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In a major milestone in the growth if this infant religion known as “Science”, it’s priests finally acknowledge what everyone else has known since Grandmother Spider Woman pulled the first chunk of mud from the bottom of the ocean to make the land;-) Good for them! and good for the rest of all living things that may be able to look forward to a future without the bizarre abuses that have become customary…..

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Before you write things like chemtrails off as loony conspiracy theory, do some research. I did and that is why I am posting this-even if you never see a tic tac toe box in the sky (or any of the other obvious stuff like the same planes flying back and forth for hours in a clear blue sky and then having completely cloudy sky with icky air) you may be exposed to heavy metals and other toxins just thru living in the city, or near mining, oil drilling, farming-ok if you don’t live in the one remaining part of the Amazon basin that the oil barons haven’t gotten to yet-you might be exposed to toxic stuff regularly too. So this article could be useful;-)

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Europe Authorizes “Robin Hood Tax” on Financial Transactions by Sarah Anderson – YES! Magazine

Support for the tax on stocks, bonds, and derivatives was so strong among EU finance ministers that it wasnt even necessary to take a formal vote.

by Sarah Anderson
posted Jan 25, 2013

This article was originally published by the Institute for Policy Studies.

Robin Hood Tax 555x350

Photo by Oxfam International.

EU finance ministers were scheduled to vote January 22 on whether to authorize 11 member states to proceed with the introduction of a financial transaction tax (FTT). As it turned out, the ministers didnt even have to take a formal vote because it was obvious that there was sufficient support to move ahead.

The 11 countries are Belgium, Germany, Estonia, Greece, Spain, France, Italy, Austria, Portugal, Slovenia and Slovakia. It will be possible for other governments to opt in at a later date. And in fact, the Netherlands has expressed interest, but they want to negotiate an exemption for their pension funds.

The aim of this proposal is for the financial industry to make a fair contribution to tax revenues, whilst also creating a disincentive for transactions that do not enhance the efficiency of financial markets.

Next steps

The next step is for the European Commission to make a proposal for the tax. The proposal will be based on one introduced by the Commission in September 2011 that would apply a 0.1 percent tax rate on trades of stocks and bonds, and a 0.01 percent rate for derivatives trades. As described in the European Council statement released today, the aim of this proposal is for the financial industry to make a fair contribution to tax revenues, whilst also creating a disincentive for transactions that do not enhance the efficiency of financial markets.

The proposed tax is based on the residence principle, meaning that a financial transaction would be taxed in each case where a resident of one of the participating EU member states was involved even if the transaction was carried out in a country that is not a participant.

The tax proposal will have to be adopted by unanimous agreement of the participating member states. EU Tax Commissioner Algirdas Semeta says it is possible that the tax could enter into force beginning January 1, 2014.

Destination of revenue remains unclear

Although some press reports have said the funds will go towards bailing out European banks, there is no agreement yet on how revenues will be allocated.

International campaigners who have been advocating for financial transactions taxes for several years will be redoubling their efforts to demand that revenues to go towards social and environmental purposes.

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Navajos and Appalachians protest Peabody Coal, protesters arrested

“The mine affects lots of ways of life. It’s destroying the places that have names. Everywhere you go here, every place has a name: names I learned from my grandparents, names that have existed for hundreds of years. A lot of those places and knowledge of those places and cultural values are being destroyed by the mine. It’s destroying our way of life,” says Gerold Blackrock, a resident of Black Mesa.

Peabody’s strip mines harm the health of communities wherever they operate, from Black Mesa to Appalachia. Appalachian miners’ hard-earned healthcare benefits and pensions are threatened by Peabody’s business practices. “Peabody and Arch dumped their obligations to retired miners into Patriot. This was a calculated decision to cheat people out of their pensions,” said retired United Mine Workers of America miner Terry Steele.(excerpt)

Yet another polluting industry cheating workers and destroying indigenous land;-/ Read and share!

Earth First! Newswire

Cross Posted from Censored News

By Derek Minnow Bloom, Black Mesa Indigenous Support

Zach Chasnoff, Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment

Fern Benally, Navajo, center. St Louis Post Dispatch photo. 

ST. LOUIS, MO — About one hundred protesters gathered in downtown St. Louis today outside of the Peabody Coal corporate headquarters. St. Louis locals were joined by Navajo residents from Black Mesa, Ariz., Appalachians from coal-burdened West Virginia, and supporters from across the United States to demand the cessation of strip mining and accountability for land and people.  

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I really like Veteran’s today, maybe because a lot of the elders I grew up with were smart veterans, like the ones who write for VT most of the time. I like reading the perspective of people with knowledge and experience not just hearsay and fear.

