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I like this idea, but I am troubled by the addition of the word “human”.

Respect for ALL living beings is essential. A person who does not physically “harm” another human but poisons trees, tortures animals and causes all sorts of harm everywhere he goes cannot be said to be innocent of a crime, or a good helpful part of our society.

The Great Law of Peace has worked for a thousand years in 6 Nations, and many people the world over live some variation of it quite successfully.

I do not think you can heal the world by just outlawing harm to humans, tho it is a good step in the right direction.

If we get rid of all laws we have now tho, it is a step backwards since we do have laws against poisoning trees and torturing animals.

The Wiccan Rede States ‘An it Harm None Do What Thou Will’ -an it Harm *NONE* not no human.

The Dalai Lama summarized the Buddha’s teachings as “Help other beings if you can, If that is not possible, at least do no harm” (from the book “How to Practice”)

Many spiritual traditions and different groups have had the same or variations of this same basic idea as a central theme-it is obviously a centrally important idea for humanity in order for us to become *functional parts of the system* in which we live.

I don’t think we can take away do no harm to the rest of the world tho, and just separate humans out, make them a special category.

Harm is harm and the mindset required to do harm, that of separation, is the SAME no matter who you harm be they human, dog, tree, frog or air elemental.

Derrick Jensen explains in his book A Language Older Than Words that this (colonized/modern/globalized) society is based on harm, on violence and power over.

He explains that sex offenders, like those who beat their wives and children are simply acting out at the personal level the EXACT pattern upon which the entire system operates.

Colonization and the destruction of peoples to take their lands, so the lands and resources can be exploited(ie raped) for profit (ie power) is the same pattern as the attack and possession of the body of another (ie rape) for power/pleasure, or the beating of another in order to enforce your control(ie power)

Same misery and horror, just different dimensions of application.

Humanity lived on Earth for about 2 1/2 million years. Only for the last 5000 have we developed this insane (you are quite correct imho, that to harm another one must be insane) pattern and had it spread and inflicted on people after people, land after land until finally the insanity has almost conquered the entire planet.

In order to stop the horror, we have to break out of the pattern, escape the meme of colonization and power-over; return to the varied memes of freedom and power within.

We cannot “rehabilitate” a sex offender inside of the culture that he is acting out-we have to rebuild the culture then the people can heal
(of course this is circular because in order to rebuild the culture, enough people have to heal to escape it’s insanity in order to do so!)

Circle justice, like ho’o’oponopono returns the balance to the entire community, it heals the SYSTEM while healing the person or people who are broken (ie committing crimes and or having crimes committed against them)

Imho, until we return to a system like that, until we have a viable circle to re-balance-we cannot heal the people/ “rehabilitate the criminals” either.

First we have to realize that we are part of a system that is larger than us, and then learn to act like it. Do No Harm is a great idea-but as you point out-in a system based on harm, how can we tell where harm begins?

When we become functioning parts of that larger system, it becomes obvious what is harm and what is balance-but in order to understand that balance I believe we have to understand that humans are not separate from other beings, and cannot be separate in the way we co-create our morals.

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This is interesting. I am unsure as to the percentage of it that is verifiable, but just as an illustration of HOW technically, the people in power manipulate those who appear to be in power to do things that are horrific, like start wars, or commit genocide, it is an excellent article.

These things may appear to those who are not students of history, to be “conspiracy theory” but if you examine the writings of respected historians and scholars such as Howard Zinn, Noam Chomsky, and others (like Derrick Jensen), you will easily find many many instances like this that are documented down thru history from very early times. Maybe not as emotional trigger-laden as the Jewish Holocaust of WWII, but if you think about the plain fact that in WWII 6 Million human beings, many but not all of them, Jewish, lost their lives in terrifying ways; during the Spanish Inquisition 9 Million human beings, many but not all of them women, wise-women, “witches” lost their lives in horrifying ways; during the “Conquest of the Americas” somewhere between 38 Million and 150 Million human beings, ALL of them Native Americans lost their lives in horrifying, terrifying and seemingly endless ways (Residential schools were finally closed right around the time I was born, and I’m not a greybeard yet!)and ALL of these instances involved people murdering others because they GAINED from it-then the truly shocking thing comes to light.

Genocide, mass murder and every permutation of this horrible meme are *always* about who PROFITS from it.
Racism is simply a trick to get those who do NOT profit to help those who do, basically for nothing-ALL racists are patsies for the 1% essentially.

