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You are Cordially Invited to AWAKEN

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I got this in email and thought some of you might also be interested in Inelia and Lucia’s latest-AWAKEN- Academy for Women Actualizing Knowledge of Everyday Nirvana. Just when many start to wonder “what’s next? What do we DO now that Dec21 is over?” there are Inelia and Lucia, sharing good ideas about what to do-as always!;-)

A few months ago, I was asked by my friend and collaborator in global ascension, Lucia Rene, whether I would be interested in joining her, and a group of highly skilled women, in staring the most revolutionary and advanced Academy for women and auditor men on the planet.

I was thinking about it, asking various questions, as one does when presented with life changing decisions, and then she volunteered the deciding factor. She told me the name she was thinking of, for the Academy and what it stood for:

A.W.A.K.E.N.— Academy for Women Actualizing Knowledge of Everyday Nirvana.

This is it. A boot-camp for women, with auditing and special classes for men. A real world action for actualizing what many know, that women are responsible for the awakening and ascension of the planet.

And, this is the moment when I would like to extend Lucia’s invitation to you:

“A.W.A.K.E.N. is a virtual spiritual university, a training academy in consciousness, a meeting place for like-minded women of all ages and all cultures around the globe.

 I’m happy to announce this collaborative venture with Inelia Benz, Victoria More, Louise Rooney and Elizabeth McCullough.

We’ve been working hard for the past 2 months to build a beyond-beautiful website. I hope you will take a moment to visit, learn more about the Academy, how women can apply, and how men can audit then attend my monthly male-auditor classes.

Our website is http://www.awakenacademy.org/. Oh, and be sure to open the Garden Gates and peruse the various Gardens! Each has been woven with mystical energy to vibrate in a different way!

Classes formally begin in April 2013 and we’ll be conducing several Application Q&A sessions and an Orientation during March. We hope you’ll choose to open the door to the Academy and join us…” Lucia Rene

awaken.jpgThis is by far, one of the most beautiful and empowering collaborations I have been involved with. The accessibility of the classes, information, light, wisdom and knowledge will amaze you. But you will see that yourself when you visit the site. And of course, you are the key component to actualize this intent for global ascension and awakening.


On March 2nd, Lucia and I will be delving and looking at the present planetary energies and changes. We will also be giving the inside story of how AwakenAcademy.org came into being. If you are familiar with my previous work with Lucia, you have seen nothing yet!

Click here for the Link & Replay for Teleconference 9:00 PST / Noon EST / 17:00 GMT

Consider yourself cordially invited, and feel free to bring your friends. Attire will be pj’s, formal, casual, or none at all.

Let’s get this planet properly AWAKEN-ed 🙂

Inelia Benz

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