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Thank you for this beautiful post! It is so easy to be dragged down by all the difficult stuff, the mean people, the tragedies and “issues” in the world, but so important to remind ourselves to be in joy. If we don’t walk around in prayer, in awe and gratitude at all the beauty and good, how can we resolve, or even survive the rotten stuff?

I am coming to see this as the true meaning of balance, you can never stay in the middle, or totally eradicate the bad, so balance comes in always weaving the beauty, the awe, gratitude, love and joy in between the rest to keep things balanced and even.


The days of our lives are filled with many things. They can be filled with hard work, illness, anxiety, passion, protesting, child care, doing laundry and a million other things which are not exciting. Life can make us very numb where we just go through the motions. We can look but not see what is right in front of us.

There are days where getting out of your comfort zone is rough. Some days it is easier to over look the song of the bird or the honk of a goose. Some days you don’t hear the music, it swirls around you without being able to get near your heart or soul.

Some days life feels right as soon as we open our eyes. The air smells sweet, you can hear a robin looking for materials to build his nest, you can hear your favorite music in your head and…

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