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Thank you for this inspiring and thought provoking post! I do think it is a great idea, but like some other commenters noted the sources of conflict are usually rooted in greed and manipulation-as they are currently in Syria a conflict in which there is much evidence that the “insurgency” would never have happened without funding, weapons, training and encouragement from western black ops folks like the CIA.

I believe if we work on the “Move to Amend” campaign to get hidden money out of politics and stop corporations (ie “the military industrial complex”) from controlling government choices to engage in such things, then we will see much less manipulated conflict and your idea of peace ambassadors would be very successful with *real* conflict.

Real conflicts are usually based, like the India Pakistan issue, on problems of resource use and allocation and those issues can be resolved, often by a combination of innovations and diplomacy between the concerned parties.

If the Keshe technology proves to be viable and functional, that will go a long way toward resolving many current conflicts over power generating resources at least.

The other big source of conflict is water, but there are so many wonderful creative people working on low water farming and permaculture innovations, and other ways to conserve water that we may just invent our way to world peace pretty soon;-)