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“Decolonization means bringing the safety back and means living in a society where we feel safe and where we respect each other as people.” (excerpt from article)

As Derrick Jensen showed so well in A Language Older Than Words, colonization constructs a world and a worldview based on and in violence, at all levels of society.
In what we know as “modern” or colonized society, violence is inherent, it is as essential as the carbon based fuels, the “overall meaninglessness” and the seemingly terminal obsession with profit above all else.

This is one reason I have long attempted to expand the idea of decolonization beyond it’s obvious utility to people who still HAVE lands and cultures to return to, and preserve, to everyone.

Every person on Earth right now is the descendant of an indigenous, non-colonized family, tribe and society. Some of them, many of them in fact, were colonized so long ago they no longer know who they once were, or for many, even where the land and waters of their ancestors ARE.

But this article and especially the sentence above highlight for me the need for everyone to decolonize, because in decolonizing we return to a worldview based in respect, in caring, in mutuality and common cause-the so called altruism that allowed our species to survive the Ice Ages, and everything else we have encountered in order to thrive and spread to all parts of our planet.

We are not a successful as a species because we have the long vaunted opposable thumbs, but because we have the ability to work together, and to consciously work within and become functioning parts of the systems in which we live.

Indigenous societies have always known this, and carefully preserved the “original instructions” for living on Earth. Colonization is not just an attack on extant indigenous societies, and on indigenous women although they are bearing the brunt of the attack-it is an attack on LIFE on Earth.

Colonization is a meme, and like a biological retrovirus it is attacking the only parts of the system that are capable of stopping it the hardest.
So, even if you aren’t quite ready to decolonize your self, your life and your part of the world; it is still essential to stand up for indigenous societies and indigenous women to stop the violence and oppression going on right now. Much like the Russians who sacrificed so much to save us all in WWII, the indigenous women are the heroes on the front lines of the war that must end soon. Whether we stop the juggernaut of colonization and it’s destruction of all life on Earth, or it achieves it’s long term goal; it simply can’t go on too much longer now.

The time has definitely come for us all to be Idle No More!


by Beverley Jacobs

I have been working in the field of anti-violence since recovering and healing from experiences of violence in my own personal life for the past 20 years.  I write this with lessons I have learned in dealing with every type of violence that exists including the most extreme use of violence; that being murder.  My family is still recovering from the murder of my cousin Tashina General (who was 21 years old and pregnant), who went missing in January, 2008 and found murdered in April, 2008.  The trauma experienced as a result of her murder still resonates in me, in my family and in my community.  I write this for Tashina and her mom, who not only lost a daughter but a future grandson, who was already named Tucker.

During my professional life as an entrepreneur, lawyer, consultant and professor, my focus has been on understanding the…

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Elisabet Sahtouris, PhD. has postulated for some time that all that exists operates in this same way. That not only Gaia is an aware organism made up of all of us smaller “cells” but also the Universe overall is the same structure. We see that in the physical patterns we already have mapped out-such as the obvious parallels between the structure of the atom and the structure of the solar system so it seems like a reasonable idea that physics works the same on the macro and micro levels-and biology does as well.
Thanks to Laura for finding and sharing this wonderful article!

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The Oracle Report- February 14, 2013

Daily Energetic Analysis During the Time of Awakening
Thursday, February 14, 2013

Crescent Moon Phase – Moon in Aries

The keyword for today is perseverance. Life may force you down the road less traveled today, which is often challenging in itself, but today’s energy tests our limits. Authenticity of spirit is what enables us to persevere when we are under these types of conditions. Some will be presenting the image of success, love, organization, commitment, and strength, but can it be back up with the truth? In other words, does the mask match reality or if the veneer was stripped away what would truly remain? Does the outer expression match the inner one? Keep intentions pure and all will be well.

This is the end of today’s report, but I do want to mention one thing. I usually use the word perseverance in context of the Archons. Perseverance is the strategy that defeats their interference in our lives. They are good at manipulating circumstances and influencing people into action, but they are not all-powerful. They are like annoying gnats. We can work our way out of situations they design by not giving up. Patience gives us the stamina to persevere when the attacks are heightened.