I do not post things on this blog to get people to “believe” them-I post things in the hope that they inspire people to THINK, to do their own research and to stop believing what ANYONE tells them just because they read it, saw it or heard it.

WE are responsible for the future, for the 7th generation and beyond. We owe it to those yet unborn to wake up, pay attention and do something different so that they can BE born.

(Why? Were you born? Then someone did something generations ago to be sure the planet still supported human life in the year you were born-so now it is time to pay it forward)

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DISINFO, Nova Earth, Changes coming SOON?

I left this as a comment on a friend’s blog, re a recent post by Ben Fulford and conversation about whether it, or parts of it were disinfo or not. After reading it I realize it is worth sharing-who cares if Ben, or anyone who published secret insider info on the machinations of the powers that were are accurate or not? Those folks have been attacking one another for a thousand years or more with little benefit to any of us regular human beings.

As soon as you say something with no way to prove it, it becomes what is known as hearsay-not admissible in court, and not basically worth a “tinker’s damn” on the street.

But when you DO something, when you join together with others and make something happen-THAT reverberates around the world like the proverbial butterfly’s wings that inspire a hurricane…..

I think it is important to remember that in times of great chaos, infighting, secret wars etc disinfo is to be expected everywhere, from ALL sources simply because that is how it is done. We have to use discernment on all sources because anyone can be given disinfo and not know it, if the disinfo is done well-in fact some of the obvious disinfo is done that way on purpose just to make it obvious-to distract from the real stuff which is quite insidious and carefully hidden.

That may sound too detailed and paranoid, but we are working at the moment on dismantling a worldwide power structure/or structures of competing groups that were trying to control every living thing on an entire planet.

Real life is not neat and orderly like a movie, and no one vying for that level of power is going to follow ANY rules-or spare any expense or effort to make sure they gain or maintain the control they seek.

After many many years working on this, my current take is to trust nothing in any news source, to trust only my own connections and actions, and what I can see and feel going on at the REAL important level-the level of the people. The grass roots, the street level changes that have an immediate effect on real peoples lives.

The big boys have been infighting for centuries and it rarely if ever had much benefit for the common person no matter which faction gained the upper hand at any given time.

The difference NOW is that they no longer have the power they once had to suppress the changes WE create. They can no longer stop what we do-it does not really matter WHAT they do to one another, or who puts who down, who controls what fund because money is part of the TRICK they are using to control us.

The path to freedom does not lie in gaining control of money, or getting some benevolent group to gain control of money and disburse it to us.


The path to freedom lies in our own abilities to change the reality on the ground, to use things like Eisensteins Gift Economy and other tools of cultural change and rebirth that reconfigure the entire system, or more essentially create a new and better system, or many systems that interact.

We make it so that our needs are met, and our communities work, we clean the environment we make things we want to happen happen-DIRECTLY. by working together with other people, it is called HORIZONTALISM if you want to look it up and read about it.

No more power over, no more power from the top down-even if the people at the top are benevolent.

There are hordes of good examples of people doing exactly what I am talking about and it has been being done for decades if not centuries-the only problem before was the powers that were would seek and destroy any efforts that became too successful.

The Boston Womens Health Collective is one fine example. Ithaca HOURS is another-check out Yes! Magazine or the old Whole Earth Review web site for TONS more.

We NEED to stop thinking like children waiting for a grownup to come rescue us, like serfs waiting for the masters permission(ie MONEY)

Audre Lourde said it long ago, you simply cannot tear down the masters house using the masters tools-and MONEY is the PRIMARY tool of enslavement that has been used against humanity for 5000 years.

So disinfo is everywhere but it doesnt really matter who is disinfo and who isnt, whose sources work for who-because ALL of that is a SIDESHOW.

YOU are the main stage, every single one of you.

WHAT ARE YOU going to DO to build the world you want to see? Dream it, plan it, DO IT!

When we awaken to our own power-not just magic, spiritual Gandalf power, but basic roll up our sleeves and get working with our neighbors, friends and even former enemies power-then WE make Nova Earth happen, as soon as we get ready to do so.

The changes happen as soon as WE choose to make them happen and stop analyzing this that and the other entertainer for secret clues to the rescue that is coming SOON, any day now, maybe next month, or next year..or never;-)

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Arrests in Washington Signal Increasing Urgency on Keystone Pipeline by Chris Francis – YES! Magazine

Arrests in Washington Signal Increasing Urgency on Keystone Pipeline

Forty-eight leaders of environmentalist groups such as the Sierra Club, Friends of the Earth, and 350.org were arrested today while participating in civil disobedience. They were demanding that President Barack Obama stop construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline.

by Chris Francis
posted Feb 13, 2013

Civil disobedience on Feb 17

Leaders of environmentalist organizations engage in civil disobedience in front of the White House. Photo by Christine Irvine.

