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The manuscript of survival – part 263

The manuscript of survival part 263

by Aisha North

Let us begin this missive by saying that you have all passed a threshold now, dear ones, and from this point, there is no more turning back. These words may fall on somewhat fallow ground, for to you, it might feel that you are doing no more than threading water at the moment. But for us, your forward momentum has never stopped, not even for a second. For you are indeed being propelled forwards at a speed that is astonishing, but as you have in some ways seemingly lost the ability to detect your progress yourselves, we will as always be on hand to inform you of it. And by that, hopefully implant at least a small impetus to not let yourself go in all of this. Let us explain.

As you all passed from last year and into this, the brand new one, you also left behind the old you in more ways than you maphaps have realized yet. But as always, what has been a part of the illusion that still surrounds you on all sides, is nothing if not stubborn in keeping up appearances. In other words, you will in so many ways still feel like the same old you, but that is in fact not the truth. The truth is that the old you fell away as soon as you opened yourselves to the new energy that came in during those last but oh so important weeks of last year, and as such, you have been reborn in all aspects except one; namely the self-image you still carry with you. And that self-image is so imprinted in your brain, you will have a hard time getting rid of it completely. Hence, this strange feeling of being untethered energetically from the old, but at the same time, the feeling of still being stuck inside of it all.

In other words, you have all taken a giant leap forward, but on the surface, it will seem like you have taken a giant leap into what is this?. In other words, you will feel the disconnection from the old deeply within you, but as you have yet to literally live the separation, this is a period of seemingly deep confusion and disturbance for you all. This will manifest in myriads of ways, as you all have an individual programming that is still trying to override your new programming. In other words, your own personal setup is doing its best not to be rendered obsolete from all of the new, so it is doing all it can in order to keep doing the job it was given from the onset. And that job is a simple one indeed, because the old programming had one purpose, and one purpose only, and that was to keep you all set into human mode, with all of its limitations, and that is what it is still trying to do. So it is not being bad in any way, even if the fallout from all of these conflicting commands you are getting from yourself is causing more than a little unease at the moment.

Remember, this old programming was set up with the intent of keeping you going in the same old track, but now, the track has been changed, and the tune with it, so this insistence of playing off the same old tune on top of the new one is causing not a little disharmony at the moment. And remember, your senses have been well trained to listen to this old record, to call it that, and it will at first have a hard time literally tuning into the new and disregard the repeat message from that old track. So yes, you will feel yourself being tossed to and fro between these two lines of reasoning, and rightly so. Remember we have talked about the concept of drag before, and this too is a part of your own personal process. So much of you have already taken that step across that proverbial threshold, but the outer layers to call it that, the guiding voice you have heard from the very first moment you opened your eyes within a human body, that is certainly lagging far behind. And as you have been so well attuned to it, you will have a hard time ignoring its insistent voice.

We know we speak in parables, but let us just sum up this missive by saying that you have all moved ahead rapidly, just as we knew you would, but as you are still immersed within this old concept of you, you will continue to get conflicting signals that will make your own image of this process much more confusing to behold. For you are all progressing rapidly in the intended direction, but those outermost parts of you will insist that you are trapped in a backwater somewhere, and you are unable to get back out into the rapids along with the rest. But fear not, you are not trapped anywhere, even if that voice from yesteryear is doing its best to convince you otherwise. Again we tell you to keep breathing and keep focusing, so you can help yourself to hear the voice of reason that is already within. It is there, and it will not go away, no matter how audible the old tune gets in the days ahead. So again we tell you that all is well, and the course that have been set you are not deviating from in any way. We are well pleased by your work, and we know that you will agree too once you get past that little voice of discontent still ringing in your ears.