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From the Culture of Aloha, a Path Out of Gun Violence by Poka Laenui – YES! Magazine

This is something I have been talking about for a long time and I am so grateful and heartened to see this article in Yes!

We have to change ourselves, our culture and the things that DRIVE violence in order to stop it.

From the Culture of Aloha, a Path Out of Gun Violence

Beneath mainstream culture runs a current of domination, individualism, and exclusion that is harming our children. We assume this is normalbut is it really?

by Poka Laenui
posted Feb 07, 2013

Flower by Lesley Show

Photo by Lesley Show.

U.S. society tends to deal with violence by treating it as an individual occurrencefocusing on the perpetrator and how he is different from us. The more people killed or maimed, the more horrendous the event, the more we separate the actor and event from ourselvesthe good peopleand individualize responsibility to the gun-toter. All that matters is believing that were differentwhether because of race, religion, political beliefs, economic status, mental illness, or some other characteristic. Its the stigmatizing game.

We exclude the other from ourselves, rather than admitting to common characteristics. Added to this deep attitude of exclusion is a deep acceptance of violence as a means to domination, to superiority, to being the winner. So deep and pervasive are these attitudes of domination and exclusion in our culture that we dont even see them until they are called to our attention. These attitudes are two of three that form the basis of the primary U.S. deep cultureone that goes below our ethnicity, or even religion, and forms our fundamental approach to relations with one another, with the economy, with the environment, with education, and with god(s) and religion. The third leg of this deep culture is individualism. It is a domination, individualism, and exclusionor DIEdeep culture that is the essence of modern U.S. society. DIE pervades our leisure, work, politics, familiesit affects virtually everything we do. We assume our deep culture is normal and defend it as natural for a society.

There is no better mental health treatment for a child than the loving embrace of the childs community.

But not so. In Hawaii, we express the values of Oluolu (compatible, non-conflictive, mellow, comfortable, non-dominating), Lokahi (elevating the importance of family, groups, seeing things with holistic eyes) and Aloha (caring, sharing, inclusiveness, and love). This OLA culture (in Hawaiian, ola means life and health) exists not only in Hawaii or among Hawaiians. Around the world, there are pockets of OLA. Many families practice it, as do some churches, schools, and social groups. Unfortunately, it stops too often at the borders of those small groups.

In response to tragic events like the shootings at Sandy Hook, we need to be far more broadly focused than on treatment for autism or more treatment for mental illness. We need to see beyond the remedy of weapons control in a civil society.

If we understand the broader framework before us, we can have a better common appreciation of the depth of change to be made.

The very deep culture of DIE itself must be replaced with OLA (however one chooses to express it). In a culture of inclusion, loving, caring and sharing, every child is treasured, honored, and accepted. There is no better mental health treatment for a child than the loving embrace of the childs community. From that starting environment, the childs challenges as well as gifts are addressed.

Needle exchange photo by D.M. Gillis
Why Punish Pain?

A hit of compassion could keep drugs from becoming a crime problem.

In an OLA school environment, we would find group and individual achievements and excellence praised, rather than superiority or domination. Tests would be taken by groups helping one another get to the correct answers, rather than separating children and ranking one higher or smarter than the other after the tests.

These fundamental values, practiced from early childhood, should spread far beyond the school ground, working their way into the core of all our relations with one another, with our treatment and respect for our environment, with our curiosities and acceptance of different religions, languages, and customs, with nations and cultures different from our own.

None of us can change the deep culture alone. But if we understand the broader framework before us, we can have a better common appreciation of the depth of change to be made.

Knowing that others are already practicing a culture of life and health, we need not feel so isolated in our work. That knowledge is the foundation of long and deep change in our society.

Poka Laenui wrote this article for How Cooperatives Are Driving the New Economy, the Spring 2013 issue of YES! Magazine. Poka is executive director of the Wai‘anae Coast Community Mental Health Center.