The people in the military, and the police departments are people just like you and me-some good, some bad, most just people who get by as best they can like the rest of us. It hurts my heart thinking of their families when they are away for years, when they are hurt or killed on duty.

Maybe I’m not revolutionary enough, or maybe too much, I dunno-but to me until we can include ALL of the 99% we haven’t started addressing the problem. So to me any solution that calls for shooting at them-whether from the left or the right, is no solution at all. Yes, they do serve the 1% but not for the most part because they want to, agree with the 1% or like all the negative aspects of their jobs but because, just like everyone else-they have to earn a living.

So, I like reading VT’s perspective, and I hope with common sense voices being raised on all sides, we as a country, can get past the pointless division and diversion tactics being used against us ALL by the 1%/cabal/illuminati/corporate masters whatever you want to call them….

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So we need to continue our conversation about guns. It isn’t a yes or no choice. There are many perspectives. I invite you all to share your feelings and any expertise in the area. I invite all comments. I invite all opinions and perspectives and perhaps we can get people thinking and then discussing with their own family and friends. May each soul that returns to The One be supported and loved as they transition to the next level of existence. Many blessings to all.(excerpt)

Much thanks to idealistrebel for this thoughtful post! Whether you go to the original post to discuss, or talk to someone local-the important thing is starting the conversation. No one of us has all the answers, but until we can live in a country, and a world where we never have to worry about little kids being shot, or picking up a gun and shooting someone-the conversation should not end.

Violence is a way of thinking and a way of life-it did not start with guns, they just make it easier. But people picking intractable positions and defending them is NOT solving the real problem of violence in our society.

Derrick Jensen makes a very good case in A Language Older Than Words for the idea that colonized society, modern society etc is based on violence, it runs on violence like cars run on gas. It needs violence to work and it breeds violence at every level from domestic abuse to drone strikes and nuclear war.

The good news is, this is not the only culture humans ever created and it is not some inevitable result or end state of history. As the Battle for Seattle protesters pointed out “A Better World IS Possible”.

No one can impose that better world from outside of anyone else tho-it has to come from within ALL of us, we have to choose to change, and to co create that better world instead of recreating the world of violence and power over with each choice we personally make.


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Judge warns of arrests – or even violence – if more rail blockades occur – Winnipeg Free Press

Judge warns of arrests or even violence if more rail blockades occur

By: Mike McIntyre

Protesters on the CN rail tracks that cross the Yellowhead Highway west of Portage la Prairie last week. CN Rail police were on the scene to alert the conductor, and the westbound train stopped about a kilometre away from the protesters.

Protesters on the CN rail tracks that cross the Yellowhead Highway west of Portage la Prairie last week. CN Rail police were on the scene to alert the conductor, and the westbound train stopped about a kilometre away from the protesters. (WAYNE GLOWACKI / WINNIPEG FREE PRESS)

A Manitoba judge has put aboriginal protesters on notice that any further rail line blockades will most certainly end in arrest – and could possibly lead to violence.

The strong warning from Queens Bench Justice Don Bryk came Thursday as he extended an existing court injunction which was ignored last week without consequences.

“It would be better if these confrontations could be avoided, because confrontations have the potential to escalate. And when confrontations escalate there is potential for violence and harm,” said Bryk.

Last week’s day-long protest halted road and rail traffic at Highway 16 near the Trans-Canada Highway just west of Portage la Prairie. No arrests were made as RCMP chose to stand by and allow the blockade to end on its own, despite Bryks order to remove the protesters.

Organizer Terry Nelson was in court Thursday to fight the CN application.

The former chief of the Roseau River First Nation told Bryk he couldnt promise future compliance. The railway is on Treaty 1 land and has been “stolen” from his people, he said said. A century ago, the track sliced through a large Ojibwa settlement at that location, carving up the community that later formed the three First Nations of Long Plain, Sandy Bay and Swan Lake.

“Theres no question… we are the owners of this land,” said Nelson, who is representing himself in court. “Canada is obligated to ensure the conditions of the treaty are met.”

Bryk agreed to extend the temporary injunction until Feb. 19, which will give Nelson and lawyers for CN time to file additional materials for what is expected to be a prolonged legal battle. Per the court order, protesters are not allowed to convene on any CN rail lines in Manitoba.

“I recognize the positions that are being advanced on behalf of aboriginal people in this country. And I recognize the issues are complex,” said Bryk. “But (CN) is entitled to continue to do their business without interference.”

CN wants a permanent order made, but Nelson has vowed to fight such a move.

Last weeks protest saw a small group of people form a human blockade on the tracks while RCMP officers stood by watching. Officers also diverted traffic from the area, deciding they would take away the protesters’ “audience” rather than arrest the protesters themselves.

Participants said they were prepared to face arrest to continue the protest, which they said was intended to send a message to Prime Minister Stephen Harper to honour the treaties.

