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I like this idea, but I am troubled by the addition of the word “human”.

Respect for ALL living beings is essential. A person who does not physically “harm” another human but poisons trees, tortures animals and causes all sorts of harm everywhere he goes cannot be said to be innocent of a crime, or a good helpful part of our society.

The Great Law of Peace has worked for a thousand years in 6 Nations, and many people the world over live some variation of it quite successfully.

I do not think you can heal the world by just outlawing harm to humans, tho it is a good step in the right direction.

If we get rid of all laws we have now tho, it is a step backwards since we do have laws against poisoning trees and torturing animals.

The Wiccan Rede States ‘An it Harm None Do What Thou Will’ -an it Harm *NONE* not no human.

The Dalai Lama summarized the Buddha’s teachings as “Help other beings if you can, If that is not possible, at least do no harm” (from the book “How to Practice”)

Many spiritual traditions and different groups have had the same or variations of this same basic idea as a central theme-it is obviously a centrally important idea for humanity in order for us to become *functional parts of the system* in which we live.

I don’t think we can take away do no harm to the rest of the world tho, and just separate humans out, make them a special category.

Harm is harm and the mindset required to do harm, that of separation, is the SAME no matter who you harm be they human, dog, tree, frog or air elemental.

Derrick Jensen explains in his book A Language Older Than Words that this (colonized/modern/globalized) society is based on harm, on violence and power over.

He explains that sex offenders, like those who beat their wives and children are simply acting out at the personal level the EXACT pattern upon which the entire system operates.

Colonization and the destruction of peoples to take their lands, so the lands and resources can be exploited(ie raped) for profit (ie power) is the same pattern as the attack and possession of the body of another (ie rape) for power/pleasure, or the beating of another in order to enforce your control(ie power)

Same misery and horror, just different dimensions of application.

Humanity lived on Earth for about 2 1/2 million years. Only for the last 5000 have we developed this insane (you are quite correct imho, that to harm another one must be insane) pattern and had it spread and inflicted on people after people, land after land until finally the insanity has almost conquered the entire planet.

In order to stop the horror, we have to break out of the pattern, escape the meme of colonization and power-over; return to the varied memes of freedom and power within.

We cannot “rehabilitate” a sex offender inside of the culture that he is acting out-we have to rebuild the culture then the people can heal
(of course this is circular because in order to rebuild the culture, enough people have to heal to escape it’s insanity in order to do so!)

Circle justice, like ho’o’oponopono returns the balance to the entire community, it heals the SYSTEM while healing the person or people who are broken (ie committing crimes and or having crimes committed against them)

Imho, until we return to a system like that, until we have a viable circle to re-balance-we cannot heal the people/ “rehabilitate the criminals” either.

First we have to realize that we are part of a system that is larger than us, and then learn to act like it. Do No Harm is a great idea-but as you point out-in a system based on harm, how can we tell where harm begins?

When we become functioning parts of that larger system, it becomes obvious what is harm and what is balance-but in order to understand that balance I believe we have to understand that humans are not separate from other beings, and cannot be separate in the way we co-create our morals.

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