writing to 1week4abetterworld

Love from Afghanistan,

Hakim and the Afghan Peace Volunteers






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Racist Reactions To Idle No More Prompt Criticism Of Harper’s Silence

Racist Reactions To Idle No More Prompt Criticism Of Harper’s Silence

CP | By Terry Pedwell, The Canadian Press


OTTAWA – Prime Minister Stephen Harper is fostering hatred of aboriginals across the country by failing to condemn racist reactions to the Idle No More movement, says a women’s group.

The accusation came Friday as Grand Chief Derek Nepinak of the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs announced that the Assembly of First Nations had approved a resolution renewing calls for a meeting with Harper and Gov. Gen. David Johnston on Jan. 24.

There are strong and growing racial undertones to much of the reaction seen so far to protests over aboriginal treaty rights, says Ellen Gabriel of the Indigenous Women of Turtle Island.

“We just have to look at the Oka crisis in 1990,” she said.

“The same things that (were happening then), and comments about indigenous people, are happening once again. That’s the underlying current that we see.”

The nearly three-month-long Oka crisis resulted from a conflict between Mohawk people in Kanesatake and the town of Oka, Que. One person died as a result of the land claim dispute.

Gabriel, who is from Kanesatake, made the comments after she and Leanne Simpson delivered a letter to Harper, pleading with him and Gov. Gen. David Johnston to meet with Theresa Spence.

The chief of the community of Attawapiskat in northern Ontario continued a hunger protest Friday, which began on Dec. 11, to persuade Harper and Johnston to meet together with First Nations leaders to talk about the plight of aboriginal people.

In a statement released late Friday, Spence said she is growing weak, but remains determined to see the Jan. 24 meeting take place.

“I pray that Canada will come to the table soon, as time isn’t on my side and as each day passes, so does our health, Spence said of herself and her co-hunger protester, Manitoba elder Raymond Robinson.

Chiefs from Ontario who have been among her most ardent supporters begged Spence this week to give up her protest.

And on Friday, Grand Chief Murray Clearsky of the Manitoba Southern Chiefs Organization met with Spence in her teepee on Victoria Island in the Ottawa River, where he also urged her to start eating solid food again.

“The message was, in a kind and good way, to reconsider,” said Clearsky. “She made her point, with what she accomplished.”

A simple gesture from the prime minister to meet with Spence might end her liquids-only protest, said Gabriel.

“We appeal to their sense of humanity to at least commit today to a meeting,” she said.

“It’s very important at this point in time, considering Chief Spence’s health, considering the amount of racism that we’re seeing against indigenous peoples … that this is an urgent meeting that needs to happen.”

Spence last week boycotted a meeting of some First Nations leaders with Harper because the Governor General was not in attendance. She did attend a ceremonial meeting last Friday evening with Johnston, but later dismissed the gathering through her spokesman as a waste of time.

Aboriginals see the Queen, and by extension the Governor General, as more than merely a symbolic head of state. They consider the monarchy as the rightful signatory of First Nations treaties.

But the Queen has rejected at least one appeal to intervene in Spence’s protest.

In a letter dated Jan. 7, obtained this week by The Canadian Press, Buckingham Palace told a supporter of Spence that the chief should deal instead with the federal cabinet.

“This is not a matter in which The Queen would intervene,” says the letter.

“As a constitutional Sovereign, Her Majesty acts through her personal representative, the Governor General, on the advice of her Canadian Ministers and, therefore, it is to them that your appeal should be directed.”

Manitoba chiefs rejected that argument Friday, insisting that the Crown has a direct responsibility for Canada’s First Nations people.

“From the Queen, for her to say something like that, I don’t believe it’s true,” said Clearsky. “Because there’s an obligation from her with us that’s not fulfilled.”

Demonstrations organized by the Idle No More movement have been held this week across the country. While those protests have caused some traffic disruptions and angst among commuters, none have been violent.

But several chiefs have expressed concerns that some Idle No More supporters could lash out, should Spence or Robinson die from their hunger protests.

Quebec New Democrat Romeo Saganash said a lot depends on how the prime minister handles the crisis.

“The way one deals with these situations has an impact on the reaction of natives and other Canadians,” he said outside his party’s caucus meeting on Parliament Hill.