Four Reminders of Human Goodness After Sandy Hook http://www.yesmagazine.org/happiness/4-reminders-of-human-goodness-after-sandy-hook
Following the heartbreak in Newtown, many Americans find themselves wondering—are people just horrible? Jeremy Adam Smith on why compassion, forgiveness, and resilience are everywhere, even in tragedy.

YES! Magazine encourages you to make free use of this article by taking these easy steps., YES! Magazine. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License

(Read the original article with comments at the link below-
http://www.yesmagazine.org/issues/how-cooperatives-are-driving-the-new-economy/violence-guns-and-deep-cultures?utm_source=feb13yn&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=mrCultureAlohaGunViolence )

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Why Canada’s Indigenous Uprising Is About All of Us by Sarah van Gelder – YES! Magazine

Why Canadas Indigenous Uprising Is About All of Us

When a new law paved the way for tar sands pipelines and other fossil fuel development on native lands, four women swore to be idle no more. The idea took off.

by Sarah van Gelder
posted Feb 07, 2013

Idle No More Group photo by Marcel Petit

Founders of Idle No More, from left, Sheelah McLean, Nina Wilson, Sylvia McAdam, Jessica Gordon. Photo by Marcel Petit.

The four founders of Idle No More didnt start out famous. Until flash-mob round dances, prayer circles, and blockades spread across Canada, few people knew Jessica Gordon, Sylvia McAdam, Sheelah McLean, and Nina Wilson.

But today, Idle No More is emerging as a powerful movement for the rights of native peoples to protect the lands and waters.

The stakes extend far beyond First Nations land. Bill C-45, which sparked the movement, paves the way for expansion of tar sands mining and for building a pipeline to carry some of the Earths most polluting, carbon-intensive oil from Alberta to the Pacific coast for shipment to overseas markets. NASA climate scientist James Hansen says burning large quantities of tar sands oil would mean game over for the planet.

Bill C-45 outraged First Nations people across Canada; after the bill was signed into law, many joined the four founders in declaring that they, too, would be idle no more. Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence began a hunger strike on December 11 to press for a meeting with the prime minister and the representative of the Queen. Round dances, and other demonstrations continue, along with solidarity actions in the United States, Europe, and elsewherecoverage can be found at www.yesmagazine.org.

YES! Magazine Executive Editor Sarah van Gelder spoke with two of the founders on January 13: Sylvia McAdam, an author and educator from the Nehiyaw (Cree) Nation, and Sheelah McLean, an instructor at the University of Saskatchewan whose ancestors were European settlers.

Sarah van Gelder: Sylvia and Sheelah, how did you each come to be involved in the founding of Idle No More?

Sylvia McAdam: After I graduated from law school, I returned to my fathers traditional land near the Whitefish reserve and to the waters that I had been to when I was a child, and they were gone. The waters had dried up! It was a terrible thing to witness.

When my father and I went back to his traditional hunting lands, his cabin was gone. There was just a huge burn mark on the ground. When my father saw it, he just stood there, so quiet, so upset. It was terrible to watch.

“It’s so clear what the government is doing: the bill opens up the land for resource development, for oil pipelines.”

I started investigating, and I learned that the conservation officers had blocked hunting roads to keep the traditional indigenous hunters away, and the lands were being logged. I felt intensely protective of the land and the water, so I went around nailing boards on trees, saying, No Trespassing. Treaty 6 Territory!

When I read Bill C-45, I was horrified. I got into a chat on Facebook with Jessica and Nina, and I started explaining to them the implications of C-45 for the environment, for the waters. I told them theres something in law called acquiescence. That means that if youre silent, then your silence is taken as consent. All of us agreed that we couldnt be silent, that grassroots people have a right to know.

And then I told them, I know this phenomenal white woman, and I pulled Sheelah in.
When we first did our teach-in, we were literally laughed at. People did not take it seriously, and we were so poorwe had nothing.

Sheelah McLean: Im a third generation white settler. I taught native studies in high school, and my aboriginal students kept talking about the racism they experienced in school and in the community.