Nelson originally claimed the protest would last for 72 hours, but it dispersed as evening fell.

Nelson told court Thursday he has no personal beef with CN, but cant say the same about the federal government.

(Please read the original story and lots more Winnipeg news at Winnipeg Free Press, link below

http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/local/Judge-warns-of-arrests—or-even-violence—if-more-rail-blockades-occur-188282831.html )

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The manuscript of survival – part 258 by Aisha North

The manuscript of survival part 258

by Aisha North

You have turned on the light well and truly now, dear ones, and with it, comes the realization that so much is on the verge of changing forever. For the tides have turned, as we have started already, and the wheels of time have started to speed up considerably. At the moment, speed may not be the word foremost on your minds, as now, much seems to have come to a somewhat silent and nonplussing halt.

Let us explain. For many, the month of December was a period of intense activity on so many levels, literally like being swallowed up and into a massive vortex that was spinning ever faster. But now, it is almost like you have been spit out on the other side, into something that seems almost eerily quiet in comparison. But trust us when we say that it only seems like that, for nothing could be further from the truth than thinking you have all been stalled on a sidetrack somewhere far, far away from the action you lived through last month. For now, there is actually even more going on, but again, so much is happening under the radar as it were. And even if some of you get a taste of this newfangled action from time to time, mostly during your nightime and your sleeping cycle, the rest of the time it will seem to be more than a little hush hush. And rightly so, as you have all finished some rather gruelling rounds of energetic upgrading, and as such, too much action is not what you need at the moment. The word we seek to impart into you all today is integration, for that is what you all are in the midst of at the moment.

An old curse says may you live in interesting times. And for many, the all-out onslaught of energies that you receive on a rather regular basis can in many ways be described as a sort of curse, because you get so debilitated at times you a have hard time even trying to function as a human being. But then, when everything seems to quiet down much like it is at the moment, for many, that is even more of a curse. For then they think that they have lost it in some way, and that they have become totally disconnected from it all. So yes, finding a sort of middle ground here between action and non-action is almost impossible. For when the body quietens down after a bout of these energetic symptoms, the mind has a habit of piping up with all sorts of suggestions. And, as many of you know, the mind has a habit of suggesting that things are amiss, has it not? In other words, when the body is less under siege from these energetic upgrades, the mind has a way of making itself heard. So now, in this strange but at times very quiet period, many will start to doubt themselves in new ways. And even if they deep down KNOW that they are just where they are supposed to be, it is easy to start to think too much.

So again, we repeat the same mantra of stop trying to DO so much, thinking or otherwise, and just BE. And know that all is well and you are just in a sort of short recreational period in order for your system to be better able to integrate this enormous amount of energy and information you have acquired these last few weeks. For it is nothing short of amazing, but it is also a rather large handfull for your system, so just be patient. And know that under the surface, there is no such thing as a lull in the proceedings. Far from it, for now, it is indeed full speed ahead, and we are all working hard and fast in order to keep up with your abilities to jump ahead. For that is what you are all doing dear ones, pulling ahead in quantum leaps to use a phrase you will be familiar with. And just as in that exciting, but oh so strange world of quantum relativity, there is no way of knowing just what will happen next. Well, for us, there are no secrets or surprises lurking ahead, but for you, the next step is not something you can envisage with any clarity. And rightly so, as then you would probably not believe it anyway. So again we say just stay the course, and relish the small breathers you get, for time is indeed short before you get the next push ahead.

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The Oracle Report – Daily Energetic Analysis During the Time of Enlightenment, January 25, 2013


Gibbous Moon Phase Moon in Cancer

Ruling Mahavidya: Matangi

Todays energy is emotionally-charged! The tendency is to feel defeated and out of resources (time, energy, money, etc). If your outlook appears gloomy, its time to take a rest and let things re-organize themselves. This months energy takes things and improves them. It changes their form. Knowing this, we can consciously focus on what we would like to change. Anytime we have difficulty, the remedy is to connect with the planet. The best way to do this is to shift our attention to nature. Being observant of nature is (fast-acting) medicine. Nature reminds us of what is real, what is true. Lets use the emotionality of today to project our hearts to connect with the great goddess embodied as our planet. Shes a magnificent artist who has created a beautiful home for us. Matangi, the aspect of the great goddess that is at work this lunar month, loves the symbol of the heart. It is one of her signs. With Valentines Day approaching, there are hearts everywhere. If you notice one, think about Matangi. Or bring the energy to you by drawing hearts on a piece of paper. Matangi heals hearts and all of us could use a a little bit of help with that right now. Life is hard. If you feel yourself pulling toward the negative today, use one of the ideas in this post to shift off. Let go of the need to control and give the energy space to reorganize the emotional, mental, and physical bodies.

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