On Wednesday, Feb. 13, a group of 48 environmental and social justice movement leaders were arrested in Washington, D.C., after refusing to move from a main thoroughfare in front of the White House. Participants included the presidents, directors, and founders of major environmental groups like the Sierra Club, 350.org, Friends of the Earth, and the Labor Network for Sustainability.

The participants said they were engaging in civil disobedience in order to highlight the urgent need to stop the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline construction. They wish to hold President Obama accountable for his statements made against the pipeline and encourage him to put a stop to the project, which they claim will damage the quality of groundwater and encourage the carbon-heavy practice of tar sands mining in Alberta.

This demonstration was an especially meaningful step for the Sierra Club. For the past 120 years, the Sierra Club has maintained a standing rule of not using civil disobedience, according to Conservation Director Sarah Hodgdon. But the urgency has finally called for this tactic.

Before leaving for the demonstration, many of the participants described their intentions in posts to the Tar Sands Action website.

If not now, when? asked Allison Chin, president of the Sierra Clubs Board of Directors. Im here to help create the space for President Obama to exercise bold leadership on climate, because I agree with him that, in his own words, failure to do so would betray our children and future generations.

We must move rapidly and responsibly toward a transformation in this country, said Cherri Foytlin, a co-founder of Gulf Change who walked to Washington, D.C. from New Orleans to participate in the demonstration. This fight is no less than the moral struggle of our time.

The demonstration precedes the upcoming Forward on Climate rally scheduled for noon on Feb. 17 at the National Mall in Washington, but the two are characterized as separate events. While todays civil disobedience was intended to protest the Keystone XL pipeline specifically, the weekends Forward on Climate rally will address multiple climate and environmental issues, including hydraulic fracturing and national standards for CO2 emissions.

Although todays demonstration included civil disobedience, organizers have asserted that the Forward on Climate rally will not. Hodgdon did not anticipate the demonstration setting a precedent for civil disobedience at the rally. The leaders have been communicating with each other to make sure everyone knows the rally will be legally cooperative.

Chris Francis wrote this article for YES! Magazine, a national, nonprofit media organization that fuses powerful ideas with practical actions. Chris is a recent graduate from Illinois Wesleyan University where he studied English literature and religion while working as managing editor and editor-in-chief of IWUs student newspaper, The Argus.

YES! Magazine encourages you to make free use of this article by taking these easy steps., YES! Magazine. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License
Read the original article, with comments and links at the link below-


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The manuscript of survival – part 270 Aisha North

We know that for some of you, this time has been a time of discord. For where is the much promised promised land? You gaze about and all you see is exactly the same as your eyes landed upon back in the old days of 2012. Well, we are here to mayhaps give you another glimpse into the unseen, as what you have been fastening your eyes upon may not be the whole truth of your existence. For what you have been trained to acknowledge, is a mere superficial world of illusion and despair, and as such, deep inside, the longing for something so much more profound is growing day by day. And rightly so. For, if this was a case of what you see is what you get, then this existence would be a sorry one indeed, with little or no room for improvement.

But think again, as we say, because what you actually see is not what you will be getting, for what you see are just the remnants of the old that is slowly but surely starting to fade way. And fade it will, in some cases more abruptly than you could have thought, as the news coming your way via the airwaves and the mass media have more than stated clearly. For you see, this old garment of fear and disillusionment has already started to rip at the seams, and this unraveling process has gained momentum, and will continue to do so. We gather that many of you have already started to sit up more alert in your chairs following the dramatic events of just last week, concering both earthly and more celestial powers of various kinds. So yes, this is indeed an interesting time to be alive, and certainly an interesting time to behold.

