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When the settler people who are finally realizing the “benefits” of colonized society are an awful lot like the riches briefly enjoyed in the sale of souls to Satan in the old stories-a certain amount of comfort for a time, but at such a terrible cost-I hope that many will realize the wisdom of actively supporting indigenous resistance. This article illustrates an important point. Unlike the patchwork nature of people of all races resistance to the colonized industrial juggernaut from the Luddites to Occupy; Indigenous resistance is part of a consistent thread woven solidly within the cultures that were thriving prior to colonization. Indigenous cultures have long histories prior to colonization, and they have a resilience grounded in their connection to the land, to one another and to the knowledge and tools developed during many centuries.
Colonization is an active process of atomization, fragmentation and forgetting that is done to remove the exact power to resist that IdleNoMore represents. Settlers who come from one of these cultures that were colonized further in the past have thus lost those things and the strength they convey. While supporting IdleNoMore out of concern for the environment or heartfelt solidarity with First Nations people are also good, I think that long term, settlers who choose to align with and support IdleNoMore may eventually find it is the “spearhead” of effective leadership that can draw together the power of the broader resistance that has been building in wave after wave in settler society from Emma Goldman and the worker’s collectives of the late 1800’s, to Occupy and other current efforts.


by Eric Ritskes

“We resist not to overthrow a government or to take political power, but because it is natural to resist extermination, to survive. We don’t want power over white institutions; we want white institutions to disappear. That’s revolution.

– Russel Means –


A common dialogue has been running in opposition to the current #IdleNoMore protests and actions. A friend of mine recently said,

The Idle No More movement will go the way of the Occupy movement…it is not sustainable and most of the demands will never be met.

She went on to give reasons why: how Canadians were unwilling to part with their hard earned money and politicians aren’t looking out for what’s right but for their own political interest.

These are not uncommon thoughts: there seems to be an undercurrent that sees the hashtags, the flash mobs, and the blockades as unsustainable and unproductive in the…

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