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It is amazing to me that in a few decades the very existence of the RICO act and similar legislation such as was used to break up At&T into the “baby bells” in the early 90’s is just erased. The Fed “suggests” they should be broken up-why was the govt not enforcing RICO 10 years ago BEFORE the mess? I know history is a real hard subject for Americans who don’t like to recall how their country was created and who go all the way thru school to college before any classes teaching history newer than World War I are encountered, but the people in Congress are OLDER than me and I remember the AT&T breakup-one assumes they learned this stuff in law school, or they have some staff at the Capitol that explains it to them, right? Banking, Oil, Communications corporations and Big Ag are ALL bigger than AT&T was (and they all get HUGE government subsidies) when the government cracked down on them in the late 70’s under Carter….oh wait!~ that must be why, we haven’t had a verifiable ethical person in politics outside of Kucinich and Paul SINCE Carter, have we?;-/

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When we gather together in prayer even across wide distances, it affects the world(See Lynn McTaggert’s Intention Experiment for some science on this) so any time we have a chance to join with others and pray, send good intentions and love into our world for healing and making it better, it’s always a good thing to do. So little effort for each person, but so much potential for good-why not join in?;-)


Wherever you are, whatever you are doing; even if you cannot join the dance physically, then at 11:00am on February 14, 2013 PST stop for a moment of love with a “Minute of Light”. Della had a dream, and was given a task by the 13 Grandmothers to help create a network of positive energy around the world for everyone to enjoy! Keep the Network Strong!

A minute of light is created in that space where you close your eyes and ‘see’ the light that surrounds you, then try to increase that light with positive thoughts and energy.

This event is in conjunction with the One Billion Rising event on February 14th, 2013. I’ve included a couple of links here for you to get an idea of why One Billion are rising around the world against violence against women.


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Today is surreal. It might be surprising – but not shocking, which is a more difficult experience. So we aren’t totally blown away by anything; we take it more gently. Matangi works like this. Even though she is associated with coming through and cleaning things up, she is experienced as a relief – a breath of fresh air, a Maori breeze. She takes care of things.

You can put this in the context of a phenomenally magical Moon phase. Creative visions have more power right now. We can also look back to September/October 2012 and see the progression of things/circumstances put in place during that time. All of that is re-empowered today. Again, this may be a surprise but not a shock. We may even be surprised about our own naivete or level of gullibility.

All of that said, surreal can be very interesting and, to some degree, fun. But it only happens if we are open to it. Don’t miss the opportunity today. Stay open to ideas, people, places, events, possibilities, etc. We need to remember that we are rooted in place on the planet, but simultaneously able to take our minds into far greater spaces. Let’s embrace the complexity with the knowledge that even if it doesn’t fully make sense now, it will at some point. There is no pressure.

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Thank you Jean! I love Carl’s simple and to the point astrology posts.


Astrology Forecast for February 2013

FOR EVERYONE ~ February is a tipping point. Scarcely anyone doubts that major changes are urgently needed. At the same time, though, everyone knows that those in power are against the needed changes. In February, push comes to shove. Each of us in our own lives and in our own way will find it necessary to speak truth to power, or to simply and openly defy the expectations of authority figures. If we don’t we will only find ourselves left behind by those who have done so.

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I hope my readers will also help make this viral. What kind of world is it that we not only allow, but support cruelty for human entertainment? Trapping for sustenance is usually a last resort, used by children and the sick-a healthy person can hunt, or gather wild foods(tho often a child or sick person can do those too) or grow some darn beans (think ahead!;-)

If we promote permaculture and spread it all around no one will need to trap for food anyway(not that they do now-food banks, food stamps, Food Not Bombs and many others provide food for the hungry and if you are healthy enough to live in the wild you don’t have to trap to eat)

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“For me, I have been reminded several times recently that all of this “Prosperity Stuff” is within ME. It IS me. I mean, it’s all energy anyway. Gold is energy. Silver is energy. I am energy.

So for me, my own experience at this moment is my own favorite demonstration of “prosperity”. I’m living here, in Hawaii, with hardly any income at all, and yet, I have it all. There’s avocado, papaya, banana trees next to my house, occasional assistance from certain people and certain programs (government ones), and every so often, a gift comes through. Often from one of you, for which I’m very grateful. ” (excerpt from post)
I have been reading Kp’s blog since he first created it, enjoying his perspective and the lovely vision of Hawaii that he shares. These two paragraphs really sing to me-this prosperity stuff has always been inside of us, and within our reach externally with never ANY need for “prosperity packages” or any other tricks of the money based power-over society. We create prosperity not only with our inner state of gratitude and love, but with our outer actions of gratitude and love.Much like the story about heaven and hell both being long dining tables surrounded by people with 10 foot long spoons-in hell they try to feed themselves, in heaven they feed one another. Charles Eisenstein wrote a whole book on how this is done called The Sacred Economy-it is free to read online, he walks his talk;-) We can create permaculture in our cities, on our land, around our houses-even in pots on the balcony of our apartment(to a degree;-) We can share with one another, support one another, create community that nurtures, feeds and heals us all. Starhawk shows us in the 5th Sacred Thing how we can take that co-creation of abundance and beauty beyond a niche under the weight of the Earth destroying colonizer culture. There are ways to keep it growing, the same way wildflowers cover a barren poisoned field, so too can we cover this Earth and heal her, and ourselves.
I am letting go of the paradigm of colonized reality, of believing it has the power over it has forcibly taken and kept. I am letting go of the whole thing and the fear that it will continue, the fear that it will keep harming the living things, chewing up ecosystems, spreading war and pollution and hate. I am letting go of my own part in it, and my struggle against it. I choose to live as a wildflower that joins the mycelium in healing the soil, turning my joyful face to the sun and the rain and transforming the poisons around me into beauty.

