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One World in One Week – “We want to break all borders!” |

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A friend shared this with me and I thought some of you might want to join in-what a beautiful idea!

One World in One Week We want to break all borders!

January 14, 2013
One world in one week



Dear friends and peace-makers of the world,

I used to think that tiny actions were an unproductive waste of time.

Ive changed.

Every tiny, negligible action for change is beautiful and valuable.

Heres a tiny action Id ask you to consider taking to encourage the 99% of 30 million ordinary Afghans whose voices are not heard by anyone.

Please help Abdulhai and the Afghan Peace Volunteers find peace-loving friends from each and every one of the 195/196 countries of the world, friends who are impatient for a better world!

One world in one week


The Afghan Peace Volunteers are tired of rich and powerful politicians making unjust deals over their future, as President Karzai and President Obama did in Washington D.C. this past week.

They emulate Gandhi in his Salt March through this symbolic but person-to-person dream, hoping that when 195/196 friends have extended their hands in solidarity, they can say, With our hands of friendship, we will shake the foundations of the world.

We want to break all borders!

Abdulhai and the Afghan Peace Volunteers

Please encourage your international friends to send an email to 1week4abetterworld

Love and thanks,


Latest update ( up till 11.50 p.m. Kabul, Afghanistan time on the 19th of Jan, 2013 )

Number and list of Countries with people whove joined us : 21!

Sweden, USA, Singapore, Afghanistan, Australia, UK, Poland, Ireland, Canada, Pakistan, India, Brazil, Egypt, Chile, Germany, Japan, Philippines, Haiti, Iraq, Syria, Switzerland, Austria

Thank you!!

Faiz with the first list of countries which we have pinned on the wall

Raz holds up the second list

Abdulhai hopes to find friends from all 195 countries

Dear friends,

Each of the Afghan Peace Volunteers in these videos is dreaming of finding friends from all 195 countries of the world.

They all want to play their tiny part in building a world without borders.

This is our resistance in the age of repression, believing that every hand of friendship is an act for freedom!

Enjoy the video messages below, and Help us find friends who will join hands for better and fairer ways of organizing our global economy and community. Join us by writing to 1week4abetterworld

Love from Afghanistan,

Hakim and the Afghan Peace Volunteers






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