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“The root of the land conflicts lies in the dispute over the use and control of territorial space stemming from the imposition of one culture over another. On the one side is agribusiness, where land is a space to produce and do business. On the other side there is indigenous and peasant culture, where land is understood to be a place for life,” stated REDAF in its report. It is not a coincidence that most of the conflicts (89 percent) began after 2000: “This aligns with the push for the agro-export model, favored by the conditions of the international market to commercialize soybean, which resulted in the expansion of the agricultural frontier.(excerpt from article)

This is the same conflict we see happening all over the world-from Monsanto vs the farmers of India, to the poisoning of the Miccosukkee traditional diet with mercury from Big Sugar’s plantations in South Florida.

All of the people, of all nations, need to stand together against this life-destroying juggernaut of corporate planet-eating. There ARE better ways to Feed the World.

Until we starting choosing People over Profit, we will keep losing on every level-personal, financial, ecosystem, social, spiritual-it is not rocket science to see that Life is Sacred, and Profit is NOT.

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Written by Darío Aranda, Translation by Clayton Conn

As genetically modified agriculture advances, so too does rural unrest and murder of campesinos and indigenous peoples. The indigenous demand an end to extractivism and respect for their human rights.

In Argentina, there have been eleven campesino and indigenous deaths in less than three years. The last to occur was of Asijak Juan Diaz, a Qom indigenous man from the Primavera community (in the northern province of Formosa), who died in a suspicious car accident. What lies behind the repression is an agricultural model, which seeks a 60 percent increase in grain production through expanding into the territory where indigenous andcampesino people live and work. The national government has not condemned any of the murders. The Plurinational Indigenous Council (CPI) has called for an end to extractivism, unmasking the government’s progressive discourse, by demanding that it respects the human…

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