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Now we start to see behind the curtain a bit- “He privately voiced reservations about Obama’s decision in late 2009 to add 51,000 troops to Afghanistan. “The president has not had commander-in-chief control of the Pentagon since Bush senior was president,” Hagel said privately in 2011.”

Much of what we see Obama do that we disagree with may very well NOT be Obama doing-he just ends up being the fall guy for it.
Interestingly, not many recall this but Bush Sr was head of the CIA for quite some time before becoming President and *they don’t retire*. So who was going to argue with HIS control of anything with that kind of backing?

Politics is one place where what you see is never the whole truth always applies.

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Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

Photograph: Mark Wilson/Getty ImagesPhotograph: Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Note from Stephen Cook: It appears a common belief that war is the last resort coupled with an open understanding and mistrust of any ‘new world order’ (or should that be ‘old’ world order?) are the  primary reasons US President Barack Obama has chosen Chuck Hagel as his nomination for US Defense Secretary….

Interesting that this story has now appeared as an opinion piece in a major US newspaper – and has subsequently been picked up by other mainstream media – prior to Hagel’s nomination being accepted.  I doubt it is to derail his nomination; rather to explain it in terms that everyday people can understand and relate to. We all want peace, after all.

Why Obama Picked Hagel

By Bob Woodward, Washington Post – January 28, 2013


In the first months of the Obama presidency in 2009, Chuck…

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