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Thank you again Jueseppi B! More good memories;-)

You know what people don’t seem to realize is that Black History Month is really for *everyone*. Black History is ALL of our history! When the people in charge (“History was written by the Winners” Professor Garrigues, my 9th grade AP History teacher) erase or ignore certain parts of history in order to control people they are erasing and editing out important things for everyone, not just the people who are the stars of the stories being erased.

My Mom was a high school student in Greensboro, N.C. at the time of these sit ins and went after school to join the protest. I grew up hearing about this as one of the pivotal moments of the 20th century-and one of the important points of activism;hit them in the pocketbook and they notice!;-)

We used this same tactic in the 80’s to fight aparthied in South Africa, only that time it was divestment as well as boycotts-but it works.


When I was a kid, some of my big heroes were The Mohawk Warrior Society, The Black Panthers, AIM and the IRA. Of those, only the Warrior Society could be said to be “primarily nonviolent”.

As I got older and learned more about the world, it seems to me that the downfall of those organizations was in ignoring Audre Lourde’s words when she said “You cannot tear down the master’s house using the master’s tools”.

By reacting to the violence of the colonizer, and the oppressor, by returning violence, or “fighting fire with fire” they simply chose a new role in the *same game*.

Martin Luther King, Ghandi and the Warrior Society, on the other hand, chose to negate the colonizer’s game; to step outside of the game and thus eliminate it’s power over them.

As long as we continue to play the colonizer’s game, we allow them to create the rules, to choose the “battlefield” on which we face them and to effectively control us. Shooting a policeman who, whether he is a good person or not, or a good cop or not, is just doing his job does not at all *challenge* the system. The system considers you, me and that policeman *disposable*.

I am very grateful to Jueseppi B. for sharing this article. It brought back a lot of memories, and made me think a lot (in a good way;-).

I also want to mention something related, but not in the article. Tupac Shakur was murdered and there is a lot of suspicion that his murder was actually part of the ongoing COINTELPRO program because A) his parents were Black Panthers and B) Tupac was becoming an iconic hero to rebellious youth of all kinds. I don’t know, I don’t suppose anyone knows for sure if that is true but what I find especially significant is that our parents and grandparents struggles for justice live on in us and thru us-and even if we don’t choose to recognize that fact, those who seek to control us surely do.

The ascension of Barack Hussein Obama to the Presidency of the United States is proof that our parents struggles were NOT in vain, that we CAN turn things around and that the voice of the People is far more powerful than the 1% want us to know. To me, it is also proof that we CAN achieve our goals and aims for the freedom of the people from the 1%, corporate-fascist groups etc WITHOUT using guns, without resorting to violence.

I may not always agree with the man, but he has made himself a symbol of the power of the people to overcome without violence. He has become a symbol for the fact that the power of the people lies in our choices and in our ACTIONS not in our ability to carry and use a weapon of any kind.

That power and the changes we can and will create with it, are, I believe, what the Panthers and other groups like them were really fighting for back then.

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Avaaz – Oil showdown in the Amazon

Oil showdown in the Amazon

sign the petition http://www.avaaz.org/en/oil_in_the_amazon_global_rb/

To Rafael Correa Delgado, President of Ecuador:

As concerned citizens, we call on you to take urgent steps to immediately stop officials pushing for oil exploitation in Sani Isla. We urge you to protect the Amazon from the devastation of oil exploitation. It is a serious threat to this pristine habitat and the survival of Ecuador’s indigenous people, who are struggling to resist the oil companies and hold onto their lands. We call on you to uphold Ecuadors inspiring Constitution.


Posted: 1 February 2013
In the heart of Ecuador, a mega oil company is trying to turn the most pristine rainforest into an oil field. The Sani Isla Kichwa people are bravely resisting, and they have just asked for our help to save their home.

The community has signed a pledge never to sell their land, where jaguars roam and a single hectare can hold more diverse animal life than all of North America! But Ecuadors government is trying to buy them off and open up 4 million hectares of the Amazon to big oil. President Correa is in an election battle right now, and he rides on a reputation of respect for the environment and indigenous peoples. If we can kick up a global stink and make the Amazon protection an election issue, we could stop the oil rush.

So far the community has courageously stood firm, but the oil men could come with their drilling gear any day now. The Kichwa are appealing for our help to save their Amazon. Sign this petition now and share it widely — if 1 million people sign, well build a media storm that forces Correa to pull back.

If the people of Earth stand in solidarity against the corporate destruction of every living thing, including us! We WILL win! They count on us being divided by national borders, by political ideologies and a hundred other false divisions-but at the base of things, we are all connected, we all need our planet to be clean and healthy.

The unbelievable wealth of corporations allows them to dominate citizens and indigenous Nations inside of individual countries-but if the people stand in solidarity across borders we level the field a bit-our greater numbers against their greater wealth.