I wanted to understand more, so I did a Masters degree in whats called anti-racist, anti-oppressive education. I had amazing mentors­all indigenous womenwho taught me about the impact of colonialism on indigenous people worldwide. I did a lot of research on capitalism, globalization, and how racism is used to justify unequal relationships between settler societies and indigenous peoples.

van Gelder: Where did the name Idle No More come from?

McAdam: Jessica said, Were all being far too idle. Were going to be idle no more! And that became the name of our Facebook chat. It was not intended to dishonor the hard work of phenomenal, passionate, determined activists and lovers of the land. When we said Idle No More, we meant we had been idle, and we didnt want to be anymore.

Idle No More March photo by Sarah van Gelder

Photo by Sarah van Gelder.

van Gelder: What is at stake here? What does Bill C-45 represent and what does this moment represent?

McAdam: Bill C-45 is an omnibus budget bill. It lumps a slew of bills under one name. There are two that are especially detrimental. One removes much of the protection under the Navigable Waters Protection Act and, in some cases, totally removes that protection. It gives major corporations direct and easy access to our waters and to our land.

McLean: Its so clear what the government is doing: The bill opens the land for resource development, for oil pipelines.

People have been socialized to believe that an economy that relies on nonrenewable resource extraction creates jobs and brings money to our communities. But look at whats happening to communities in Albertas tar sands region, which has one of the highest debts of any province in Canada. What about the poisoned land and water, and the fact that there are many aboriginal communities around the tar sands with very high rates of cancer, and types of cancer that have never been seen before? This is the time to say, Enough is enough.

McAdam: Theres also an amendment to the Indian Act in the bill that allows for surrender of reserve land without proper consent of all Indian people affected and makes it easier for land to be redesignated to allow, for example, nuclear waste to be stored.

McLean: These attacks are directed at indigenous peoples because the government is very aware that First Nations people can stop development on their land. These attacks are coming because multinational corporations want nonrenewable resource extraction.

So everything is at stake. We know about climate change and that its already affecting many species and also our communities. We cant live in a world that doesnt have clean air and land and water.

van Gelder: Watching from a distance, its extraordinary to see how quickly Idle No More took hold.

McLean: A key element is that it speaks the truth. The truth is that this continent, Turtle Island, was supposed to be built on nation-to-nation relationships with indigenous people. Were just trying to rebuild that. The second truth is that we all need healthy air, water, and land. alThe other thing is that theres a spirit and a heart to this movement. Its about love, about honoring human dignity, and about honoring our relationship with the land.

McAdam: I believe it was that spiritualitythe combination of many prayersthat has been the biggest support to this movement. As we moved out into the communities with our teachings, I would approach elders and give them tobacco and a gift as a way of asking for their support in a sacred way. It was so beautiful to hear them speak about how this movement has a sense of liberation, a sense of freedom, a sense of empowerment for all people.

van Gelder: Do you have children?

McLean: Were all moms, all four of us.

McAdam: I think one of our strongest motivations is our children. We want them to witness that we werent silent about Bill C-45, and we want them to be able to be a part of our resistance.

van Gelder: How does it feel to see people across Canada, the United States, and all over supporting you?

McAdam: I cant tell you how many times weve wept.

van Gelder: How do you see the role of non-natives in this movement?

“The government is not acting in the best interests of Canadian citizens, so we have to defend them as well. This is what the elders have directed.”

McAdam: When Nina, Jessica, and I began to realize that we had a real chance of becoming self-determining because of this movement, we were high-fiving each otherwe were so happy, so full of joy. Then we saw Sheela, and she was quietly looking at us, and we realized that we could not leave her behind.

The Canadian government is not acting in the best interests of Canadian citizens, so we have to defend them as well. This is what the elders have directed us. The treaty informs us that we adopted the Europeans and the subsequent descendents; theyve become a part of our family, so they must be protected.

McLean: For settlers, I think its important to support indigenous sovereignty because our humanity is tied up together. Attacks on one group hurt us all. Allies play an important role in this movement; there are lots of us at those rallies and round dances. I think people should just join in.

