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The spiral, along with the awen, is one of the central mysteries and teachings of druidry. Life is almost never made up of squares and arrow like lines with sharp demarcations between this and that. AS those who build round houses could tell us, life is nearly always a circle or a spiral, those are the shapes and patterns of cycles.

The year turns and turns again, always after the sun goes down, it rises again. From these circles the spirals of our human life patterns emerge, often seeming to tread over the same territory, in reality we dance the same steps to new tunes, we may pass the same scenery but it is us that have changed.

In some versions of physics, time itself is a spiral, which makes perfect sense as we often feel we could almost touch a moment, or a “place” that is seemingly far away.

Once you have left the arrow of time, and found the spiral, you know you are again part of life’s endless cycles, safe in the arms of the Mother of All that Is. Even as there are times of year when things seem to stand still, so too our own cycles. A pause, a dash, sometimes like a puppy chasing our tail we retread the same steps a few times-but as long as we are walking our path, we have not become lost.

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One World Rising

While reading all over the internet lately about everyone’s struggle with feeling as if they are going nowhere, stuck and spinning in continual circles, I sat back and thought about how we could look upon this time in a positive light. There is no dispute these are intensely trying times and there is a great demand upon our patience with the challenges set before us, but what if we were to look at these times from a spiral point of view? Here is the spiritual definition of a spiral.

Spiral – The Spiral, which is the oldest symbol known to be used in spiritual practices, reflects the universal pattern of growth and evolution. The spiral represents the goddess, the womb, fertility and life force energy. Reflected in the natural world, the Spiral is found in human physiology, plants, minerals, animals…

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I really appreciate this. Lately I have been seeing so many ways society is currently failing most people-and at the same time so many ways that people can reconfigure society to meet all of our needs, without waiting for government, corporations or “leaders” to fix things.

If we step outside the old paradigm of power-over and into the new paradigm of power-within a whole range of creative options appears. When we do this collectively and work together to open up new options, it really could be endless.

Check out Yes! magazine online for some great examples of people and communities who are already doing this, and have been-revitalizing inner cities, turning “troubled” teens into assets to their communities, creating new ways of interacting and meeting their needs that no longer rely on corporations or governments.

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Enlightening Life

At the moment, everyone in my immediate family is unemployed, by society’s standards. This means that no one has an official j-o-b, in which they work for someone. I couldn’t be more thrilled, especially for my children who, as Indigos, have tried really hard to fit into the regular, ‘normal’ job world and it just didn’t work for them. It never worked for me either and after six layoffs in eight years I decided to pursue another path. But while ‘unemployed’ is what this is called, everyone is working, although their gifts, talents, time and energy resources are not being managed by someone else.

We’re in the midst of a significant societal transformation that is changing the world of work, how work is defined, what counts as work and how we view our work day and work world. For many of us, whom I’ll call ‘older’ Indigos, work…

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Wes, as always, has a knack for saying what needs to be said in a concise and easily understood way-a talent I so wish I had! Since I do not, I hope you will all click the link and read this whole article.

The need for us all to come together, past superficial differences, to right the wrongs and heal our planet could not be more apparent. The task now is to do the work to overcome the false sense of division, to open up to one another in love, respect, compassion and acceptance.

It is happening, online, in neighborhoods and schools, in the military, everywhere there are people.

Openhearted Rebellion

Written by Wes Annac

As a human race, we feed methods of running this world that simply do not work for us. It is clear to the majority of people on this world that the ways we’ve been treating it and each other have been doing us no good and will not help us achieve a prosperous and peaceful future as we rightly should be, as a sentient collective. Separation, hatred and injustice are rife on this world and the continued denial of humanity’s oneness will only keep leading us down the same broken path that is clearly not working for us.

There are and have been for generations and even centuries, plenty of people on this world who recognized and understood that humanity’s methods of collectively running the world have held us back.

There are a lot of people campaigning for truth, peace and collective sovereignty to be restored…

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Now we start to see behind the curtain a bit- “He privately voiced reservations about Obama’s decision in late 2009 to add 51,000 troops to Afghanistan. “The president has not had commander-in-chief control of the Pentagon since Bush senior was president,” Hagel said privately in 2011.”

