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Another beautiful post at Serenity Spell! Everyone thinks of palms and beaches in Florida but for me the Oak Hammock is what I think of as being most essentially here, home, Florida. I think they are some of the most beautiful places on Earth.

Serenity Spell

There was some synchronous discussion during a *hammock* ecosystem reference in one of my recent posts … I’m so accustomed to these habitats, that I forget to detail their wonderful qualities!

From the National Park Service’s perfectly phrased definition of a hardwood hammock on their Everglades page:

A hardwood hammock is a dense stand of broad-leafed trees that grow on a natural rise of only a few inches in elevation. Hammocks can be found nestled in most all other Everglades ecosystems. In the deeper sloughs and marshes, the seasonal flow of water helps give these hammocks a distinct aerial teardrop shape.

Many tropical species such as mahogany (Swietenia mahogoni), gumbo limbo (Bursera simaruba), and cocoplum (Chrysobalanus icaco) grow alongside the more familiar temperate species of live oak (Quercus virginiana), red maple (Acer rubum), and hackberry (Celtis laevigata). This diverse assemblage of plant life supports an equally diverse array of…

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These are very interesting finds. Michael Cremo recounted many like this(including at least two of these) in his book about how archaeology is rigged to suppress anything outside of the pre-agreed storyline. I have no idea how we could verify the ages but if they were verified, the whole pre-agreed story is pretty well ruined at that point!

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Thank you Jean! As always you have the talent for finding things that I just needed to see. I firmly believe that we the people of Earth can choose Peace, we can choose Love, we can choose abundance and healing, a healthy planet and safe children, clean food, and clean air and water. If the “leaders” can’t lead then they can follow!

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I may be a pollyanna, but I continue to hope that these discoveries will make a big difference, that they will as Mr Keshe seems to hope and plan for-be released and used no matter what any government or corporation thinks about them. The people of Earth can agree to peace in this way, refusing to be bound to war by “leaders” so entrenched in a worldview of “power-over” and violence that they cannot let go of war even when it so obviously does not good for any of us.

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Food Not Lawns: Reasons to grow food in your backyard

I just got a link to this in my email and thought some of you might enjoy it. Gardens are a wonderful way to get healthier and more in touch with the Earth, not to mention saving a lot on groceries and eating better!

Food Not Lawns: Reasons to grow food in your backyard

The Food not Lawns Movement

A lush green carpet trimmed to perfection, the lawn is the space filler between stoop and sidewalk for most homeowners.

The term ‘Food not Lawns’ – a play off of the Food not Bombs initiative – was first officially used in Eugene, OR by food activists who were inspired to increase access to sustainable, healthy food. Food Not Lawns International now has chapters in many towns. But even before the term was coined, gardeners were already participating in this urban agriculture movement to tear up turf grass and replace it with vegetable gardens, berry bushes, fruit trees, chicken coops, herb patches, or any other food production scheme!

A highly productive front yard in Victoria, BC. So much food grown in so little space.
(Please click the link below to read the whole article at

http://taramcnerney.hubpages.com/hub/Food-Not-Lawns-Reasons-to-grow-food-in-your-backyard )