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Mali, France, and Chickens

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More “post colonial” colonial wars for resources, at the cost of blood and suffering of the actual people of the land involved. Because I know of nothing else more effective to do, I pray a lot. I hope a lot of you will join me in praying for the people in all these places, and for all of us on Earth that we can soon effectively unite to stop this endless war and pillage and make the peaceful “world that works for everyonme” we all know is possible.

Thursday, 24 January 2013 09:57 By Conn Hallinan, Foreign Policy in Focus | News Analysis As in: come home to roost.

“It appears the French had one of their wars going on thereabouts.”
— Charlie Marlow from Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness

The vision that Conrad’s character Marlow describes is of a French frigate firing broadsides into a vast African jungle, in essence, bombarding a continent. That image came to mind this week when French Mirages and helicopter gunships went into action against a motley army of Islamic insurgents in Mali.

That there is a surge of instability in that land-locked and largely desert country should hardly come as a surprise to the French: they and their allies are largely the cause.

And they were warned.

A little history. On Mar. 17, 2011, the UN Security Council approved Resolution 1973 to “protect civilians” in the Libyan civil war. Two days later, French Mirages began bombing runs on Muammar Gaddafi’s armored forces and airfields, thus igniting direct intervention by Britain, along with Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Resolution 1973 did not authorize NATO and its allies to choose sides in the Libyan civil war, just to protect civilians, and many of those who signed on—including Russia and China—assumed that Security Council action would follow standard practice and begin by first exploring a political solution. But the only kind of “solution” that anti-Gaddafi alliance was interested in was the kind delivered by 500-lb. laser-guided bombs.

(This is just the intro to this article, please read the whole article at the link below, on Truthout

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