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I would just add to this that even if there were multiple shooters, law enforcement is under NO obligation to tell the news every detail *ever* but certainly not in the early part of an investigation. Even if someday it comes out that Lanza was not alone, or was drugged, led to do something so horrible by someone with an agenda-all very possible-NONE of that in any way supports or implies the bizarre possibility that an entire town is part a conspiracy to pretend their children were killed. Trying to figure out HOW anyone could come to such a strange conclusion makes my head hurt (and I’m so open minded sometimes I need duct tape to keep my brain in;-)

The Fifth Column

Your comprehensive answer to every Sandy Hook conspiracy theory

Now that I’ve posted an article on the growing Sandy Hook Conspiracy theory, I found  myself looking for more information on the craziness of this phenomena.

(Note: This sort of thing might offend many people.  Please feel free to move on to another topic on this site or elsewhere.  I will most certainly understand.)

Salon has an article breaking down each alleged element of this so-called conspiracy as seen through the eyes of those who believe Sandy Hook never happened…


While it’s often best not to engage with conspiracy theorists on their own turf, as you can probably never convince them, it’s worth setting the record straight on all the myths and phony evidence surrounding the Sandy Hook massacre.

We’ve rounded up every major piece of evidence we could find that leads theorists to say the “official narrative” of events “doesn’t add up” and provided the facts that show…

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  1. Uh this really doesnt “debunk” every single theory by any means. The long gun found in the trunk was identified by police as that bushmaster rifle. then people started calling it a shotgun. I agree that people can get things confused when information is first coming in but there aint a cop in the world that doesnt know the difference between a rifle and a shot gun.

    And searching for things on google may lead to having invalid dates but on the facebook memorial pages themselves it shows the exact date the pages were created.

    Also the parents and there grieving not seeming real enough to people is not unreasenable to question. you are right that people all grieve differently and deal with this situation differently, however when you talk about parents crying at a funeral or anywhere for that matter, i have not scene it. i have looked to see people react like i have seen my family act at the loss of life of loved ones. I cried when i first heard about this because what a shame that these children had to die and these other children who survived are gonna be scarred for life from this. why have i not seen one parent crying or being hysterical. just as doctors would tell you everyone grieves in there own way they would also tell you it would be pretty normal for any parent that lost a young child to be hystarical to an extent. sad beyond belief. possibly suicidal. i dont have any children. i have a younger brother that i helped raised and feel like that is the closest thing i could compare it to. I would die of saddness if something happend to him, anything let alone randomly shot for no reason. i would not be well.

    and the video of mr. parker isn’t disparaging because he smiled or laughed. it is his the way he prepares himself to be on camera. and it was not calming himself from morning, it looked as though he was working himself up to look like he is more sad. like he was torn. why would you do that. this was an interview from the morning after everything happend.

    It does not make you a bad person to question the events of certain situations when there is much evidance in are countries past that proves it has the capability to keep things from us. I dont condone people calling parents or people involved and threatening them. there is nothing right about it and it does not help us understand what happend. i also dont mean to hurt any parents who may have lost a child on that day. i am sorry but honestly if people questioned my love for my child i would tell the to fuck off. but i would say that maybe you were fooled to. maybe what ever happend was prevent able but you didnt know and didnt bother to ask questions.

    bottom line is there are multiple pieces of evidence that exist that cant be easilly debunked by a few words or one column and really you should stop trying to debunk things to convince yourself everything is fine. you should be debunking this to make sure there are no doubts.

    after looking at evidence myself online in regards to any theory or any source i always look at every other story and try to find ways to debunk it myself. this is how you get to the truth and not half assed answers so you can blame everything on the government or wipe the sweat from your forhead and go back to everything is fine land. people stop being so extreme to one side or the other

    • Thank you for your comment, Bob. I agree that it doesn’t at all. I only shared it because I was so disgusted with so many blogs I usually read publishing endless variations and repeats of the ridiculous disinfo campaign about the entire event being “actors”.

      I think there is a LOT of room for questions, and a lot of validity to many of the questions that have been asked, especially in some of the Veterans Today articles.

      I wanted to counter the extreme credulity with which so many were accepting utterly outlandish claims with some “common sense”. This article appeared on a friend’s blog and seemed to at least point out how silly some of the obviously unfounded things were.

      I personally feel that so much of the pure nonsense being published is done *specifically* to discredit those who do have valid questions and squash the idea of questioning by tagging it “loony conspiracy theory-you know like those nuts who think it was all actors!”

      After many years of studying things like false flags, and manipulation of public reaction(ie “manufacturing consent”) I also do not understand how anyone would think that such a thing would be done WITHOUT killing people.

      It is simply easier to actually kill them than to set up a fake scenario and keep a whole town from leaking the truth. Not to mention that people who are willing to use tricks and manipulation to control the people are not going to be bothered by a bunch of dead children-the stated goal of the NWO people is to exterminate most of the human race after all.;-/

      As a parent who has lost a child, what bothers me about the people saying “it was all actors” or this parent didn’t react right or whatever, is that what they are going thru is so out of this world horrible that they simply don’t need any more idiocy to deal with.

      It shocks me that people can be so callous and selfish as to think their worries about it being a gun control trick are MORE important than the suffering not only of the people there going thru it in Sandy Hook, but of parents who have lost children everywhere who are now faced with this insensitive, obnoxious, and plain ludicrous assertions that the tragedy was some sort of “play” that was put on to trick them, whenever they read news online.