McAdam: Yeah, Sheelah, remember the Raging Grannies?

Theres something happening in Calgary, and it doesnt have anything to do with the flash mobs. Some grassroots allies built a symbolic little coffin, and they put Racism on the side of it, and theyre going to have people send letters, and poems, and songs, or whatever, saying goodbye to racism. I thought that was so cool!

van Gelder: Let me ask you about Chief Spence, who is on a hunger strike as we speak, and the other chiefs. Are they part of your movement?

McAdam: The face of Idle No More is the face of all grassroots people, not specifically one person. Its the face of the many who have fasted, and walked, and been part of rallies, who have been organizing from the very beginning.

van Gelder: Whats your view about the blockade of railroads, highways, and border crossings?

McAdam: We dont support really dramatic actions because our children and our elders are there, and their safety is a priority. As this movement goes global, were concerned that those types of actions will give people reason to use further violence against indigenous people. And I think a lot of people would agree that our peaceful actions have worked.

van Gelder: When you think of people sitting on train tracks, for example, do you consider that a violent act?

McAdam: Suppose a community were to come to us as Idle No More asking if they could blockade a road leading to where theres going to be devastation to landsay, fracking. We would ask that they do ceremony and prayers, and that grassroots peoplelike the eldersbe spoken to and their direction be asked. I think then Idle No More would support those types of blockades.

van Gelder: When you imagine the sort of world youre hoping your children will grow up into, what are some of the features of that world?

Indigenous Women Take the Lead in Idle No More
Motivated by ancient traditions of female leadership as well as their need for improved legal rights, First Nations women are stepping to the forefront of the Idle No More movement.

McLean: I have visions of tackling inequality; were one of the richest countries in the world off indigenous lands and resources, and yet they are some of the poorest communities. And Id like to see sustainable communities. Whats beautiful is that sustainable energy and technologies are absolutely in line with everything that Sylvia talks about in terms of indigenous laws on how to live with the land.

McAdam: Its absolutely that, yeah. For me its also self-determination for my people. And I would like that young people no longer utilize suicide as an option.

van Gelder: How do you see things going from here?

McLean: Were starting to connect to the global community, to the United Nations, to solidarity groups around the world. Indigenous peoples worldwide are facing these same issues of having their land taken away, their resources extracted, and their land and water poisoned.

As more and more people come on board, it will take the shape that it needs to take. Each community has to decide how theyre going to tackle the issues of sovereignty and rethinking what it means to live with the land and water. It is going to continue to grow, theres no doubt about that. And it will take various forms of resistance and building.

McAdam: Indigenous self-determination, sovereignty, protection of land and water, and however that looks, I think those are critical at this point, and well keep working toward that, until those things are in place.

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Dana Mrkich -February 2013 Monthly Visions: Truth vs Theatre

This is one of the best articles I have seen lately on any topic. I almost always love her posts, but this one is even better than usual. I have long known that the point of work on ourselves was to get to the level where we could take appropriate action to make things better on Earth. Years ago I started a discussion group Spirit In Action on yahoo groups for people who feel the same-if you are interested, please go to yahoo groups and join the discussion!

Dana Mrkich February 2013 Monthly Visions:Truth vs Theatre

The video version with commentary is here

This year has had a real heaviness to it which may have left some questioning have we truly ‘made it’? The ending of our old cycle meant one of two things as we faced the beginning of a new cycle. Collectively we had a choice: to awaken and transform our world, or to stay in our slumber and experience the demise of all living things. That was the reality of our situation. The way we were going was not, and is not, sustainable. So it was with great anticipation that we looked forward to the beginning of our new cycle. It symbolised a positive turning point and a new beginning. We knew that we did not come here to fail yet again, and so millions of people celebrated as together we shifted into a new era of consciousness, and thus a new era of awakening and global transformation.