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The manuscript of survival – part 268 Aisha North

As of today, many will feel a quickening in the atmosphere, and rightly so. You have once again passed through another whirlwind of energetic updates, and as such, it is time to get another breather before the next one hits you. We hear the groans of discomfort already, but just bear with us and with yourselves as the intensity of the next round may not be as overpowering as you might fear. As we have talked about in an earlier missive, your physical bodies have been well primed by now, and as such, you will find that you actually spend a lot less time in the digesting of even the most powerful of downloads. This will not be apparent while you are in the midst of such a storm of course, but we think you will see how when it all eases of, your physical aptitudes will also bounce right back up again, and quickly so. As always, there are some individual occurrences in all of this, but in general, we think you will find this to be true.

We know that for some, these updates are becoming more interesting than they mayhaps used to, because you can in some ways sense the changes they bring with them. And as such, they will seem to be less of wasted time if we may use such a phrase. For there is no doubt that for others, all of these physical and mental symptoms without any seeming results apart from feeling down and out in all sorts of ways will seem to be more or less counterproductive after a while. We cannot fault you in that, but let us just say that this will not go on indefinitely, and you will all at some point get a much clearer image of what all of this is really about. So again, we come to give you another heads-up as to what this journey is all about. For we know that for some of you, it seems to be solely about physical discomfort and mental anguish in one way or the other. Not at all times, but at times overpoweringly so. So let us just repeat that none of this is done out of spite, or to harm you in any way. For all of this is done out of love, and it is indeed a carefully planned process put together in order to help you put yourself back together and become the brilliant being you truly are.

For you have existed in a very singular and limited way for many a lifetime on this planet, and in order to break free of this old mold, much will have to be retuned and redesigned. And, as always, such a process is not without its ups and downs, and the growing pains can be monumental at times. Well, let us just say that you have already shaken off the most constricting of those old limitations, and from now on, we think you will feel how this expansion will increase in momentum in so many ways. For now it has shifted from being a pressure put upon you all in order to break that lid of constriction that was placed upon you such a long time ago, and instead, the process is now all about growing and expanding into your true size.

But as usual, this will bring with it its challenges too, as a mind who for so long have been confined behind very strict limits will sometimes have a hard time coping with this expansion process. Hence, the somewhat bewildering array of symptoms that will accompany this stage of the process. For you may feel yourself as if growing in stature, like you have become a giant, or you will feel the exact opposite, like you have shrunk to a infinitesimally small size, and accordingly, the physical manifestation of your surroundings will undulate, sway and grow less than predictable at times. So again we say do not think that you are going mad, you are just growing at a rapid speed now. And just like those children going through a phase of the same, when their physical body suddenly launches into a rapid spurt of growth, you will feel how you are creaking at the joints, and becoming imbalanced in more ways than one.

So yes, you have just been given another injection of growth hormones, but unlike those negative side effects that may be displayed from injecting these actual hormones, the recations you will get are just temporary, and not harmful at all. They are just signals that you have once again shed the old skin, and you are busy stretching and growing into the new one, one size larger, and even more brilliantly hued than the old one. So again we say give yourself the cudos that you so deserve. For you are all going valiantly forwards, and the steps you take each time are nothing if not gigantic. No more shuffling forwards for you. No, you are jumping ahead at full speed, and as such, you will all see how things will start to fall into place very soon. And yes, we do mean soon in the way that you define it. For as yet, your sense of time, albeit somewhat uncertain at the moment, is not yet fully comparable to ours.

So just take it slow, and start to fill your lungs to their fullest capacity. We think you will find that you have that much more room within if you do, and know that this is indeed new territory for you all. So please go explore, as you have so much new to discover in your own back yard. You do not have to go far now to find fertile ground, as you have all been instrumental in creating new fields inside of yourselves, and that is where you will start to sow the seeds that will bring you so much sustenance in the time ahead.