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DISINFO, Nova Earth, Changes coming SOON?

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I left this as a comment on a friend’s blog, re a recent post by Ben Fulford and conversation about whether it, or parts of it were disinfo or not. After reading it I realize it is worth sharing-who cares if Ben, or anyone who published secret insider info on the machinations of the powers that were are accurate or not? Those folks have been attacking one another for a thousand years or more with little benefit to any of us regular human beings.

As soon as you say something with no way to prove it, it becomes what is known as hearsay-not admissible in court, and not basically worth a “tinker’s damn” on the street.

But when you DO something, when you join together with others and make something happen-THAT reverberates around the world like the proverbial butterfly’s wings that inspire a hurricane…..

I think it is important to remember that in times of great chaos, infighting, secret wars etc disinfo is to be expected everywhere, from ALL sources simply because that is how it is done. We have to use discernment on all sources because anyone can be given disinfo and not know it, if the disinfo is done well-in fact some of the obvious disinfo is done that way on purpose just to make it obvious-to distract from the real stuff which is quite insidious and carefully hidden.

That may sound too detailed and paranoid, but we are working at the moment on dismantling a worldwide power structure/or structures of competing groups that were trying to control every living thing on an entire planet.

Real life is not neat and orderly like a movie, and no one vying for that level of power is going to follow ANY rules-or spare any expense or effort to make sure they gain or maintain the control they seek.

After many many years working on this, my current take is to trust nothing in any news source, to trust only my own connections and actions, and what I can see and feel going on at the REAL important level-the level of the people. The grass roots, the street level changes that have an immediate effect on real peoples lives.

The big boys have been infighting for centuries and it rarely if ever had much benefit for the common person no matter which faction gained the upper hand at any given time.

The difference NOW is that they no longer have the power they once had to suppress the changes WE create. They can no longer stop what we do-it does not really matter WHAT they do to one another, or who puts who down, who controls what fund because money is part of the TRICK they are using to control us.

The path to freedom does not lie in gaining control of money, or getting some benevolent group to gain control of money and disburse it to us.


The path to freedom lies in our own abilities to change the reality on the ground, to use things like Eisensteins Gift Economy and other tools of cultural change and rebirth that reconfigure the entire system, or more essentially create a new and better system, or many systems that interact.

We make it so that our needs are met, and our communities work, we clean the environment we make things we want to happen happen-DIRECTLY. by working together with other people, it is called HORIZONTALISM if you want to look it up and read about it.

No more power over, no more power from the top down-even if the people at the top are benevolent.

There are hordes of good examples of people doing exactly what I am talking about and it has been being done for decades if not centuries-the only problem before was the powers that were would seek and destroy any efforts that became too successful.

The Boston Womens Health Collective is one fine example. Ithaca HOURS is another-check out Yes! Magazine or the old Whole Earth Review web site for TONS more.

We NEED to stop thinking like children waiting for a grownup to come rescue us, like serfs waiting for the masters permission(ie MONEY)

Audre Lourde said it long ago, you simply cannot tear down the masters house using the masters tools-and MONEY is the PRIMARY tool of enslavement that has been used against humanity for 5000 years.

So disinfo is everywhere but it doesnt really matter who is disinfo and who isnt, whose sources work for who-because ALL of that is a SIDESHOW.

YOU are the main stage, every single one of you.

WHAT ARE YOU going to DO to build the world you want to see? Dream it, plan it, DO IT!

When we awaken to our own power-not just magic, spiritual Gandalf power, but basic roll up our sleeves and get working with our neighbors, friends and even former enemies power-then WE make Nova Earth happen, as soon as we get ready to do so.

The changes happen as soon as WE choose to make them happen and stop analyzing this that and the other entertainer for secret clues to the rescue that is coming SOON, any day now, maybe next month, or next year..or never;-)

Author: ohnwentsya

Be the change you wish to see, let's co-create the win-win future we know is possible together!

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