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What Will Happen in Palestine Friday Morning?

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(Excerpts from the article By Robert Naiman at Truthout)

Naiman mainOne of the many graffiti pictures on a wall that separates Palestine and Israel. (Photo: No Lands Too Foreign / flickr)

Could Americans force the story of Palestinian nonviolent resistance to land confiscation onto the agenda of mainstream US media?


To be effective, a strategy of nonviolent resistance to injustice requires an audience.

Sometimes Western pundits have asked: Where are the Palestinian Gandhis? But when Palestinians have engaged in nonviolent protest and have been suppressed by Israeli occupation forces, Western pundits have been largely silent. The pundits’ words communicate one thing; the choice by Western media to largely ignore nonviolent Palestinian protest movements communicates the opposite.


There is a precedent that may be relevant. When Occupy Wall Street began, it was ignored at first by mainstream media. To find out what was going on, you had to go to social media like Twitter. When the story became well-established in social media, mainstream media had to take notice.


Thousands of Americans have already signed our pledge. You can join them here.

(This is a selection of brief excerpts from this article-Please see the whole article and links to others like it at Truthout http://www.truth-out.org/opinion/item/14123-what-will-happen-in-palestine-friday-morning)

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