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Thank you for writing this! I have been thinking a lot about these issues too, and I think the only way we will be able to solve it is to get people to come together more. People have to rebuild the community that was purposefully destroyed in order to create the industrial age.
Because no one would work in a factory for more than a few days if they had enough to eat, a place to sleep etc the industrialists worked out how to splinter families, clans and tribes, how to steal the commons and separate people-turn them into workers and consumers instead of members of integral communities.
There is a process called Circle Justice, it is common to indigenous societies(the Hawaiian version of Ho’o’opono is more widely known I think) but it is based on the idea that we are all part of the circle and any time anyone is broken the circle is broken and must be healed for us all to be ok. That means if someone is sick it is a community issue, if someone is depressed, or if two people are fighting, if someone steals from someone-it’s not just to do with the people obviously involved because we are all part of the circle.

When the community comes together to help each person and each family heal and be whole it creates something more, I think, something we in modern colonized societies have been missing for a really long time.

Even when guns were invented and had been for a long time, you don’t see this mass murder meme in traditional societies. Just like traditional people went to war over land, or hunting rights or to get women or slaves but did not go to war to exterminate and eliminate their opponents from existence-it’s a different mindset, and I think it is one we have to recover before it is too late.
Everyone was indigenous once, every people on Earth were once traditional people before they were colonized-even if for some that before was so many generations ago even the memory is deeply buried.


Another shooting. Another school campus became a place of terror for our children. My daughter is a teacher and she is in a poor county in a Southern State. Lockdown is a frequent occurrence. My grandson is in college and they had a lockdown because a guy came on campus with a gun. There have been  four school shootings since Newton.

We can pray, love, be compassionate, however, we need to do more. We need to teach our children how to live ethically.  We need to be good positive role models for a non-violent life. We need to teach our children to forgive, love, and accept people as they are, blessed children of God. We need to  put hatred and violence aside.

Will it take armed guards at schools to keep our children safe? I am of mixed feelings about this. My heart screams no but I realize what our…

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