Yet after the first dewy days of a new dawn, rather than feeling exhilaration and bliss many of us found ourselves feeling like wed been hit with a wet cloth. We experienced a sense of heaviness, depression and even a desire to leave the planet for much of January. We may even have wondered Did we really choose the road of mass awakening and transformation? Am I deluding myself? Maybe we failed…again!! Speaking for myself, even though everything was fine and dandy in my personal world, it felt very hard to be here on Earth and I havent felt that way in a long long long long time. I became hyper-super aware of all the injustice that is still out there, all the lies and dysfunction that are still happening, all the mediocrity were still surrounded by thats celebrated by the mass media while real issues and solution-pioneers are ignored, and part of me just did not want to be here anymore. Im sure many of you felt the same way.

February will feel much lighter as we adjust to the new program which is: heres the truth of your reality/world, what are you going to do about it? We will continuously be called this year to find ways to come back to our centre with revelation after revelation sending us into waves of shock at times and even further despair. We need to remember that revelations are a positive thing, even if they are challenging, because they lift what has always been there under the carpet to the surface. Revelations are an important part of the process of positive change. Revelations are part of the process of awakening into greater consciousness and awareness. So it will be a very dramatic year, and it will also be exciting to be a witness to all that is being uncovered.

Many of you will already be feeling this witness or observer vibe, having energetically already stepped out of the old matrix, and watching as if from the outside in as the old world falls away. This may seem to contradict our commitment to greater conscious action, however the key word there is conscious action. We dont personally need to be involved in every demolition and re-construction of every building and structure on the planet. We all have our own piece of the puzzle to take care of. Just follow your own inner compass and your own Hansel and Gretel Cookie crumbs. You may be a conscious observer for some issues, and a passionate activist for others. You may be a devoted parent who is committed to researching about the healthiest food options for your kids, or you may be a kind, loving person who is always there to extend a helping hand to others. A lot of people get confused about this fine line between taking action vs allowing thing to unfold. To me it is not an either/or situation, it is both. It is our old paradigms version of action that has confused us. The old version was a very masculine, aggressive, mind type of action, often coming from fear, that wasnt necessarily in harmony with the actual, desired outcome. The new version of action is conscious, heart-based, divinely-inspired action which may at times mean that your action is to sit and be in your own sacred space. It may mean getting political. It means whatever it means for you in each moment.

At the same time that January brought a heaviness born of hyper-awareness, I was aware that this hyper-awareness was a good thing and much needed for everyone to finally snap awake in a really conscious, practical way and be active transformation agents in greater and bigger ways; on a humanitarian level, political level, environmental level etc. We are continuing to receive so many signs that something major has shifted. Mass protests are everywhere demanding a myriad of social changes, and governments are finally committing to meet some of those demands – British MPs have voted in favour of same-sex marriage. There has been, and will be more, unprecedented outrage and a no more vibe to attitudes and ways that have long passed their use by date. Negative comments about women breastfeeding in public triggered a nurse-in outside a television studio in Australia. While those particular negative comments may not compare to other recent triggers for outrage (the rape of women and the sexual abuse of children for example) the reaction is linked to the same core: the rise of the divine feminine and the refusal to continue to allow the disrespect that women, children, minority groups, and other vulnerable people have continually been shown. Conservative U.S television host and political commentator Bill OReilly said recently, The White Establishment is now the minority. He said that with a grim face like its a bad thing, but for those who have been suppressed as a result of this establishment it was cause for celebration.
There have been major revelations of long-hidden secrets and we will see more as the months continue. Lance Armstrong finally came clean (ish) to Oprah and there is news breaking just now regarding a major drug cover up in Australian sports. Its been revealed in the UK that popular brands of food purporting to use beef, are actually using horsemeat instead. There was a mainstream article that somehow skipped the censors brush and dared to point out the truth: that we have all become participants in a false reality that has been constructed for us. We will become aware of this more than ever this year.

A recent media controversy in Australia highlighted the insensitivity of prank phone calls after a tragic consequence. In another case, a much loved media identitys on-air confession about smoking, tearfully admitting to not being able to kick the habit while currently pregnant, has raised awareness of the power and dangers of addiction more than any smoking campaign ever has. All of these things are shifting our collective consciousness just as much as, if not more than, any self-help seminar.