For remember, you as the wayshowers have already taken it upon yourselves to prepare for what is to come, and you have jettisoned the old baggage that so many of your fellow men are still dragging behind them. And as such, you will be literally free to take action as soon as you see the opportunities start to arise around you. And now, thanks to the lessening of the grip of that old and conservative in every sense of the word, the spurts of new growth will start to emerge in evey nook and cranny. So the old guard will be literally caught off guard, and even if they try, they cannot manage to rustle up enough power to stop this process from taking place. And they know it too, because they too can read the signs coming their way. After all, it is not as if they are written in minuscule letters hidden somewhere in an obscure channel. No, the signs have become loud and clear now, and they will continue to amplify and magnify as you move towards spring on your half of the globe. For this year, the spring in the north will herald spring all over the globe, and the autumn falling on the other half of your globe will signal the end of the old brigade. So they will be fading away, just like the colors of the fall, and they will tumble to the ground as they lose the grip on their powers, just like the leaves must relinquish their hold on the branches on the tree. But just like those leaves, nothing of the old will come to waste, as it will serve as nutrition for the new saplings starting to poke through the dense cover on the forest floor. For this is a cycle dear ones, and the energy contained even in the most backwards and stubborn of souls will serve to energize everything else as soon as it is liberated from the old husk of negation.

So again we say that you have chosen well, as you have chosen to be here at this exact moment in time, to be participants in this cycle of rejuvenation and renewal. And by your very presence, you have made the wheels begin to turn, as you are the ones who did that formidable task of pushing and pulling with all of your might to get the wheels moving again after being stuck in a seemingly endless morass of muck for such a long time. And by your gargantuan efforts, the wheels finally started to move, and by your ability to not give up, you have now ensured that these wheels have started to move freely and on their own accord now.

So take this as another reminder that you have done the most challenging part of your task already, and from now on, you will focus on the rebuilding of things. And that is certainly much more rewarding than toiling in the muck with something that seems to be stuck there forever, and that refuses to budge no matter how frustrated you get. For even if frustration will raise its head now and then in the time ahead, it will not be for the same reason as before, because now you will sense that whatever gets these wheels to slow down is only a small hindrance or a little pebble holding you back, but only momentarily. For now, the old swamp of disbelief and disempowerment has been left behind, and all you have to do is to keep yourselves moving along, and start to relish in the speed. Feel the wind in your hair, and know that this signals the wind of freedom, not only for you, but for this whole planet. And know that you will be propelled along by forces mightier than whatever the opposition to this forward momentum might try to throw in your way. For this journey cannot be stopped now, not by any earthly powers, nor by anything else.


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Save Hickory Ground (Jimmy Blue Thunder)

This was posted in a group I read, and I thought it should be shared more widely. It is so disappointing when people who should know better do things like this;-(

I cannot claim to be traditional, but even I know that there is no excuse for disrespecting ancestors graves, and digging up their bodies in order to make money faster. I do not know much about this, but it seems strange to me to build something commercial on well known sacred ground-why do that?

Even ordinary colonized people would protest bulldozing a cemetary to build a casino! (they did here in St Pete when an old cemetary was bulldozed to build a parking lot for our endlessly controversial Dome (now known as Tropican Field)

If we can’t even expect a Tribal government to have respect for the dead, who on Earth can we count on to have respect anymore?

It seems we can at least count on the People, who are rising everywhere to demand their leaders start behaving with morals.

I am praying for those risking arrest and harm to stand up for what is right, in this case and all others. If we cannot be there to be physically supportive, at least we can pray and share information and make sure more people become aware!

Jimmy Blue Thunder

Press Release: For Immediate Release – February 16, 2013

Native American Protesters Jailed After Attempting to Access Ceremonial Ground

(Wetumpka, Alabama) Four Native American protesters were arrested for trespassing yesterday after attempting to access a ceremonial ground known as Hickory Ground in Wetumpka, Alabama. Three of the four men were released on bond for trespassing charges yesterday afternoon.

An additional charge was filed against the leader of the group, Hickory Ground Tribal Town member Wayland Gray. The Poarch Band of Creek Indians tribal law enforcement accused Gray of making terroristic threats. Based on the tribal police report, Gray is being held on a $30,000 cash-only bond at the Elmore County jail in Wetumpka, Alabama.

The Mvskoke people regard Hickory Ground as a sacred place, and should be allowed access under the American Indian Religious Freedom Act, said tribal attorney Brendan Ludwick. They have the right to express their disapproval of the excavation under the First Amendment, he added.

On December 12, 2012, the Muscogee (Creek) Nation and Hickory Ground Tribal Town filed a federal lawsuit to prevent the Poarch Band of Creek Indians from engaging in ground disturbing activity at the ceremonial ground, where the Poarch Band is constructing a $246 million casino expansion. According to that lawsuit, the Poarch Band excavated 57 sets of human remains of the plaintiffs ancestors in violation of the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act and other federal laws.

