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EP#10 – Taiaiake Alfred (full interview)

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This is reposted from http://www.redmanlaughing.com/2012/01/ep10-taiaiake-alfred-full-interview/ . If you like this, definitely check out that site because there is a *LOT* more to see there!

In this episode of the Red Man Laughing podcast were proud to roll out the shows very first featured chats. Were honoured and privileged to present Mohawk scholar, writer and professor, Taiaiake Alfred. As one of the worlds leading Indigenous scholars, Taiaiake is an integral part of the new wave of Indigenous Academia, leading a movement of young Indigenous learners into the mainstream with a firm understanding of the past to lead us into the future. We talk about the reclaimation of cultural identity, forming and reforming our relationship with Canada, Taiaiake breaks down the power that the land gives us AND we even bridge the subject of a Monty Python-esque Fish Slap to a certain leader of a certain country.

Connect With Taiaiake Alfred Online

Taiaiake Alfred on Twitter

Taiaiake Aldreds Website

Gerald Taiaiake Alfred is a Full Professor in IGOV and in the Department of Political Science at the University of Victoria. He specializes in studies of traditional governance, the restoration of land-based cultural practices, and decolonization strategies. He is a prominent Indigenous intellectual and advisor to many First Nation gove rnments and organizations. He has been awarded a Canada Research Chair, a National Aboriginal Achievement Award in the field of education, and the Native American Journalists Association award for best column writing.

About Ryan McMahon

Ryan McMahon is one of the most dynamic Aboriginal/Native American Comedians working in Canada and the United States today. Hes also a graduate of the prestigious Second City Conservatory (Toronto). His show is a loose, fast paced, silly but always honest look at society from the perspective of a Native dude. Ryan’s comedy is irreverent and boundry pushing as he focuses his attention on the good, the bad & the ugly of the collision between Indian Country and the mainstream.


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