So whats going on? Have we made the shift or not, and if we have why does it feel so heavy? Well indeed we have but as weve been saying for years: shifting into a new vibration means anything not in alignment with that vibration has to come up and out for release, collapse or transformation. It is the era of transparency and authenticity. It is the era of truth and integrity. Whenever we make a major personal shift, we will always come face to face with all the ways in which we have been sabotaging ourselves. We will have lightbulb moments about thoughts, beliefs and actions that have been running contrary to what we say we want. Weve experienced this in our personal lives, we are now seeing it in greater numbers of people, and in wider global arenas. As with personal awakening and inner transformation, mass awakening and global transformation requires a confrontation with truth, and truth is what we are collectively finding ourselves neck deep in right now.

The heaviness is a result of the megatonnes of truth, or rather deceptions that were disguised as truth, that are pouring out of every personal, social, political, government, military, corporate, media, pharmaceutical, religious, historical etc nook, cranny and crevice right now, spilling out for all to see and feel and a lot of it is not pleasant. It can be downright ugly, disturbing, uncomfortable and challenging to our personal reality comfort zones. Yet if we truly want what we say we want a transformed world then this heightened exposure to the current reality that surrounds us is an essential part of that process. Shifting to a higher level of consciousness involves being awake and aware to everything that is playing a part in creating our reality, to everything that is being portrayed to us as reality. We cannot change what we are unaware of. We cannot step into our power if we are blind to the ways in which power has been taken from us. Pulling back the curtain of OZ, or the veil of illusion, is not for the faint-hearted.

Discussing and exposing the truth is often seen as negative for the very reasons mentioned above. It is often uncomfortable and challenging to hear it. In mainstream society the truth often flies against the face of what we have been taught, or are being told, is truth. In the alternative community, it often flies against the face of the old new age motto to think positive and focus on what you want, not what you dont want. Yet there is nothing positive in remaining silent, in keeping quiet, in being blind to what is going on in the world. Our old everything happens for a reason so leave it alone motto is not going to cut it in this new cycle. Yes, everything does happen for a reason we are collectively starting to realise that one of the higher opportunities of a tragic event or injustice is to act as a catalyst for action and transformation. This is what we will see more and more of this year. People being galvanised into action by small and large events, that trigger unprecedented outpourings of emotion and response, compelling individuals, communities, companies and governments alike to finally do something about a variety of issues.
I feel we are not supposed to sit back and use spiritual platitudes as justification for inaction, or to avoid the emotional responses that would be triggered by actually facing the realities of the world in which we live. Those emotional responses hold the key that will guide us to whatever action is most appropriate. It is through our emotional experiences that we find our humanity and ultimately express our spiritual enlightenment. The greatest measure of our enlightenment now lies in this question: In the face of watching brothers and sisters in extreme crisis, what are you going to do?

A New Kind of Enlightenment by Dana Mrkich, Insight Magazine, Jan 2007
Right now, the truth is making some people very upset – namely, those who have relied on certain truths remaining hidden in order to stay in power. Theres now even a supposed negative name for those of us who dare to question official stories and practices truthers. Its starting to feel like the days of the witch hunts all over again where people who voice the truth or dare to question are ridiculed or worse! Protests are seen as low-level terrorism, while laws are being put into place in some U.S states making anyone who reports factory farm abuses a terrorist! Facebook is suspending accounts that question the official narrative of Sandy Hook following a warning from Connecticut Police that misinformation could result in prosecution. Questioning a narrative that has so many inconsistencies as to be completely mind-boggling is a perfectly normal human reaction. It is our right as citizens to question things that are directly, or indirectly, affecting our community, country or world. Whether it is mass media incompetence reporting staggering inaccuracies or outright deceit that explains these inconsistencies, surely we arent okay with either? So why are people who are asking questions being vilified by members of their family and community? It is a good sheep-herder that can train his sheep to herd themselves into not stepping outside the established boundaries!
Before we all run away from the planet in despair, the good news is that the degree of truth-repression thats occurring right now is a direct response to the degree of truth-seeking, truth-demanding and truth-revealing that is occurring right now. Informed, courageous people are still daring to question. They are daring to reveal truth and they are having a positive impact – activists have prevented the factory farm whistleblower = terrorist laws from passing in seven states.