      It reminds me of the people who tell women who have been raped that it wasn’t “really rape”-for whatever absurd reason they say.

      Most people don’t grieve on international TV-and most people don’t know HOW to react in front of cameras even when they are having a normal day, so having to work up to showing your emotions seems utterly normal to me-just working up to being on camera when you are in the midst of something so shock producing and painful has to be really strange.

      False flag incidents nearly always have real death-that is how they work their “magic” on people but they are also not always obvious in what they are trying to accomplish. Not every mass shooting is designed to promote “gun control” for instance.

      9-11 was particularly obvious simply because it was copied almost directly from the Reichstag fire incident-because both Rove and Bush had repeatedly either quoted from Mein Kampf, or referred directly or indirectly to the tactics Goebbels, Goering and Hitler used to grab power at that time.

      Not every false flag is designed to be SO obvious tho.

  2. thank you for your response to my posting. I appreciate that you are obviously a person of intelligence that knows what there talking about. i posted that comment on a few other websites and nobody answered it and they even stopped people from being able to leave comments like a day after i left it on the original website. I am glad that it was you. I generally agree with most of the things that you have said about this issue. we most certainly need to rule out the ridiculous theories that come along in order to have people look at the real logical fallacies. the problem is however when you have a government that is not really willing to answer some of these questions when they come up, when they bunch them together with the ludicrous theories and say they wont even go near it. it makes them look suspect and it leaves us to are imagination. some people are more willing to believe it was a hoax because they cant fathom that the government may be willing to commit such an atrocity. people don’t know what to think and either shrug it all of as nonsense or take on some different idea about it that they do no research on and has no possible logic. I gotta tell ya i haven’t even heard of some of the theories they say people believe in this article. what we need is more open honest discussion about things were people are not ridiculed for there ideas but ideas are weeded out by logic and evidence.

    also the one thing i am a little at odds with that you mentioned is the parents. I am not going to sit here and say that they are actors because i have nothing to back up that claim and have no idea how something like this could have been pulled of in the event that everything was staged. but I still feel there actions can be subjected to a little scrutiny in regards to that idea of them being actors because it is just bizarre. It is very bizarre that parents were on these tv shows and some are somber looking, and some are laughing and smiling and not one interview i seen someone was crying. my father died three years ago and my mother would not stop bursting into tears when he was mentioned. I know there could be many logical explanations for this. people grieve differently, parents could be stunned, maybe even the news outlets did not want to interview parents who couldn’t control there emotions (which would be like there first time ever the news did that because we have all seen many news casts with hysterical morning and crying because it adds to there story). All i know is they have not shown any parents that are behaving in a manor befitting to are idea of what morning parents would look like.

    Again, i am making no claims with that last paragraph, IM just saying it is bizarre. and to make myself perfectly clear the only thing i believe about this whole incident is that there are questions left unanswered. there are holes in the story that need to be filled that may be left intentionally left open. thats it. I make no other claims beside that

    • “people don’t know what to think and either shrug it all of as nonsense or take on some different idea about it that they do no research on and has no possible logic”

      What you said here is exactly how disinformation is designed to work. People don’t know what to think because so much nonsense and smoke and mirrors is in the way, they just give up and either accept the official story, accept any alternative that fits their worldview, or go into denial and ignore the whole thing because it is just too weird and scary.

      I think that is why people either won’t post your comment, or won’t allow replies-because they are invested in the story they are promoting whether that story is the official line or one of the “chosen paths” of alternative “logic” they have a personal stake, a “horse in the race”.

      I don’t know what happened and that is why I post about these things. I want to know the truth. I have no desire to convince anyone to think like me, or to think any certain thing. I just hope more people will start THINKING;-) and get together and realize that something is fundamentally wrong with our society when we see something like this and there literally are SO many real questions that are not being answered.

      I think a lot more truth is coming out day by day, about so many things. And I feel this is likely to continue and even become an avalanche of information because people are not buying the “doubleplusgood” lines anymore.

      The bottom line is that when people come together and work together to find the truth, to force our society to move in a better direction-it will. There are vested interests who benefit greatly from keeping us divided and constantly fighting over nonsense-so they keep feeding the nonsense.

      They know when we stop fighting one another and realize we’ve been hoodwinked, they are in deep trouble;-)

      I really don’t know what the deal is with the parents, but my guess is that they are probably in shock and denial. It is too horrifying to be real , so their minds don’t accept it as real. ONe thing is in that part of the country people do pride themselves on the whole stiff upper lip, being stoic and not showing emotion (I have relatives in Maine not too far from there) so it may also be a cultural thing to try and look strong on camera and break down in private.

      Thank you for your reply and for your work to find the truth and keep people awake. It is an uphill slog but I think we will get there sooner than we think!

  3. i think your right. i think that times are really scary and its getting people to talk and share more. hopefully we can figure things out as a society to change things for the better before we reach a point of no return. and i generally share the more optimistic point of view that you do in the idea that change will come very soon. I just hope its good change.

    I didnt think of the whole stigma these people might have about showing emotions on television. it might just be a thing about how they think they should present themselves on camera. even the guy who looked as though he purposely worked himself up could have been doing that because he didn’t want people to judge him as not being sad enough. good point you brought up but damn if its still not weird as hell…

    keep on doing your thing friend and look for the truth.

    P.S. if you are not up on the investigative reporter greg palast. check him out. he is the real deal

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