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I have posted a lot on IdleNoMore going on all over, but it is so heartening to see a full article on this action right here in Florida. I agree there is nothing to “celebrate” about any of the Spanish invaders(I see by the dead endangered species in the photo that the attitude of the 1% in Spain hasn’t changed much- Indignados may be helping them with that very soon tho!!;-)
“Idle No More activities will not stop until we reach our two goals: Indigenous sovereignty (Nation to Nation relationship) and protection of the land and water (social and environmental Sustainability). Once we reach these goals, we will continue to work to protect them. In essence, Idle No More is here to stay.”

See you in the streets!

Earth First! Newswire

“As the Berlin Wall came down, so can Castillo de San Marcos.” 

UUWS FloridaWhile actions pop off across world declaring solidarity with with Idle No More movement which began in Canada, activists with the American Indian Movement and United Urban Warrior Society of Florida, Everglades Earth First! and others organizing the “Do Something Right for Once” campaign, plan to shut down the Castillo de San Marcos today in St. Augustine.

The invitation reads: “3:00 P.M. – Meet at Castillo de San Marcos near the entrance to the fort and prison close to the ticket both. Look for “Do Something Right for Once” sign.”

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