Last week, a coalition of approximately a dozen Creek Indians, including protesters who traveled from Oklahoma and members of the Poarch Band of Creek Indians, requested the Poarch Band to halt construction and allow them to honor the ancestors excavated there.

The individuals asked for access to the construction site, which was denied, said Poarch Band spokesperson Sharon Delmar, according an article in the Wetumpka Herald. At no time was there any threat of violence or any physical altercation, Delmar said in the article.

Mike Harjo, who traveled from Oklahoma to pray at Hickory Ground said, “They pulled their tasers and threatened to shoot us with the taser and they said they was going to arrest us and they arrested us right here on the spot.”

Supporters of the movement to preserve Hickory Ground are raising funds to help Wayland Gray post bond, calling him a political prisoner for sacred lands and Native religious freedom on its facebook page: facebook.com/SaveHickoryGround.

For more information contact us on Twitter @Hickory_Ground.

Save Hickory Ground The Muscogee (Creek) Nation demands a halt to construction of the Creek Casino Wetumpka expansion …


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The Oracle Report Sunday February 17 – Monday, February 18, 2013

Daily Energetic Analysis During the Time of Awakening
Sunday February 17 – Monday, February 18, 2013

First Quarter Moon Phase – Moon in Taurus/Gemini

This is my Many Thanks Day. Many thanks to everyone who participated in visualzing the parliament of owls across the sky yesterday. It is interesting that a group of owls is called a “parliament,” isn’t it? Many thanks also to Oracle Report reader Mike who informed us of this bit of information.

Another reader, Cheryl, asks why I use the owl symbolism here. I began working earnestly with “owl medicine” when I started research for my first book “Eris.” The owl has been long-regarded as a guardian, a protector, and force of the goddess. It also is associated with wisdom, of course. A few years ago, I introduced the technique of going inside ourselves and witnessing what was happening in the outside world, being energetically-buffered from the fray of events. The metaphor was to be like a wise old owl going inside the branches of a tree (or a hole in a tree) and peering out. I referred to this often, so this is how the notion of readers being like wise old owls began.

So now with thousands of readers and millions of hits to the site each year, the parliament has grown to a proportion that still surprises me. The word parliament is accurate because we represent and uphold the value of life and champion the dreaming of Gaia Sophia, the divine being embodied as the planet. This is the mission of this site.

There was massive black magic afoot yesterday. I am always cautious in how I “warn” of this because everyone is at a different level of understanding. But I may have to just be very blunt about it in the future because it was all I could do to get a note out and all Andrew could do to load it to the site from his location. He is a dear and assists however he can anytime Archontic forces interfere with me writing and uploading to the net. We owe him many thanks.

But there was also massive white magic afoot yesterday also. The fly-over of the parliament was a warning shot over the bow. It says that we stand with Gaia Sophia and hold the frequency of beauty, freedom, and love of life. It says that we just aren’t going to stand by and be oblivious.

The Sun has moved into Pisces, conjuncting Neptune (in its home sign), and joining Chiron, Mars, and Mercury. I’ve been living with Neptune conjunct my Pisces Sun for many months now. My teacher told me that it blows your eyes wide open to things – as if the clouds were parted – and she was entirely correct. The popular belief is that Neptune conjunctions produce more confusion, but I have not experienced it that way.

So this is what the energy will be like for the upcoming week. Clarity sparkles and brings great relief. But it ain’t easy. Emotions, psychic awareness, vicitmization, spirituality, addictions, and creativity are all triggered when the Sun goes into Pisces, but the addition of the other planets here and the fact that Neptune is in its home sign make it a mega-Pisces transit.

Let’s not forget also that Pluto is playing puppeteer to Mars and Saturn via sextile, with Saturn and Mars in trine. This means mega-transformation of structures and levels of energy. It’s also highly aggressive and warlike (hence the battle between light and dark yesterday). Saturn will station retrograde on Monday. This is going to bring a certain degree of bedlam. We know to take care and slow down any day a planet stations retrograde or direct because things get intense. Saturn is in Scorpio – the granddaddy of intensity.

The main thing to keep in mind is to stay grounded with all of this energy. Don’t get washed away in Neptune’s great wave. Temper emotions. Use your powers of expression to handle difficulties. This is a wonderful time of year and holds potential for powerful changes. Just look around and you will see it.

I will end with many thanks to all of you for holding light and beauty as the times become more turbulent.

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