Much of what we see Obama do that we disagree with may very well NOT be Obama doing-he just ends up being the fall guy for it.
Interestingly, not many recall this but Bush Sr was head of the CIA for quite some time before becoming President and *they don’t retire*. So who was going to argue with HIS control of anything with that kind of backing?

Politics is one place where what you see is never the whole truth always applies.

Openhearted Rebellion

Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

Photograph: Mark Wilson/Getty ImagesPhotograph: Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Note from Stephen Cook: It appears a common belief that war is the last resort coupled with an open understanding and mistrust of any ‘new world order’ (or should that be ‘old’ world order?) are the  primary reasons US President Barack Obama has chosen Chuck Hagel as his nomination for US Defense Secretary….

Interesting that this story has now appeared as an opinion piece in a major US newspaper – and has subsequently been picked up by other mainstream media – prior to Hagel’s nomination being accepted.  I doubt it is to derail his nomination; rather to explain it in terms that everyday people can understand and relate to. We all want peace, after all.

Why Obama Picked Hagel

By Bob Woodward, Washington Post – January 28, 2013


In the first months of the Obama presidency in 2009, Chuck…

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This looks very cool! Reminds me of a wonderful article I read in an economic geography class called “From Artisans into Workers”, which explained how industrialists worked to force people to turn from lives spent at home, on the farm, in a home based workshop or shop to being factory workers controlled by a clock and forced into rigid work postures, basically treated as machines to create profit for the slavemasters, I mean, industrialists.

“Work” as we now knowit is about as un-natural of an activity as could be invented. It stifles creativity in most cases, causes harm to the body and -this one is so well known to everyone who works outside of a personal calling-it is mind shatteringly BORING.

Imagine what you would do with your time if you could choose completely-at first maybe we would all do “vacation” things like go to the beach, but eventually, as we see with many retirees, people find their calling, the gifts they have to give to society and to one another. These gifts come naturally, from the heart and are a joy to do, and they provide things that others need, from art to caregiving, to creating beautiful clothes or drums or growing healthy food.

The difference is the doing of whatever it is, is not forced, it is a joy. Check out Starhawk’s book The Fifth Sacred Thing for a wonderful Utopian vision of how people organize getting things done and “work” in a post-colonized, post industrial, truly free society.

True freedom is not the freedom to “OWN” this thing or that thing, it is the freedom to think and to be outside of any box created by someone else, indeed outside of boxes altogether since life is a flowing moment not a map anyway.

Beyond Resistance

The problem with work: feminism, marxism, antiwork politics and postwork imaginaries - Kathi Weeks

From libcom.org: In The Problem with Work, Kathi Weeks boldly challenges the presupposition that work, or waged labor, is inherently a social and political good. While progressive political movements, including the Marxist and feminist movements, have fought for equal pay, better work conditions, and the recognition of unpaid work as a valued form of labor, even they have tended to accept work as a naturalized or inevitable activity. Weeks argues that in taking work as a given, we have “depoliticized” it, or removed it from the realm of political critique.

Employment is now largely privatized, and work-based activism in the United States has atrophied. We have accepted waged work as the primary mechanism for income distribution, as an ethical obligation, and as a means of defining ourselves and others as social and political subjects. Taking up Marxist and feminist critiques, Weeks proposes a postwork society that would allow…

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I did not know until this article that we had a period when this spreading of radioactive waste metal into consumer products(and our tooth fillings!) had been banned. How effective the ban was I suppose is moot since it is not that functional now…..

One hopes this whole “evolve” thing is as serious and effective as it may be, with Fukushima, this and all the other “freedoms” corporations claim, we need to evolve pretty fast physically just to keep up;-/

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This is neat! Now wherever you are you can be a distributor of Earth First News.

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Featuring a timeline of tar sands resistance, epic stories of eco-sabotage worldwide, and a full spread on prisoner support and grand jury resistance.

The latest issue of our EF! News publication is available as a PDF to be copied and distributed freely. The issue covers news from the front lines of environmental struggle between Summer 2012 and the Winter Solstice (hence the name “Yule”).

It also includes info on the upcoming EF! Winter Rendezvous, TWAC camp and EF! Climbers Guild gathering; hot tips for sneaking into places; and an updated directory of international eco-action groups.

You candownloadEF! News Yule 2013 by clicking here or on the image above. You can also still get the last full EF! Journal, Lughnasahd 2012, here.

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