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Thank you for sharing this story! I have lost too many friends to war related ptsd. For the most part the VA has treated them in the past like they were defective idiots. A friend who died a few years ago, who had served in Vietnam, was “self medicating” with alcohol and pills, and the VA told his wife when she begged them repeatedly to get him some help “He doesn’t want help”. A few months after that ridiculous comment from the VA, he was dead.

Imho war is always the wrong answer, but if we are going to send people into such chaos and horror, the least we can do is make sure we give them a real shot at recovery afterwards.

If you don’t do anything else after seeing this-at least take a moment to pray for all those affected by war, whether soldiers or civilians, no matter what “side” they may be on. Those who profit from war are the wealthy EVERYONE else is a victim/survivor.

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