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Mali, France, and Chickens

More “post colonial” colonial wars for resources, at the cost of blood and suffering of the actual people of the land involved. Because I know of nothing else more effective to do, I pray a lot. I hope a lot of you will join me in praying for the people in all these places, and for all of us on Earth that we can soon effectively unite to stop this endless war and pillage and make the peaceful “world that works for everyonme” we all know is possible.

Thursday, 24 January 2013 09:57 By Conn Hallinan, Foreign Policy in Focus | News Analysis As in: come home to roost.

“It appears the French had one of their wars going on thereabouts.”
— Charlie Marlow from Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness

The vision that Conrad’s character Marlow describes is of a French frigate firing broadsides into a vast African jungle, in essence, bombarding a continent. That image came to mind this week when French Mirages and helicopter gunships went into action against a motley army of Islamic insurgents in Mali.

That there is a surge of instability in that land-locked and largely desert country should hardly come as a surprise to the French: they and their allies are largely the cause.

And they were warned.

A little history. On Mar. 17, 2011, the UN Security Council approved Resolution 1973 to “protect civilians” in the Libyan civil war. Two days later, French Mirages began bombing runs on Muammar Gaddafi’s armored forces and airfields, thus igniting direct intervention by Britain, along with Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Resolution 1973 did not authorize NATO and its allies to choose sides in the Libyan civil war, just to protect civilians, and many of those who signed on—including Russia and China—assumed that Security Council action would follow standard practice and begin by first exploring a political solution. But the only kind of “solution” that anti-Gaddafi alliance was interested in was the kind delivered by 500-lb. laser-guided bombs.

(This is just the intro to this article, please read the whole article at the link below, on Truthout

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What Will Happen in Palestine Friday Morning?

(Excerpts from the article By Robert Naiman at Truthout)

Naiman mainOne of the many graffiti pictures on a wall that separates Palestine and Israel. (Photo: No Lands Too Foreign / flickr)

Could Americans force the story of Palestinian nonviolent resistance to land confiscation onto the agenda of mainstream US media?


To be effective, a strategy of nonviolent resistance to injustice requires an audience.

Sometimes Western pundits have asked: Where are the Palestinian Gandhis? But when Palestinians have engaged in nonviolent protest and have been suppressed by Israeli occupation forces, Western pundits have been largely silent. The pundits’ words communicate one thing; the choice by Western media to largely ignore nonviolent Palestinian protest movements communicates the opposite.


There is a precedent that may be relevant. When Occupy Wall Street began, it was ignored at first by mainstream media. To find out what was going on, you had to go to social media like Twitter. When the story became well-established in social media, mainstream media had to take notice.


Thousands of Americans have already signed our pledge. You can join them here.

(This is a selection of brief excerpts from this article-Please see the whole article and links to others like it at Truthout http://www.truth-out.org/opinion/item/14123-what-will-happen-in-palestine-friday-morning)

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World’s Most Endangered Whales to Get Recovery Plan at Long Last — Take Action

World’s Most Endangered Whales to Get Recovery Plan at Long Last — Take Action

North Pacific right whales, among the world’s most endangered marine mammals, are finally getting a federal recovery plan. The National Marine Fisheries Service proposed the recovery plan this week, after the Center for Biological Diversity threatened to sue last March because of agency delays.

There are as few as 30 individual North Pacific right whales left in the Bering Sea and Gulf of Alaska, and only a few hundred in Russia’s Okhotsk Sea. The whales are extremely vulnerable to ship strikes, oil development and spills, and entanglement in fishing gear. Although the proposed recovery plan provides a much-needed strategy for additional research, it doesn’t provide a clear roadmap for reducing those threats. The public has 45 days to comment on the plan — and we’re pushing to ensure it includes stronger protections.

“North Pacific right whales have a long road to recovery, but we hope it starts here,” said Sarah Uhlemann, a Center attorney. “With just a small number of these great animals left in the world, the loss of even one of them could threaten this population’s existence.”

Read more in the Alaska Dispatch, then take action to push for a stronger recovery plan.

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This is important info for everyone who cares about their health, but even more so for Aspergers, celiacs and others with food allergies or sensitivities, and parents of children with these problems. When we are carefully following the medically prescribed diet and still keep getting sick, or awful reactions-THIS could be why! Another great reason to grow your own food, and or get food from local farmers that you know.