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Thank you for sharing this Jueseppi! People often complain “Why do we need Black History month?” (Or Women’s history or any other thing like ethnic studies that brings focus to that which has been suppressed and ignored)

THIS is why! I bet no one reading this read about this wonderfully talented musician in school. In my generation at least, we grew up being sold a story of the world that was more holes than story. How many times did you read about what Jefferson and Washington did? Every darn year-and they were so BORING.

Why didn’t we get to learn about the beautiful, creative and amazing things and people that happened before we were born?

Well, if little girls, little non-white girls especially, grew up knowing their lives could look like *THIS* how many would fall for the sort of menial, depressing future the powers-that-were have been trying to sell them for so long?

Being told we could aspire to be a wife, or a maid, work at McDonald’s or maybe if we were really good a department store-and if we were special, smart and work super hard maybe we could become a Nurse! (Nothing wrong with being a Nurse-but it shouldn’t be the highest point a child is allowed to aim for!)

Luckily for us all in society, plenty of little girls didn’t buy the nonsense and aimed a lot higher, discovered stories like this one on their own or with the help of Moms, Dads, Aunts and Grandma’s who having lived and seen things were not so fooled.

I am so glad we have Black History month, and every other similar time to focus on what is usually not celebrated and noticed as it should be. The younger generations now do not have so much hidden from them-all we need to do is make sure the environment they grow up in provides the support and structure they need to excel and they can aim as high as they can imagine;-)

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