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The manuscript of survival – part 255

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The manuscript of survival part 255

by Aisha North

As you have already ascertained, the physical body has a tendency to not be overly pleased by these recent energetic immersions, and that is only to be expected. After all, even if you have all been exposed to numerous of these upgradings through these last months and even years, none have been more intense than what you are currently receiving. We have already talked about this relentless waterfall of energies that is cascading down on your planet, but what we refer to now, are in fact injections to call them that that are like an add-on to this waterfall. In other words, the underlying level of energetic transmissions being beamed onto your little planet has multiplied to such an extent, not even the hardiest amongst you would go untouched through this last downpour. You see, the level of vibration on your planet has certainly reached a hitherto unseen and unfelt level because of this waterfall of energy, but these extra immersions that you are being subjected to are even more advanced than this shall we say ground layer of energetic noise that you are all swimming in. So yes, you are certainly getting an extra large helping at the moment, and the reason for this is indeed an important one.

We have talked about the fact in earlier missives that yours is the role of the wayshower, and as such, you are being given extra fuel to help you to be better able to accomplish this work. For you are the ones in the forefront of all of this, and even if the world at large is also being subjected to ever larger doses of this transformational energy, you are being helped by being literally filled to your max by these extra and very targeted injections. Let us explain. We know that this may not be news to any of you, but as we have stated earlier, you are all treated on a very individual basis, according to both your setup but also according to the task you have come here to fulfill. You are all to be wayshowers, but you will be so in very different ways. For some, their tasks have been made clear to them already, or rather, they are already immersed in one part of their mission, such as the channel conveying these messages. But never forget, the tasks will vary for you all, according both to the timing but also to your specific abilities. And for many, their own specific abilities may not be too clear to them at the moment. And rightly so, as you all had to complete your own personal process of clearing and transmuting anything that might be of hindrance to you in your upcoming work. Well, that process is nearing completion in you all by now, and even if you are still at different stages in all of this, you have not been given any access to what your future holds in store for you yet.

As always, the reason behind this is the timing that goes into this process. For you are all individual players, but you are all an important piece in a gigantic puzzle, so your actions must in so many ways fit into the trajectory of many others out there. So yes, for some of you the frustration from this feeling of being suspended from it all will be mounting at the moment, as you can feel the heightened pressure of expectation starting to prod at you in so many ways. And even if you do not have any clear idea at all as to what your contribution to all of this may be, the feeling of impatience will also start to increase, and rightly so. For you all stand before a mighty task indeed, and this task is starting to nudge you on your shoulder more and more. It can be frustrating, as you have the urge to do something without any seeming knowledge as to just what, how and where to do it. Well, just hang in there a little bit longer, and it will all start to crystallize for you all. As we said, you are being held back for many a reason, but it is not because you have done anything wrong, or have missed out on any vital clues, far from it. For again, you are the players on this field, but we are the strategists, and as such, we have the full responsibility for the unveiling of this process.

So again we tell you that all is well and you are all exactly where you are supposed to be. And even if you feel rather incapacitated at the moment, and feel a bit lost with no apparent direction or reason to your daily lives, know that this is indeed just a passing phase, and this will soon start to pick up both speed and direction yet again. So take some time to look around and take in the scenery around you. And when we say scenery, we refer not just to what might be of natural beauty around you, rather the whole complex situation that surrounds you on all sides, composed of humanitys strive for perfection, and see if you can detect anything new in your surroundings. We think you will find more than a few smiles and hear laughter in places where there used to be none, and they are all small signals that something is indeed starting to percolate to the top and starting to make itself noticed on the surface of this little planet of yours. And if you see a smile, make sure to return it, and notice just how powerful an effect that will have on you. It might sound like a feeble little action, devoid of any importance, but we can guarantee that it will indeed speak more loudly to you than you perhaps envisaged.

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