“(Harper) did take the time to meet native leaders, even though they were not all present,” he added.

“He promised to meet them again. Again, that’s a step forward.”

The prime minister’s office has so far said that it would entertain another meeting among First Nations chiefs and Aboriginal Affairs Minister John Duncan on Jan. 24 or another date, but that Harper has not agreed to a gathering that would include the Governor General.


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The manuscript of survival – part 255

The manuscript of survival part 255

by Aisha North

As you have already ascertained, the physical body has a tendency to not be overly pleased by these recent energetic immersions, and that is only to be expected. After all, even if you have all been exposed to numerous of these upgradings through these last months and even years, none have been more intense than what you are currently receiving. We have already talked about this relentless waterfall of energies that is cascading down on your planet, but what we refer to now, are in fact injections to call them that that are like an add-on to this waterfall. In other words, the underlying level of energetic transmissions being beamed onto your little planet has multiplied to such an extent, not even the hardiest amongst you would go untouched through this last downpour. You see, the level of vibration on your planet has certainly reached a hitherto unseen and unfelt level because of this waterfall of energy, but these extra immersions that you are being subjected to are even more advanced than this shall we say ground layer of energetic noise that you are all swimming in. So yes, you are certainly getting an extra large helping at the moment, and the reason for this is indeed an important one.

We have talked about the fact in earlier missives that yours is the role of the wayshower, and as such, you are being given extra fuel to help you to be better able to accomplish this work. For you are the ones in the forefront of all of this, and even if the world at large is also being subjected to ever larger doses of this transformational energy, you are being helped by being literally filled to your max by these extra and very targeted injections. Let us explain. We know that this may not be news to any of you, but as we have stated earlier, you are all treated on a very individual basis, according to both your setup but also according to the task you have come here to fulfill. You are all to be wayshowers, but you will be so in very different ways. For some, their tasks have been made clear to them already, or rather, they are already immersed in one part of their mission, such as the channel conveying these messages. But never forget, the tasks will vary for you all, according both to the timing but also to your specific abilities. And for many, their own specific abilities may not be too clear to them at the moment. And rightly so, as you all had to complete your own personal process of clearing and transmuting anything that might be of hindrance to you in your upcoming work. Well, that process is nearing completion in you all by now, and even if you are still at different stages in all of this, you have not been given any access to what your future holds in store for you yet.

As always, the reason behind this is the timing that goes into this process. For you are all individual players, but you are all an important piece in a gigantic puzzle, so your actions must in so many ways fit into the trajectory of many others out there. So yes, for some of you the frustration from this feeling of being suspended from it all will be mounting at the moment, as you can feel the heightened pressure of expectation starting to prod at you in so many ways. And even if you do not have any clear idea at all as to what your contribution to all of this may be, the feeling of impatience will also start to increase, and rightly so. For you all stand before a mighty task indeed, and this task is starting to nudge you on your shoulder more and more. It can be frustrating, as you have the urge to do something without any seeming knowledge as to just what, how and where to do it. Well, just hang in there a little bit longer, and it will all start to crystallize for you all. As we said, you are being held back for many a reason, but it is not because you have done anything wrong, or have missed out on any vital clues, far from it. For again, you are the players on this field, but we are the strategists, and as such, we have the full responsibility for the unveiling of this process.

So again we tell you that all is well and you are all exactly where you are supposed to be. And even if you feel rather incapacitated at the moment, and feel a bit lost with no apparent direction or reason to your daily lives, know that this is indeed just a passing phase, and this will soon start to pick up both speed and direction yet again. So take some time to look around and take in the scenery around you. And when we say scenery, we refer not just to what might be of natural beauty around you, rather the whole complex situation that surrounds you on all sides, composed of humanitys strive for perfection, and see if you can detect anything new in your surroundings. We think you will find more than a few smiles and hear laughter in places where there used to be none, and they are all small signals that something is indeed starting to percolate to the top and starting to make itself noticed on the surface of this little planet of yours. And if you see a smile, make sure to return it, and notice just how powerful an effect that will have on you. It might sound like a feeble little action, devoid of any importance, but we can guarantee that it will indeed speak more loudly to you than you perhaps envisaged.