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This is interesting. I am unsure as to the percentage of it that is verifiable, but just as an illustration of HOW technically, the people in power manipulate those who appear to be in power to do things that are horrific, like start wars, or commit genocide, it is an excellent article.

These things may appear to those who are not students of history, to be “conspiracy theory” but if you examine the writings of respected historians and scholars such as Howard Zinn, Noam Chomsky, and others (like Derrick Jensen), you will easily find many many instances like this that are documented down thru history from very early times. Maybe not as emotional trigger-laden as the Jewish Holocaust of WWII, but if you think about the plain fact that in WWII 6 Million human beings, many but not all of them, Jewish, lost their lives in terrifying ways; during the Spanish Inquisition 9 Million human beings, many but not all of them women, wise-women, “witches” lost their lives in horrifying ways; during the “Conquest of the Americas” somewhere between 38 Million and 150 Million human beings, ALL of them Native Americans lost their lives in horrifying, terrifying and seemingly endless ways (Residential schools were finally closed right around the time I was born, and I’m not a greybeard yet!)and ALL of these instances involved people murdering others because they GAINED from it-then the truly shocking thing comes to light.

Genocide, mass murder and every permutation of this horrible meme are *always* about who PROFITS from it.
Racism is simply a trick to get those who do NOT profit to help those who do, basically for nothing-ALL racists are patsies for the 1% essentially.

I do not post things on this blog to get people to “believe” them-I post things in the hope that they inspire people to THINK, to do their own research and to stop believing what ANYONE tells them just because they read it, saw it or heard it.

WE are responsible for the future, for the 7th generation and beyond. We owe it to those yet unborn to wake up, pay attention and do something different so that they can BE born.

(Why? Were you born? Then someone did something generations ago to be sure the planet still supported human life in the year you were born-so now it is time to pay it forward)

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Be the change you wish to see, let's co-create the win-win future we know is possible together!

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