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The manuscript of survival – part 262

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The manuscript of survival part 262

by Aisha North

The days have indeed starten to lengthen on your part of the globe, but for many, the nights seem to have become even longer. Let us explain.

As we have talked about in earlier missives, the global warming to call it that of the infusion of light that has been beamed onto your planet lately will have a profound effect on you all. Not only on all of those already sufficiently open to welcome these harbingers of light, but on each and every living being on your planet. And as such, the effects will indeed be manyfold. For not only will they strengthen the resolve in all of those already welcoming the light, but they will in addition trigger the doors in so many others, and this will in turn make them start to open the door into their hearts. In other words, your choir will acquire so many new members in the times ahead, and your voices will start to blend perfectly into a song of freedom. But do not forget that these heavenly messengers of hope will also knock on the doors of all of those still set on hiding behind their walls of fear, and when they hear this sound, they will become even more agitated. Do do not forget that this level of brightness will tear into the sensitive eyes of so many out there already feeling the pressure of change around them, and they will not suffer this in silence. We know that this will not be news to any of you, but it bears repeating at times like this. Never forget, the actions of someone literally hell bent on holding back this flood of light will be very visible indeed. Not only because it will seem very at odds with the prevailing feeling of harmony that is spreading ever so quietly around you, but also because these kinds of actions never go unnoticed by the mass media. And as such, the further into the corners the light is reaching, the harder the fight to keep it back will become in those desperate souls trying to literally hold back time. They are indeed fighting a losing battle, but that will not dampen their resolve, far from it.

We know that this is perhaps not the message you want to partake in at the moment, because we are aware that many of you feel like you yourselves are standing on shaking ground. You feel this pressure from the void growing day by day, and you seem to find this heralded morning of glory withdrawing ever further into the shadows. So doubt and fear and even lethargy is starting to seep into many a brave soul, and as such, the brightening will seem to be less than pronounced for so many of you. Do not think we do not see this, and do not think we did not take that into consideration before all of this was set into motion. For we know so well that a human heart can only go so far, and for many of you, the strings holding on to your resolve are starting to become very frayed at the edges. Well, all we can give you today is again the same message of encouragement. Remember, these words that we give you on a regular basis are just the icing of the cake to call it that. For what you are receiving in abundance at the moment, are the energetic codes that are busy unlocking all of the doors you still have hidden inside.

We know this will not be of any consolation to many of you, but still, it is a message we will keep giving you every time. For these missives are merely a minor wave in this enormous sea of energy that you are literally being inundated in on a permanent basis now. And even if you seem to lack any form of spotting the presence of this sea of change washing all over your planet at the moment, it is indeed nothing but facts. And you all know it in your heart of hearts. But again, on the surface, the challenge of keeping this truth alive is growing daily. Give me proof we hear you say, and rightly so, as you have all been well trained to meet the reality you face each and every day through the eyes, ears and mind of a human. Well, you can find some proof through these senses if you try, but they will be tiny little miracles indeed, and not enough to satisfy your craving for confirmation. So again we say, even if these words will cause more than a little friction within many a human mind at the moment, go within, for that is indeed where the truth lies, and that is where you will find all of the proof you need.

For you are not mere mortals anymore, you have passed that stage a long time ago, but still, you cling to the belief that you are. And as such, the mortal in you seek the presence of proof in all of the ways that it knows, but those ways are so limited. So again we tell you, you know better, and you have for some time now, but it is easy to lose grip of this fact in the barrage of uncertainty that is arising on all sides. But do not think we think ill of you for this, far from it. Are you not the bravest of the brave? And did you not take on this challenge fully knowing that your own heart would have to fight a fierce battle with your own resolve all the way through this stage and beyond? For you are made of sturdier stuff than this dear ones, but still, you will feel more than a little faint of heart at times like this, and rightly so. For your challenge is a mighty one ideed, and so far, you have more than met our expectations, but at the moment, you will mayhaps feel like you have failed to meet your own?

So again we tell you that all is well, and you are advancing in so many ways, but our words will not make you feel less vulnerable. It is only you yourself who can do that, and that is the challenge you have given yourself. We know you can be victorious in this, in fact, you have already proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that you already are, otherwise you would not even be reading this. So please give yourself the chance to discover the same. It is not easy, we know that, but underneath this surface of unease and irritation there is a huge field of clarity within you all. That is where you will find the truth, nowhere else. Not in our words, nor in any others, for it is you and only you who can decide what to believe; the human part of you that is striving to stay in control, or the true core of you where every answer to every question you might ever have is safely stored.

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