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I really like Veteran’s today, maybe because a lot of the elders I grew up with were smart veterans, like the ones who write for VT most of the time. I like reading the perspective of people with knowledge and experience not just hearsay and fear.

The people in the military, and the police departments are people just like you and me-some good, some bad, most just people who get by as best they can like the rest of us. It hurts my heart thinking of their families when they are away for years, when they are hurt or killed on duty.

Maybe I’m not revolutionary enough, or maybe too much, I dunno-but to me until we can include ALL of the 99% we haven’t started addressing the problem. So to me any solution that calls for shooting at them-whether from the left or the right, is no solution at all. Yes, they do serve the 1% but not for the most part because they want to, agree with the 1% or like all the negative aspects of their jobs but because, just like everyone else-they have to earn a living.

So, I like reading VT’s perspective, and I hope with common sense voices being raised on all sides, we as a country, can get past the pointless division and diversion tactics being used against us ALL by the 1%/cabal/illuminati/corporate masters whatever you want to call them….

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