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I love the way feygirl captures the radiant beauty of each individual creature in her photos. If you have not seen Serenity Spell blog before, it is an experience not to be missed.

I always see coots and until now did not really differentiate them from ducks, so I’ve learned something new;-) I am also continually surprised at the attitude of snowbirds who don’t seem to get the essential beauty of nature in Florida-why come all the way down here? The most out of sorts coot is likely to be far more beautiful and interesting than most humans anyway;-)

I’ve been lucky enough to meet more of the people who appreciate nature at home and that is WHY they come to Florida, they appreciate it here too. The other sort-the ones that show up, cut down all the trees, poison everything, etc I often wonder if they could be convinced to just go with their fear of nature and *stay indoors* as it would be so much safer-for the rest of us!;-)

Serenity Spell

Each species is a masterpiece, a creation assembled with extreme care and genius. —Edward O. Wilson

I’m easily distracted by critters — no matter how common they may be. It could be an Eastern Harvest Mouse that grabs my attention for a half-hour. On a recent stroll around our wetlands, I was entranced by the coloring of our very common American Coot, as a mating pair stood in the shallow waters at dusk. Their dark grey / black feathers, white bill, and red eyes against the darkening waters of the approaching night sky was lovely. It wasn’t a Great egret in full breeding plumage, no…. But just as striking.

There weren’t many other human visitors, but I managed to attract a doozy. Off-season, I’m alone in the wetlands; during the season, I’m accompanied by a bevy of snowbirds. A female leaned over to see what I was engaged…

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