No one is here to tell you what is truth and what is not, what is good for your children and family, and what is not. There is no one truth fits all size, however there is that which is true for you. And to find out what is true for you is one of your most important jobs right now. Do whatever resonates best read, research, meditate, journal, ask questions, look under carpets, muscle test. Find answers that sit right with you and let your own inner authority guide you.

Another reason for this new cycle heaviness was explained so well by the grandmother of Conscious Evolution Barbara Marx Hubbard in a recent interview with The Shift Networks Stephen Dinan. She described it as a kind of post-partum depression that even she has felt. Having spent so long exerting so much time, energy and focus toward the birth date of a new world, it is as if we woke up the next morning to the reality that we had a newborn in our arms (a world needing to be completely overhauled from ground up) and frankly the reality of the situation hit us all like an overwhelming blanket that we wanted to hide under for a while.

A relevant comment came through on my Facebook page that many of you will resonate with: Initially my January started off rather light but as it’s gone on it’s just gotten heavier and heavier and I feel like I’ve stepped back 10 steps for no reason … so I’m just sitting with it and not ‘doing’ anything with it as I’m hoping it will pass very soon.
My reply was: I would love it to pass soon too but unlike heaviness from energetic or emotional debris that can be cleared in an easier way, what we are feeling is the physical debris, the physical reality of all the systems that have been operating in a way that is not in harmony with our hearts, souls, our health, our worth. So in this case the clearing that needs to take place revolves around action be it exposing truth and old attitudes, or participating in the creation of/supporting new systems and structures. So the heaviness is not so much an energy we need to move through, rather it is many aspects of physical reality that we have to dismantle and replace with a new physical reality. We had to get to a certain level of consciousness in order to be able to do this, but now we’re here it’s time to transfer our consciousness into action, in whatever small or large ways. I believe it will be in our daily actions now that we will find relief from the heaviness.

So a good question to ask right now in the heaviness might be: what can I do right now to find relief from the heaviness? What can I do to make me feel I am participating in the clearing/renovation process? It might be as easy as reminding yourself: Well I am recycling a lot more than I used to. I am choosing fresh, healthy, local food when I can. I am aware of the ingredients in my packaged food and moisturisers. I support local farmers and craftspeople. It might be as challenging as committing to something that you keep procrastinating about that your soul is calling you to do more of, or less of. Even not ‘doing’ anything can be a conscious action eg consciously choosing to stay in a peaceful heart-based space. When you consciously acknowledge that this is your contribution for this moment, it is in those moments that you will find relief. Another great question to ask is: what is this particular heaviness drawing my attention toward? What have I just been made aware of? Often you’ll find that the same sort of topics/events make you feel heavy, so these are clues as to perhaps what your soul would like to get more involved with at some point down the track or find more information about.

Around the same time that I was writing about this heaviness, a friend sent through a beautiful short video of a young boy with down’s syndrome being mothered/patted gently by a golden labrador. It instantly lightened the heart, so add to the list of actions you can take: watch something, read something or listen to something that reminds you of all the beauty and love that exists on our planet. It was a great reminder to balance out all the heavy truth-revealing with joyous truth-revealing as there is plenty of that out there right now as well.

We are creating a new world, and there is plenty of evidence right now to show that. This evidence may not be wrapped in the pretty package we expected, but remember that the real gift is not the package. It is what is inside once the paper comes off.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2013

Dana Mrkich is an Energy Intuitive, Author of A New Chapter, Creator of E-course Create a Life you Love and an inspirational teacher, writer and speaker. For more info, please visit her website, join her on Facebook or follow her on Twitter.