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Joe Biden promotes shotguns for self-defense. Is he off base? (+video) – CSMonitor.com

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Joe Biden is getting a lot of attention today for suggesting that homeowners interested in protecting themselves with firearms buy a shotgun instead of a semi-automatic assault rifle. Was his comment off base?

…Then he launched into his shotgun spiel. Kate, if you want to protect yourself, get a double-barreled shotgun, he said…

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I just want to say that I love Joe Biden. If you want to hear straight talk without a lot of political dancing, ask an Irishman!

It is quite logical to want to prevent horrible things using guns and at the same time use them to defend your home. I grew up in a very Peace Activist household where the double barrel 12 and 20 guage were part of the family. My grandmother was a lifelong Democrat, peace activist etc but she was also an award winning sharpshooter who could shoot the home-rolled (ie really small) cigarrette out of my grandfather’s mouth a football field away with a .22 rifle, when he was late coming in for dinner.

I do not personally believe that President Obama wants gun control in order to get us all more easily herded into FEMA camps. Even if he were a tool of the Bilderberger set, the ONLY people the oppressive and fascist style government needs to imprison are the ones that are blocking what they consider “progress”-this almost ALWAYS has meant environmental and community activists, and intellectuals, and of course, minority and poor people.

If you can AFFORD an AR-15 and you aren’t a member of Earth First, or an inner city drug dealer/gun runner-they are NOT coming for you.

Fascists are business oriented, they love money! Keeping MOST people productive and spending money is the goal, not locking them up. They have already achieved their goals as far as imprisoning the threats to their control-the US has more prisoners per capita than ANY nation on Earth including China, North Korea and Iran.

Most of them are non-white males. A much higher percentage of political activists, especially environmental activists, are imprisoned than of any other group except non-white males.

Follow the money, see who benefits-politics is NOT rocket science.

Ideally, instead of being paranoid we just work together to CHANGE the problem-which is corporate control of government and then we don’t have to worry.

Anyway, I love Joe Biden.;-)

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One thought on “Joe Biden promotes shotguns for self-defense. Is he off base? (+video) – CSMonitor.com

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